I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 2

Episode 2: Witch Eunice and The Otherworlder

「Hee~ A man from another world you say♪」

Eunice smiled

Knowledge of the otherworlder appeared in her head.
Once in a while, there are otherworlders who inhabit this world.
Each of them has an ability or knowledge different from this world which led to various revolutions

However, most of the otherworlder that came in this world can’t adapt on the life here and died as a result.
However, Eunice is interested on that otherworlder.

(Ufufu, what kind of person is that otherworlder? Is his penis big?)

She can’t think of anything else but doing it.
She hardly gets any satisfaction from men for a while now.

「Melia, let’s meet that man immediately!」

Eunice is excited to see what kind of man he is.


「Eunice-sama, I’ve brought him. This man seems to appear near our palace, and our brethren seems to have secured him」
「It’s fine. Hurry up and dic…I mean, bring the person here」

Melia brought the man

「His name sounds like Kudou Taiki」
「Kudou Taiki? How should I call you then?」
「Taiki is fine」
「Okay♪, then, Taiki. Come here tomorrow」

Eunice pushed the man out.

「Oi! What are you doing! Stop you fool!」

Because the man acted violently, both of his hands were chained

「So you’re taiki?」
「Yeah, that’s right!」
「I’m sorry Eunice-sama. This man must be confused so he’s in bad temper」
「It’s okay, it’s okay♪ Taiki, are you an otherworlder?」
「This world is different from mine. On my perspective you’re the otherworlders!」
「When did you get here?」
「A while ago! If I’m not mistaken I was almost run over by a truck and when I came into, I was here」

The corners of her mouth rose up.

(It’s real…An otherworlder~)

An otherworlder does not know when he jumped to another world
Since people from the other world has a different garment from the norm, you can’t mistake someone to be an otherworlder

Knowing that Taiki is an otherworlder, Eunice was turned on.

「You! Did you summon me?」(TN: I ask you once more, are you my master? -Saber)
「Summon? No, not me. 」

Summoning requires a lot of mana, so it’s not simple.

「Then why am I in another world?」
「Dunno, well, it might be just an accident」
「Accident…do you mean tripping to otherworld?」

Hearing a proper answer, the man was convinced and fell silent.
This speed of understanding, you’re really from another world as expected.

「!!bringing me here means that right? Summoning me to send me on a mission?! You’re going to make me the hero?」
「Hero? That’s my most hated thing you know」

As a Demon, Eunice never wanted to hear the word Hero.

「That answer…are you perhaps in demon race? Then are you the demon king?」
「Nope, that’s not me」

Why should I yield the top seat to a strange man?

「Then, what about cheat? Are you going to give me a cheat ability?」
「…What is this man saying?」

Eunice looked at Meila

「I don’t know」

The familiar showed a tired expression and shook her head

「Then, why did I come to this wooooooorld?!」

Taiki is shouting to his wit’s end

(From his way of speaking, could he be thinking that he’s a protagonist of his own story?)

Like a small child yearning to become a legendary hero Eunice thinks it’s the same thing.

「Dammit! I thought those I’ve read in manga and web novels would come true」
「I don’t understand what you’re saying」
「If i get nothing, then let me return to my world」

Eunice refused with a smile

「Don’t joke with me! Why am I in another world then?!」
「Isn’t it to become my sex slave?」
「…Sex slave?」

Taiki opened his mouth dumbfounded.

「…by sex slave you mean, a tool being used as an outlet of sexual desire」
「Yup Yup♪」
「Why me? Normally shouldn’t I be the one accompanied by slaves?」
「Life is not as easy as you think」
「Uwaaaaaaa! Why am I being persuaded by the demon king?!」
「Isn’t that fine? Also, I’m not the demon king, I’m a witch, well, the difference is subtle anyway. 」

Taiki is making a face that he does not understand
Well, it’s has nothing to do with Eunice

「Well, since you came from a different world, why not try being a sex slave」(TN: Call this number now and get a free dildo plugged on your butt! This offer is limited to first 100 callers only!)
「A sex slave is it?…」

Taiki stared at Eunice’s body and gulped his saliva

「A-are you saying that you’re willing to have sex with me?」
「Yup~ We’ll do it everyday!」
「For real!?」
「Yup yup」

As expected, he’s still a man
Just flash sex and he will take the bait.

「I-I see. That might be nice…but」
「What are you worrying about?」
「I-I’m taking to myself! It’s fine」

I don’t know why he’s being flustered.

「Well, well…I’ll congratulate you with thi…s?」

Taiki noticed something.

「H-hey…that thing on your back, is a man right?」
「That man died after having sex with me」

Taiki’s face paled

「Men die after having sex with you?」(TN: I did well resisting on putting “Death by snu snu” instead, praise me)
「Yup, you may be lucky if you survive. When I have sex I suck life force after all」
「Haaa? I won’t do it if it’s like that」
「Well, you’ll survive if you’re lucky」
「On that topic, how many survived until now?」

Taiki turned back with his pale face

「Wait a moment! Where are you going?」
「Going home! Even if I want sex I don’t want to die」

It is natural that he would say that he doesn’t want to die.
Eunice regretted a little.

「I bid farewell on this place! I’ll be the Hero instead」

Eunice put the chain on Taiki

Taiki fell down on the floor.

「W-what are you doing?!」
「Do you think you can escape from me?」

Eunice rode on Taiki and lowered his pants

Eunice’s body seen from the bottom is superb
Taiki opened his eyes wide and looked at Eunice

「My body’s great isn’t it?」
「Then, we’ll do H stuff okay♪, now, let me see the dick of an otherworlder」

*burun* an erect penis appeared! (TN: what should you do? >Fight >Pokemon >Bag >Run)

(It’s reasonably large…?)

Since Eunice’s body can’t be satisfied, her standards on this world is high.

「Erect already? You’re so horny」
「W-with that lewd body it’s a natural reaction!」
「ufufu, the look on your face is cute~」

The tip of the skin of Taiki’s dick isn’t shed

「First of all…Let’s peel this skin off」

The meat stick was held firmly with her hand, then she peeled the skin down

「Wow~ The dick made it’s appearance♪」
「A-are we seriously doing it?」
「Isn’t that obvious? Then, I’ll be eating this other world dick♪」

Eunice took of her shorts, aimed her vagina on the penis, and lowered her hips

「Please wait!」

Suddenly, Taiki tells to stop

「W-what’s wrong?」
「T-to tell you the truth…I-I’m a virgin, so stop!」

Eunice spoke in a surprised tone

「That’s why I want to do it with the person I love for the first time. I want to fall in love and do it that way」

I thought he doesn’t want to do it because he does not want to die.
But Eunice was convinced that it was the true nature of Taiki

(For a virgin, he sure is pure)

That’s why doing ecchi with virgin is fun.
That’s rightーEunice’s favorite meal are virgins
「Don’t worry if it’s your first time! I’ll send you to heaven right away Of course, in a literal sense♪」

Taiki’s scream echoed the underground palace.
ーThe witch took the man’s virginity