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PLIC Chapter 116

Kyon kun, denwa I have my finals on Friday and I have to make all my papers by tomorrow so I can pass it by friday. Don’t worry, I’ll be active by March since there’s hardly any troubles by that month.

PLIC Chapter 115

Information war Sorry about the frequency right now. I’m not feeling so well.    

PLIC Chapter 114

Chase That’s the end of Megu arc. What do you guys think?

PLIC Chapter 113

Shopping with women

PLIC Chapter 112

Every color, every hue, is represented by me and you

PLIC Chapter 111

Taken But the father isn’t as Liam Neeson as Liam Neeson.

PLIC Chapter 110

Please give me your daughter Is something I don’t think I will ever say, coz I have no plans on engaging on a relationship.

PLIC Chapter 109

Who’s Endou? Bonus Chapter because I don’t have anything to do in the house right now. Clap your hands~

PLIC Chapter 108

Renai can also be translated to Passion

PLIC Chapter 107

Sekusu dorei