I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 12

Episode 12: ★ Aisha’s women handling lessons: Service Part 2

“I will be on top”…?
In other words, Cowgirl Position!

「Ufufu. Ryu, you’re grinning. Are you delighted that I’m on top?」
「Of course. Cowgirl position is one of my favorite position」

It is also fun if women attacks, just lying down and feeling good
I’m originally a lazy person so it’s good if I take it easy.

「I don’t know if I meet your expectations, but I’ll do my best」
「Yeah, please do」

To have a beautiful woman like Aisha shake their waist feels great.

I lay down on the bed and waited for her to come.

「Fufu, did it get bigger than before?」
「I wonder about that」
「That means you’re expecting that much. Then, I’ll put it in」

Aisha straddled on the lying me and lead my dick to her slit
When it does, the love nectar drips and coats my dick.

「You kept talking how excited I am, but Aren’t you the same Aisha?」
「Yes. I always wanted to try being on top」
「Is it because you like moving your hips?」
「I love being on the receiving side, but doing it on my own pace is good too」

Loving cowgirl position, you’re turning more of a pervert.
I love lewd women, so Aisha has the best compatibility for me.

「Aisha, move your waist as you will. I won’t move without permission」
「I’m the one who will make you cum, Ryu」
「I’m looking forward to it」

Both of us laughed at the same time That is because we know that we’re teasing each other.

「Then, I’ll put it in…!」

Aisha opened her slit by herself and sank her waist slowly
Without the hymen, my dick went inside Aisha’s vagina smoothly.

「N~uu! It’s…in」

Aisha’s vagina is truly narrow as expected, even though I penetrated it already.
Rather than letting it enter all at once, it feels like she’s putting it in slowly.

「I-it’s about time…! It seems everything will be inside soon」
「Yeah, it has entered」

[pan] it’s the sound of her ass meat striking, I was able to successfully insert in Aisha’s vagina.

「Haahaah, even though I said I’ll do it my pace, that was dangerous, I almost came with just that」
「Are you afraid? Did it hurt?」
「S-still not yet…」

She faced the other way to hide her red face but it was obvious
Yare Yare(TN: Daze), what a lewd woman.

「Well then, I’ll move my hips」

Aisha opened her legs assuming an “M” pose, she boldly moved her hips up and down.
Every time her ass make a sound of pounding, AIsha makes a flirtatious voice.

「Haa~n! A-Amazing! It’s hard!」
「Come on , don’t tell me you’re going to cum already?」
「D-Don’t say such stupid things!」

Aisha lost her composure already.

I did observe her appearance a little more.

Aisha’s body is really obscene.
With just a little shake from her waist, her huge chest shakes and squashes me.
Seeing the lewd breast sway makes me excited, and it’s troubling to not see the part where we connect.

「Hanuu~ As expected, Ryu’s dick is the best. I want to taste this forever」
「I see. I also love having you on top」
「W-we have time time to spare…!」(TN: 余裕をかまして)

Aisha’s body trembled a little, and the inside of her vagina tightened.
It looks like she’s about to cum anytime.

「Let me see more of this scenery」

To look at the beautiful ultra-busty chest of Aisha is splendid

「You keep looking at my breasts, do you love it that much?」
「That’s because I’ve never seen such a huge and beautiful shape before」
「You can massage it. Come…」

Aisha grabbed my hand and pressed it against her chest.
My hand was was filled up with AIsha’s chest in no time

「Ahn~! Amazing…! Ryu’s massage is extreme」
「It’s really soft」
「Hold it stronger…!」

I rubbed Aisha’s chest like I was kneading a bread
For a moment I thought it was too strong and might have hurt her, but Aisha enjoyed it and felt good.

「Haan~! I can’t stop moving my waist…! The only pleasure I seek is from sex with Ryu!」
「Then that’s good! Because sex is a pleasurable thing!」
「Now I’m glad I was born a woman!」

Aisha further accelerated the movement of her hips
I bent forward, then, her chest that was hanging downwards cling to my body

「I’m also glad being born as a man. Because I can embrace a woman like you」
「Ryu…! I feel happy I can have sex with you this way」
「Same here」

Aisha’s vagina convulsed.

「You’re cumming soon?」
「A-Aaahn~! I-I can’t take it any longer/ Nnnuuu~!」

She probably endured it since a while ago A tear floats from Aisha’s eye

「And you kept telling me that you’ll make me cum」
「Kuh, fuaahn~! D-don’t be mean. Because your thing is too amazing, my reason is being blown away…!」

The movement of Aisha’s waist got even faster.
Her buttocks bounced and the sound of her ass meat grew louder.

「haahhaah, Ryu…You’re about to cum. Let it out」
「Can I let it out?」
「I want your children!」
「Well then」

I can’t helped but to respond on Aisha’s request.

「Aisha, I’m cumming」

I grabbed Aisha’s butt and smacked it to me.

「Aaah! Deeeeep! it’s so deeeeeeeeep!」
「I’ll let it out!」
「Come! Coome! I’m also cumming…I’m cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!」

*biyurururururururu!!* (Another splurt SFX)

I ejaculated while being attacked in a cowgirl position

Aisha makes an erect bow appearance, she’s trembling and writhing.

「HaaHaa, it’s coming…! Ryu’s children」
「Can you feel it?」(TN: Mr. Crabs)
「It’s the best…!」

When I pulled out my penis from Aisha, sperm dripped from her vagina.

「Oh, the stain of Ryu is leaking out」

Aisha got down on all fours again and started licking my cock

「*lick*, *licklick*…*kiss*. I’ll clean this up」
「You’re still going to clean it?」

She did it without me telling her….
Aisha is a good girl, not just in appearance, she’s also considerate.

「*kiss*…! *suck*, *suck*. …It’s clean once again」
「Good job」
「It’s for Ryu’s sake. For your sake I’ll do anything」
「I see…」

After copulating with Aisha, I got the strong feeling of wanting to grant Aisha’s wish.
For the purpose of making all the Queens who rule the world my woman

But, if we don’t clear it, that would be a problem

I proposed to Aisha

「Aisha, make me strong enough to beat the God. There are still a lot of things I don’t know in this world」

When I said so, she laughed and smiled.

「Yes. You have magic and talent in sex. This me will offer you training. And then, what lies ahead is」
ーThe strongest man in the world (TN: Rokka no Yuusha pls)
Aisha said so.