I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 10

Episode 10: ★ Aisha’s women handling lessons: Insertion Part 2
The Aisha who said she’ll teach me is a virgin?

I was not able to hide unrest from the unexpected possibility.

But Aisha isー


The face of busted Aisha is bright red.
Furthermore, her eyes are wet with tears.

「I never thought Aisha was a virgin」
「S-shut up. It’s fine already」
「I thought you have experience because you’ve taught me various things」
「I-I’m a miko who can see the future. Of course I would have the suitable knowledge」
「That’s what we call a mimidoshima」(TN: A young woman with a lot of superficial knowledge about sex)
「Is it bad?」

She puffed her cheeks as she glares at me
I shrugged and laughed

「No, it’s no bad. Rather, I’m happy to see an unexpected side of Aisha」

Aisha’s face turned deep-red out of embarrassment.

「But, why did you act like you have experience?」
「I thought it was necessary to lead Ryu in various ways」
「You’re surprisingly gentle」

When it comes to sex, it’s unexpected for women to make such a face, I never thought Aisha would.

I got excited too

「I’ll go deeper like this」
「G-go on. It doesn’t hurt anymore」

I continued to push my waist.
Though it’s unexpected for her vagina’s inside to be narrow, I slowly entered it.

「a, Kah! W-what a huge thing! You’re going to tear it apart」
「This is too tight I might cum anytime soon 」

I’ve already ejaculated dozens of times already, however just putting it in Aisha, I’m already about to cum
The narrow vagina of Aisha squirms


「Fuu, our bodies must have a nice compatibility」
「N, Haan! Haan! That might be true I came just a little when you put it in. A-aahn~」

Her narrow vagina is trembling, clamping my dick to the root.

「Your insides are trembling when I put it in」
「N-noo~, You don’t have to say it」
「Just tell me when you’re about to cum. I’d love to hear your pleasured voice」

When I said that, Aisha averted her gaze

「Y-you’re breathing is heavier since earlier..! It’s my duty to make you cum….」

Aisha is showing a mortified face
Showing me such an expression make me want to feel you more

「Haha, such consideration isn’t needeed」
「You’re the best woman. The best woman will receive the best pleasure」

I grabbed her waist accelerated my piston.

「Here it comes! Aisha!」
「Eh, wait…..suddenly….aahn!?」

After completely inserting inside, I kept shaking my hips like a beast
The sound of wet love nectar overflows

「How’s my thing?」
「D-don’ do it so suddenly! Don’t be so rough!」
「I never knew. You’re body is this lewd」

As I shake my waist, Aisha’s voluptuous bust shook up and down.
Furthermore, she holds her breast with her arms
I’m delighted to see a profound cleavage

「Amasing! Your thrusts reaches so deep!! Aaaaaah!」
「You like it deep?」
「I-I love it!! Pierce my stomach, ooooh!」

In response to her request, I poked her deep place a lot.
Aisha grips the bed sheet strongly when I did, She’s writhing in pleasure.

「Nooo~! Deep! It’s reaching so deep!」
「Your tightened your entrance up to your deepest parts. It seems that your body was made to please me」

I’m already tired from shaking my waist a thousand times, yet I didn’t stop

「Aisha, you’re the best」
「Aaaahn! Don’t~! I can feel it」
「Then gasp for more」
「This thing…..This thing….I never thought that a man’s thing would feel this good!」
「Do you understand the experience?」
「O-Only knowledge…ahn~! I don’t know this…..If I do know, then, how will it turn out?」

Her cheeks went red, I can easily understand AIsha.

「Aisha, do you like my body?」
「I love it! I can even do this everyday if it feels this good!」
「Then, I’ll fuck you everyday」

I feel best when I think I can fuck Aisha everyday
The owner of a body which everyone is envious of.
Any inexperience man might ejaculate by just looking at Aisha’s body.
I feel happy that I can do a matchless beauty of a woman.

「Deep! My insides feels good! I can feel the shape of Ryu’s firm penis!」
「I’ll do you a lot」

Aisha’s eyes are rolling up as I further accelerated my piston
She almost looks like she’s doing an “ahe”. (TN: Ahegao)

「Nuooo! My inside is being torn apart by your stick. This is a first….! first time!」
「Is it good?」
「A-amazhing! While you embraced the female knights a while ago, it seems you gained a considerable amount of experience. nfaaaaaaaa!」
「Is that so?」
「P-perhaps your skill rose unconsciously」

Simply put, it’s like a game’s level up or something like that.
The more you fight and have sex, nature and level rise up.

「You’re good….! With your technique of your dick, you can take down any kind of woman 」
「It’s a dream come true」
「Your technique and Charm power….Nnnnaa…U-use both well」
「Leave it to me. I’ll use this power well because I love this」

Each time I repeat the piston, Aisha’s body wriggle in pleasure.
She shakes her head a lot of times and was panting with a loud voice

「Aaaaaah~! Aaaaaaaaaaah~! Naaaaaaaaaaaaa~!」
「Does it feel good?」
「It’s the best, It’s the best! It’s just regrettable that I can’t monopolize your thing. 」
「I promise to do you everyday. So, bear with it」

I can just continue embracing Aisha, but, since I came in to this world with much effort, I’ll reset it.
I will have sex with various women and aim to fuck all women in this world.

「Aaaaah, it feels good! It feels goood!」
「Kuh, you tightened once again…!」
「I’m about to…..」
「You’re going to cum?」
「That’s right! I’m cumming because of you」

Her love nectar is overflowing and climbing over my pubic hair
I further accelerated the movement of my hips(TN: is it lightspeed already?)

「Aisha, I’m cumming! I’ll pour my sperm inside your vagina」
「Cum! Let it out! Let out your energy and paint me in dirty white!」
「I’ll fill up your womb!」

My dick swelled out and the urethral opening became hot
I can’t hold on

「I’ll let it out! Aisha!」
「Aaaaaaaah! Cummmiiiiiiiing! I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!」

*biyururururu!* *biyukubiyukubiyukubiyuku!* (TN: Splurt sfx)

I ejaculated at her innermost part
I fired an huge amount of semen I’ve never let out before.

「I-It’s coming in ….! Ryu’s semen」

I thought of Aisha as a beautiful woman, her rolled out eyes faced me.
Pushing out her chin on the ceiling and enlarging her hole, it looks like she’s satisfied(TN: Ahegao again)

「HaahHaah, I released a lot huh. 」
「Oo, o, oo….!」

Aisha has turned crazy
Though I usually had a light voice like a bell, I felt the large top while raising a deep voice.

「It felt good. As expected of Ryu」
「Same here. That was the best feeling so far」

Our bodies seems to be compatible as expected.

「Haahaah. With this, I’ve taught you everything. Did it serve as a good reference?」
「Of course. I’ll use it wisely」
「You’re considerably excellent. That’s why I’ll reward you」

Aisha crawled in all fours as she head towards me.

And then


She kissed my dick
「Come, I’ll give you my best service as a reward」