I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 4

Episode 4: Witch’s treasure

「Aww, he can’t do it for five times as expected」

Eunice slowly lifted her waist, taking out Taiki’s dick out of her vagina.
When she did, a large amount of semen overflowed from her vagina, seeing it, Eunice smiled.

「Meila, look. He let out this much!」
「It has the largest quantity than before」
「Is this because he’s from a different world after all?」
「It might be」

His penis is undoubtedly large, and the quantity of semen is also of the same level
And above all, he was able to have sex with her for four times

「Otherworlder are amazing, aren’t they? Are all men from different world like this?」
「I don’t know. People from different world are rare existence after all. There are too few documents, and in the first place they’re hard to find」
「Eeh~ I want to do it! I want to do H stuff with people from different world」

The Bitch Witch seems to be unsatisfied, pouted and complained.

「Even if you say that…」
「Jeez! Meila, do something about it!」

Melia wasn’t able to say anything
The probability of having another otherworlder in this world isn’t high
It’s like finding a needle in a haystack (TN: literal “Finding sugar in desert”)
Even the demon race boasts it’s long documented history, records of people from different world aren’t written down

「Hey, Melia」
「What could it be, Eunice-sama?」
「How about we use that?」
「That? However, we don’t know if it would work on otherworlder」
「If we don’t know, then we should pursue knowing it!」
「Right? Then bring it.」

On Eunice’s command, Meila went towards the storeroom

(Fufu, otherworlders are really great! I’m lucky i found one)

It’s different from men from this world Even if Taiki was turned useless after the fourth time, reaching four rounds was still amazing.

(Since my expectations went up, should I expect a little more?)

Most men that had sex with Eunice had despair shown in their face, but in the case of Taiki, he looked joyous of pleasure.

In other words, he was able to keep his consciousness.

(Taiki…You were a good man♪)

It’s regrettable that I lost an important man, but it can’t be helped.
I only need to find another otherworlder.

While thinking of such thoughts, Melia returned.

「I’ve brought it Eunice-sama」

What Melia brought is a crystal.
A treasure received from the Goddessー a Senri Crystal (TN: 千里 -Thousand Miles/Long distance)
The treasure of the Queens, The Witch Eunice can use it because she’s governing the demon race as the Queen.
The power of Senri Crystal, it literally to look around a thousand miles away.
Using this power, Eunice brought great military gains on the Great War against Humans.

She became the top for that reason and united the demon race.

「Can we find one if we use this?」
「It’s a bit tricky if we want to search for someone who’s from different world…」
「We’re trying it」

We’ll challenge it with that reason.

This Senri crystal isn’t limited on finding people, it’s also possible to find objects with it.
Of course, it’s possible to jam it if you have strong mana, but the rough location will still be known.

A truly versatile treasure

She never used it to find men of her preference before, but Eunice will use the treasure now.

「Then, Eunice-sama. Please input your mana」

Eunice placed her hand on the crystal and applied Mana on it.
The crystal was filled with darkness like the bottom of the ocean, but the darkness gradually cleared after mana is poured.

The darkness and the light swirled until there was nothing left.

「As expected it doesn’t show anyone」
「There’s no other people from different world after all」
「That’s because they’re on a rare level. They may come or not within a hundred years…」
「Then, Taiki coming here isn’t definite?」
「It’s not definite, it’s just the probability is low」

After hearing it, Eunice dropped her shoulders.

(It’s no good after all…)

The Senri Crystal didn’t find anyone

But, it’s not impossible to not find one
Since there’s no jamming, then the possibility is null.

「Haa…Meila. Let’s end this already」
「No, however…still」
「No, if I aim too high I’d just get disappointed…」

Eunice was turning back.

By that time.


Meila’s voice can be heard.

「Eunice-sama! Look at the crystal! There’s a man appearing in the crystal!」

To her panic, Eunice looked at the crystal

When she did, one man was reflected on it.

「This man is an otherworlder?」
「I don’t know. The clothes he wear are from this world after all…」

Eunice thinks

(The crystal reacted…that means?!)

The possibility of him being an otherworlder is high

「Meila, even the probability is low, let’s bet on it!」
「Are you sure?」
「It’s already a miracle that the otherworlder is a man. Well, in my case, if it’s a beautiful woman I’d still eat it♪」
「…We still hadn’t confirmed if he’s an otherworlder…」
「It’s okay if you fail! Let’s act first before anything!」

It’s not good to think backwards.

Eunice gave an order to Melia

「Melia, find that man and bring him to me」
「You can eat him before me. As long as you bring him back in with no problems」
「…May I eat him?」

Hearing that, Meila’s lips showed a smile.

Even though she looks cool and serious, Meila is still a Succubus. Doing men is her favorite dish.

「Understood. However, would you not get angry if I finished him?」
「Meila is hungry for a long time after all」
「It’s because you monopolize the men」

Meila turned backwards and faced the exit of the palace.

「Then, Eunice-sama. I’ll be eating ahead. Please don’t bear grudge on me」
The target of the Succubus. Is the man named Miura Ryuta.