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PLIC Chapter 144

Who’s that new girl!? Yes, this is what EroTora is waiting for.

PLIC Chapter 143

Husband   Sorry patrons, I haven’t been giving out the early chapters, I’m busy for today until next week, I’ve got to finish some stuff. Either way, Thanks to all the patrons listed below: Jahannum Shadowshift Danny Naito Bruno PG Richard Eakganart Archeron5842 Ndy SyCry colin Calum Peter AO Wendhy Mitchel Arthur Jonathan Henrik Allen…

PLIC Chapter 142


PLIC Chapter 141

Red stone of Aja It’s time to celebrate a new birth!

PLIC Chapter 140

Break down Break down! Let the voice of love, take you higher!   Also, just 5$ more and Patreon will be reformed. Thank you my beloved readers.

PLIC Chapter 139

Money talks

PLIC Chapter 138

Negotiation Start! Sorry about the cliff, it’s 3 part and 4th part is an H. This will be a long talk.

PLIC Chapter 137


PLIC Chapter 136

65-53=12 Next chapter will be the end of the arc. Next arc will be the negotiation.

PLIC Chapter 135

Choke Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday, I went out and played with my friends. Yes, I have friends, we play Yu-gi-oh! lol