I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 3

Episode 3: ★ Witch Eunice and the man who lost his virginity.

(What is going oooooooon?!)

Kudou Daiki can’t believe the scene in front of him.

On top of me, a young girl who’s body is of a lewd girl in contrast is inserting his erect penis in her

The skin of my penis was peeled to phimosis, it was such that if she touched it I would ejaculate immediately, she then touched it and it felt like *zowazowa*

「Wow♪ Amaazing! it’s throbbing~ It’s been a while since I had some decently large penis~」
「S-stop this!」

The penis went inside the wet vagina instantly.

(S-So this is a woman’s…)

The sensation was stronger than he imagined, he sensed that his penis is being coiled around
He has realized that it was far more comfortable than doing it by himself, he understood that masturbating is ridiculous.

「N-nu…It’s entering…!」
「Ah…I-it’s no use. A-already…」


He ejaculated at the moment it entered her pussy.
I myself didn’t even understand what happened, the moment it had entered, the pleasure increased quickly.

Eunice looks at him in puzzlement

「Are? You already came?」
「Haah, Haah…!」

Taiki got tired even though he did nothing.


(D-daaaamn! That felt good!)

The vaginal wall that wraps up the penis of Taiki, mainly his glans is squeezed tightly.
I never felt that kind of pleasure pleasure that I ejaculated in an instant

(S-so this is sex…This is sex!)

His embarrassment from the beginning was now gone.

「Aren’t you fast? Well, you’re still a virgin after all♪」
「W-what’s wrong with you!」
「It’s Eunice the witch」

She smiled like an Idol that makes you fall in love in an instant

(C-cute. I just had sex with this gal, I graduated from my virginity!)

I’ve only seen this from eroge or manga, I was admiring them and longed to do it like that.

(I wanted to do it with the person I love at first, but if it feels this good, I don’t mind dying)

Because he’s buried in pleasure, Taiki can’t think properly

「You can still do some more right? let’s do this again♪」
「A, aah…」

I’ll experience this pleasure once again?

When he thought so, Taiki’s dick regained harness immediately.

「I’ll be moving my hips okay…」

Eunice raised her waist, and moved it up and down.

She opened her legs forming an M shape, showing the full view of her body.

Seeing a female genital, the only word he spouted was ‘beautiful’

(H-happiness. otherworld is a wonderful place as expected)

With the sound of *panpan*, Taiki is thinking of such things



With four waist shake, he ejaculated.

「Aah~ You came again already. Well, you seemed to have endured for a little」

Eunice looked down on Taiki with a composed face.
That look was too stimulating for a man who just lost his virginity a while ago

(I-isn’t this a reverse rape?)

It’s like a frog being glared by a snake.

Eunice licked her lips.

「N, nuu~! The penis from another world seems different from this world’s men?」

She talks to Meila who’s near her.

「Meila, even I made him cum twice he’s still alive, he might even do it three times!」
「That’s really joyous isn’t it?」

Eunice began to move her hips again

「D-damn…I’m cumming again」
「Try to endure for a bit. It’s your third time after all」
「Shut up you bitch!」

Eunice reacted to the word Bitch.

「What’s a bitch?」
「Eh? A-aah…in men terms, it’s a nymphomaniac」
「Yup, that’s me!」
「That’s why I said it!」

Normally, there’s no woman who would be happy to be called 「Bitch」

However, it made Eunice happy.

「This man from another world called me a bitch! Isn’t that a nice name?」
「You shouldn’t be delighted, you slut!」
「Slut? That sounds nice too!」
「Dammit…I really want my first experience to be with a long black haired girl」

I didn’t think my virginity would be eaten by a bitch woman with brown skin
Well, the fact that it feels good is good as it is.

「Ahn~! You’re dick really feels good! I want to have it in forever」
「Uooooh! Your waist is shaakiiing!!」
「It feels good after all. Your dick is knocking deep inside my stomach♪」

Taiki screamed as the pleasure grows.
I can now understand why women in AV cries out hard.
It feels too good that they can’t control their own voice.

「What a nice scream. You really sound like a girl. 」
「Your taste is bad」
「Sorry for having a bad taste~ But, Taiki’s virgin dick is inside my pussy you know?」

He may be frustrated, but the comfort wraps him up with happiness.


He’s feeling conflicted that his virginity is stolen yet he feels good. Taiki can’t resist, and he’s at her mercy.

「Taiki, can you still endure?」
「I-I won’t cum…!」
「I want to cum on the girl with long black haiiiiiir!」

Taiki shouted

As for Eunice

「I love to see the face of men who resist♪ I’ll do it more violently then」
「Uooooo! Stop thiis!」
「Hora, Hora, Hora! How does it feel being squeezed by a bitch?」

An afterimage of Eunice’s bottom can be seen as she’s moving at a vey high speed.
Along with it, her huge breast is shaking in front of his face.

(Ah, I can’t…!)

The third ejaculation

Taiki let out his sperm unconsciously

But, Eunice doesn’t stop the movement of her hips

「Amazing, this is the fourth time. There’s no man who lasted for four times.」
「I-I don’t know」

To be honest, that’s not the situation.
Since he just ejaculated, the stimulation is stronger than before.

「Aaaaaah, I-I can’t!」
「Cumming already?」
「C-cumming! I’m cumming agaaaain!」

Since he’s only seen this on Eroge, he already reached the limit
「This is impossible~」even if he say that, he can’t do it.

(I-I can’t already…!)

He’s gritting his teeth and endured desperately, but he still came.

「Awa. Taiki’s penis got even bigger♪」
「A-amazing…This is amazing! This bitch’s techniques is too good…!」

I didn’t know that there’s something in this world that feels this good.
Taiki is thinking like that as he sees Eunice move her waist

(Ah…I want to make this woman my own)

They’re in a relation of predator and prey I wish I’m able to turn this relationship around.

(But, I don’t think I can. This bitch made men hers. Most of the men were defeated immediately)

Taiki really turned to Eunice’s sex slave.

But, only a monster has a capability to be Eunice’s sex slave.

「How’s it? How’s it? Cumming already?」
「No use…! I can’t anymore!」
「Cum! Fill up my pussy!」
「Aaaaaah! Cumiiiiiiiing!」


A large quantity of semen overflowed on his thick penis

Eunice smiled as she was satisfied.

「Amazing…! It’s filling up my stomach♪」
「Haah, Haah…I-I can’t anymore!」

He felt his consciousness fading away.

(If I ever reincarnate, I want a slave like Eunice)(TN: I shortened this: 俺、もし生まれ変わるならEuniceのような女を奴隷にできるような立場になりたい……!)

That person probably doesn’t exist…