I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 11

Episode 11: ★ Aisha’s women handling lessons: Service part 1

The nude Aisha approached me.
Seeing that obscene body of hers, I got erect immediately even though I just ejaculated.

「In response to the hard work you did, I’ll be the one doing it this time. 」
「You’re okay with that?」
「I still feel dizzy after shaking so much, but I feel that I want to service you♪」

Aisha said that she wants it

「Then, please do」
「Got it. 」

Aisha lifted herself and crawled closer on my dick that just ejaculated.

「Seeing it up close, it really is big isn’t it? I can’t believe that something this big got inside me」
「Don’t stare so much」(TN: WTF you sound like a tsundere character from an eroge, except you’re a man)
「Because the the air from your nose tickles」

Aisha’s rough breathing hits my sensitive spot and it feels strange

「Ufufu, sorry. Then, as apology I’ll be gentle on my service」
Aisha let the tip of her tongue out and started licking my dick

「*lick*lick*lick*! There’s still a lot of semen I’ll lick it up」(TN: It’s Sei, not Seiki, tho the context in the next sentence suggests that it’s semen, so I’ll just use Semen)
「Are you willing to go that far?」
「It’s not a waste. also…*lick*, *lick*, *lick**lick*….Your semen stinks yet it’s delicious」

I just came so I’m sensitive, so I’m feeling shivers at my back when licked.

But I feel no pain, perhaps this is because Aisha considers it.
If I show a slight reaction, she promptly licks another place

Thanks to Aisha, the dick that was filled with sperm was clean in no time.

「*lick**lick**lick**lick*. I will lick it all till the last drop」
「But…..It turned hard once again」

With just a caress from Aisha, the withered dick turned diamonds immediately (TN: changed Hard to Diamond, just for the lols)
Seeing from her facial expression, I understood that she’s doing it on purpose.
…Geez, you really love my body that much?

「It’s hard already again. It’s really peerless as expected」
「That’s because you’re using your tongue lewdly」

Well, Even though I came dozens of times already, I still don’t have matchless energy
But, it was true that Aisha’s body delights me.

「Aisha you slut」
「You made me this kind of woman」
「You’ve turned even more erotic」

If we say erotic, it’s her attitude
Because she’s crawling on all fours, Aisha’s slim body and constricted buttocks is in full view

Her slim body can make a man get excited instinctively, and indeed, I got erect.
I ejaculated more than 20 times today already

「I’ll pour love on this erect penis」
「You’re still doing it?」
「You don’t say♪」(TN: Now imagine Nic Cage doing your dick, Erection Killer Pun to the rescue!)

Aisha opened her mouth wide

「Hamu!」(TN: nomnom)

She swallowed my penis whole


I was surprise because I did not expect that she would be able to stuff it in her mouth

Aisha stares at me while puffing her cheeks like a balloon.

「Nfu! theis ish beeg」(TN: This is big)

I don’t understand what she’s saying because her mouth is full. But I understood that Aisha is doing her best. (TN: I don’t know which joke is better here, so I’ll just use both: “Don’t talk when your mouth is full, it’s hard to translate”, and “Ganbarimasu!”)

「Jubu , Jububu」(TN: another Sucking sfx?)

Obscene wet sound echoes from Aisha’s mouth

「*slurp*. I’ll do the best oral for you」
「You’re okay with it?」
「Yes. I do this because I want to Then, here I come」

Saying that, Aisha once again swallowed

She continued the deep stroke while making lewd wet sounds.

「Babo ! Gobo ! Jubo ! Bobobo !」(TN: Fellatio sfx, too lazy to type it out, lol)
「What an amazing sound…!」
「Jubbo~o ! Jubbo ! N , Bobu~u !」

Aisha who’s a beauty of all beauties is making a vulgar noise
The gap from beauty to lewd is making me excited (TN: Gap Ero. I’m coining it now!)

I don’t know whether Aisha knows it, but she’s staring at me with upturned eyes, such a lewd face.

Making a lewd face, she sucks my dick to the root.
She plays my balls with her hands gently.

「How’s it Ryu? My mouth?」
「I may cum any time soon」
「You can’t cum yet. That’s because my service has just began」

Doing handjob and moving her mouth in a piston motion, Aisha further accelerated.

「Jubu , Jubo , Juuubo!」(SFX)
「Do it faster」

Saliva leaked from the edge of her mouth, and the sound’s volume increased

「Jubo, Jubo, Bobo! Faster?」
「Well then I’ll suck it like that」

Aisha did it stronger like a vacuum when I said so.


This is bad
The semen from my balls is being squeezed and sucked up

Aisha’s cheeks gets narrower and she kept inserting it on the innermost part

「Gobbo , Jubo ! JuBoboboBobobo ~O O~o~o~o Oh」
「Kuh… I’m about to」
「Ryu, I told you not to cum yet」

She used her finger to tightly suppress my dick

The sperm that’s about to come out was stopped


It was good that I stopped ejaculating, but it was painful to have my semen stopped.
My penis swells up like it’s about to explode

「Ufufu. I guess the stimulation from my mouth was too strong」
「HaahHaah…! It was really hard to endure that」
「Then, I wonder what should I do now?」

Aisha sat up and brought her voluptuous breast.

And then, she wrapped up my dick with it.

「O, oooh!」

It was said that my dick was really big, but it was completely hidden inside Aisha’s breast.
The pleasure from the fellatio was different when my dick is being hugged by a tender meat

「Oh my, Ryu’s dick disappeared」
「Aisha’s breast is just too big」
「But, how can you cum in my face if I do it this way?」

She shifted her breast down and my dick appeared
Cowper fluid is coming out as my dick is being sandwiched between her breasts

「I’ll move it up and down like this…N, fuu, Nnn~!」
「F-feels good…!」

I never dreamed that a day where paizuri would come.
Aisha sweats turned to lubricant and improved the feeling.

「It should be fine if it’s this large isn’t it?」
「What’s wrong?」

Aisha laughed happily and pushed me down.
「I’ll be the top this time」