Character photos (TLGPL)

Note: These pictures are NOT commissioned by me nor do I hold any rights for them. It’s just that instead of paying for pictures that don’t even look like the characters I imagined, I decided to actually upload the pictures of anime girls I looked at while giving my characters face and body descriptions.




Lily Storm


(just her eyes are blue, other than that she looks exactly like the one below)  Edit: The right image is newly added. You can envision Lily like this too, just imagine her boobs a little bigger…













Zoe Fleiss


(her face is like Rias’s and her body is like Lucy’s. The breasts are especially like Lucy’s)



Natalie Frost


  • Natalie Frost:  (her body is like Mina’s, just her breasts are like Nonna’s)





Emily Lott


  • Emily Lott: (Emily looks exactly like the girl below) (EDIT: Just reduce the size of the breasts on the right side girl)













Sofia Greene


(she looks exactly like the girl below)




Ava Leawitt

 (She looks like Himiko)













Clara Addison



Nora Jewell



Abigale Pierce





Valerie Chase


(The right one should have bigger boobs)