I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 1

Episode 1: Witch Eunice’s sexual hobby

One of the Queens ruling the worldーWitch -Eunice

Living in the underworld palace, she’s the queen of the chaos adult demon groups

Demon race is different from humans
They were involved in the great war long ago, but now, they don’t interfere with each other.
Even in appearance, there isn’t much wide difference between humans to monsters and beasts. (TN: 見た目も、獣やモンスターに近いものからほとんど人間に変わらないもので幅広くいる)

No matter how you look at it, Witch Eunice looks like a 16 year old girl.
Having fascinating tanned skin that makes you unable to not think lewd things on her.

High exposure clothes that has her chest almost spill.
Her shorts puts emphasis on her ass. Slender
Her tights covered with knee socks is sexy.

She’s exactly an avatar of lust.

Eunice use her own body for her hobby.

That is.
「Uoooooooooo! Stooop thiiiiiiis! Cuumiiiing!!」
A male coquettish voice reverbs the underground palace.

「Aah~, you’re cumming already? boring」

The woman shakes her waist on the man. That woman is Eunice

Her hobby is having sex with human males

「Your dick is small…You don’t have a lot of semen…You’re really a boring man」
「Haahaa…W-what’s with this monster」
「Yooshi, another round!」

Eunice who’s in cowgirl position, began to move her hips

「W-wait a minute!」
「I-I can’t let out anymore!」
「You’re miserable. But, it’s okay I tell you」

Moving her hips to write a 円, Eunice smirked and laughed. (TN:  円を書くように腰を動かしながら、Euniceはにやにやと笑っていた。)

「Look, Look~, it’s getting even harder」
「Agh! W-what’s this!?」
「You can still do it right?」
「I-I can’t! Why is it going against me! aaaaaa!」

Eunice isn’t using magic to make it erect

Even so, the body of the man reacted obediently.

「You knooow~ I can amplify the sexual desire of a human. Just how much semen you still have in your stock?♪」
「D-don’t fuck with me…!」
「I’ll be moving my waist okay? Eii! Eii!」
「Aaaaa! Stop thiiiiiis!」

The scream of the man echoes again

At first, the man was ogling at her, moving his hips, but his face keeps getting paler.

「Guoooooo! I-It’s too intense…」
「Fufu, hearing men scream makes me aroused~♪」

Eunice is holing the body of a man larger than her, and shook her hips.
From the root to tip, it’s all stimulated inside her vagina

「Areeee? Are you cumming already? You’re throbbing」
「I-I can’t anymore. Stop this, I beg of you」
「I won’t grant that you know」
「Dammiiit! I shouldn’t have come here!」
「You’re stupid enough to be blinded by greed」

His reason for coming here was not known, probably, he thinks he can do ero stuff here.
A man is really a foolish thing.

「Ah, the penis got big again」

It can be seen that the penis grows bigger

「You’re cumming again? That’s fast」
「Aaaah! Coming out! it’s coming out!」
「Well, whatever. You can cum already」

Eunice accelerated the movements of her hips as she jerk off the meat stick of the man



The man’s eye whitened as he ejaculated

The semen isn’t good at all, Eunice pouted and got tired

「Buu~ It’s just this much?」

Voicing out her complaints, Eunice lifted her hips and separated her vagina from the penis.
Sperm spills out from her insides, but she’s not satisfied with just this quantity.

The man who’s under Eunice turned to a completely disabled state.

It’s not a metaphor, he’s literally crippled.

After having sex with Eunice, and ejaculating inside of herー his spirit was squeezed out, and the man died.
And thus, all the men who entered the underground palace never returned alive.

「Eunice-sama, did you kill another human male again?」

The familiar Melia came near the witch
Even if we say familiar, she’s not the bat type, this one is close to a human.
She’s taller than Eunice, it looks like she’s an elder sister of her.

「I only did twice today」
「Isn’t that a lot? Just like the man on the other day, and the man before that, you just made them ejaculate and killed them」
「Men who can go on five rounds are rare. It’s just five rounds. …ah, wipe the semen scattered in that area」

Melia approached the semen that has dropped on the floor, wiped it with her finger, and then…


She licked it.

「It’s not delicious, isn’t it, Melia?」
「Yes. The thin taste does not fit on my preference」

Melia is a familiar that belongs to the succubus race.
You may think that Eunice has a lot of sexual desire, but Melia also had a considerable amount of it
Due to the pause of her duties, she sneak a meal from the man

Eunice and Melia are special among the demon race
They can resupply their own magic power and store nourishment by sucking energy from men

But, most of the demons aren’t like that.

「Eunice-sama, you shouldn’t overeat or else we’d be lacking of men」
「Isn’t that fine? We’re doing this because we can」
「Even if you say that…」

Eunice is a woman doing trade business
These woman takes men instead of any trade, in exchange, they prepare high price accessory for the demons.
Doing such business, Eunice herself satisfies her own desire.

「Melia, are you sure that there’s no men anywhere!? I can’t get satisfied with this human male」
「…I thought you would say that, so I already have one prepared」
「Really!? Yay~! As expected of Melia」

Eunice hugs Melia and rubbed their cheeks together.
Their chests are sticking and forming on lewd shapes

「Please let go Eunice-sama I may be a succubus, but I don’t want to be eaten by Eunice-sama」
「Eeeh? Let’s do some lewd things once in a while」

Eunice doesn’t just do men, she also has a preference in women.
In women’s case, she does not get exited when it’s not a beautiful girl.

「Can’t be helped, this Meila would give you the opportunity」
「I won’t hold back this time. When it comes to women, this Eunice-sama will do it hard!」
「But, do you make women happy?」
「Women are far more skillful than men. And after all, I’m sufficient enough」

If this topic is discussed any further, I myself would d be the target
Meila felt that, so she went down straight to business

「That female trader from the route found an interesting man」
「Interesting man?」

And, Meila answered this way.
「ーAn otherworld man. Apparently, it’s not a man from this world」
Once Eunice heard about it, she licked her lips in anticipation