I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 14

Episode 14: Strategy Meeting.

The five Queens that rule the world.
They hold the treasure which is necessary for us to obtain to open the path to God.

And then, to change the law of nature after defeating God
That’s the contract of Me and Aisha

「Then, who should we capture first?」

Aisha and I were talking as we drink tea

By the way, the tea we’re drinking were taken from the female knights who were under the charm magic They turned to an obedient pet that listens to me now.

「Oh well. You should consider the war potential and the geography of the opponent.」
「Then, where’s the nearest from here?」
「That would be the witch that lives in the underground palace」

Underground Palace. That seems like a place where a witch would live in.

「Then, who’s the most troublesome?」

It may sound obvious, but it is necessary to learn the war potential of the opponent properly
Our force is only too little

「I don’t know what’s your basis, but when it comes to military power, the first one would be the empress」
「Empress… If I’m not mistaken, she’s the one ruling the humans」
「Yes. She controls 80% of the world’s countries. 」
「That’s quite large」
「Then what about the elves, the sky people? They should have strong individual powers, why is not not large?」

It may be natural as most of the resident in this world are humans
If I use my world for example, it would be like having Eurasia as a single country.

But, Forza Command does not belong to a human country

「What about the Shrine maiden?」
「It’s an island country, so it’s not large. It’s not also big in terms of war potential」

I see.

But, that made me curious

「Although it’s a human country, why is Forza command independent?」
「I did say that it’s an island, but it has a special product」
「Special product?」

Is it the golden country Zipangu? (TN: the name fore Japan used by Marco Polo)
The shrine maiden

「It can be said that the basis of money is Japoneru」

They maybe independent on the political part.

「Having a lot of special people in Japoneru, it really makes a lot of significance on countries」
「That’s why they’re separate from Forza Command」
「Then, what should we do? I’ve already told you about the scale of each country」

Celestial Maiden



Shrine Maiden
「Something like that」

I’ve arranged Aisha’s plan.

What should we do now?

「In theory, it’s better to assault the smaller country」
「No, let’s not do that way」

No matter how much of Cheat ability I posses, we don’t have any ally.
When it comes to number war we would be disadvantageous.
Even if the enemy party is small.

「If possible, I would like us to mobilize faster. If our existence become known, it would be troublesome」
「True. We don’t have countermeasures against the risks. Where should we start then?」

「We’ll start at the empress. We’ll seize Forza Command」

When I said so, Aisha sighed showing astonishment.

「Ryu. I didn’t think that you would be reckless to this extent. Why are you aiming at the largest country?」
「The reason is simple. If we take over Forza Command, we’ll obtain a huge war potential. If we do so, then capturing other countries would be easy.」
「I think it’s good on paper.」

It looks like Aisha isn’t convinced yet.

「There’s a strategy」

Aisha showed great interest.

「What do you mean?」
「We’ll win over the witch before taking down Forza Command. Fortunately, it’s the one closest to us」
「Using the troops of the witch, we’ll take down Forza Command?」

I’ve heard the basics of this world from Aisha

The Queen has an overwhelming power that makes a country obey her.
And, to maintain independence on each country, they forbid interfering with each other.

Whether it was friendly or not, it is to prevent the war between countries.

The world is peaceful in a sense when you consider the power of the Queen.

And then,

「It’s hard for people to come on the underground castle of the witch」
「Right. Since it’s underground, not even magical beasts can approach it. And those who enter doesn’t seem to return back」

Then it’s convenient.
If things go well, then I will win over the empress and witch by my side.

「I know it’s to use the military power of the witch. But, she might not take your side you know? That is because of the prohibition of interference」
「That’s where I’ll use the power of Charm」

It’s important to win her over through charm. I’ll also charm others if necessary.
It’s a cheat. Either way, I’ll use it.

「What about numerical disadvantage?」
「We’ll move secretly first. then, we’ll gather information and search for allies.」

Our current situation is flat.
We will adapt with the situation as we travel.


Aisha nodded consent and laughed.

「Fufu, attacking Forza Command, that’s very Ryu-like」
「Is that so?」
「You’d be the king of the country if you take down Forza Command」

I didn’t think about being on top that much.

「I’m not interested in politics. What I desire are women only」
「What an honest man. Just like a supreme ruler」
「It would be interesting to keep embracing women along the journey after all, kukuku」

Raping a cute girl on the spot would be great.
If it’s on my world, then it would be a crime.

「Since we have decided our destination, we should start the preparation」
「Got it」

There are a lot of female knights here.
It will be easy if I had them help the preparations
「Then, let’s go. To make women of this world my slaves, and build a harem!」
ーMy road to supreme ruler had began.