I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 5

Episode 5: Negotiation with Female Knight Leona

「Ryu-sama, we have finished the preparations」

A group of female knights who prepared for the trip lined up

I used charm magic on them and made them prepare the necessities for the trip.
They were able to prepare food and miscellaneous goods at minimum

In addition, it’s carried by a carriage.

「You’ve prepared quite a lot」

Aisha muttered when she saw the size of the carriage.

Since the carriage was large, there was no problem carrying a huge amount of carriage.

It’s originally used by a large merchant, though usually the horse count should be one or two, we’re using three horses.
We can pick the one with four horses, but it seemed that it would stand out and thieves might aim on that, so we tried to choose something safe, though it’s still large.

「I’ve been studying space-time magic, but it’s still not in complete stage yet」
「In other words, it can take anything and out without the need of carrying it. There’s no limit in quantity」
「Oh, isn’t that amazing」

I’m imagining something like a pocket of a certain cat-type robot. (TN: He’s blue, and fat, and has a dokodemo door)
That item used is called pocket, but in my case, I can just put my hand to take it out or in using space-time magic, butー

As expected, I still don’t understand the theory in space-time, it will take a while until it’s completion.

Since I do not understand it, I can’t use my imagination to use it.
Eventually I’ll be able to do that warp-like thing in the future.

「We’re done with preparations for travel」
「This might be too wide for the two of us」
「It’ll become narrow fast」
「Fufu, you’ll put the girls you’re interested in this carriage right?」
「That’s the purpose」

Showing her my smile, Aisha sighed and said 「You’re really Illicit」then shrugged her shoulders.

「Oh well, it won’t be just us」
「There’s another woman I want to take with us」

After Aisha got on, there’s another woman that appeared shortly after.
That woman is the captain of the Forza Command Female Knightsー Leona Youthturn (TN: Help me with this ユーステルナ)

I entered the cell and called out Leona.

Since I didn’t use charm magic on her yet, I confined her so she won’t act violently

「Haahaa…You’ve come here today」

Though she seemed like she’s worn out, she showed a smile.

「W-what brings you here today? Did my subordinates service you again? Or did you make everyone cum again?」

In this past month, I kept raping women in front of Leona everyday
I sometimes dumped huge amount of sperm on her and dirtied her pure white.

For that reason, her spirit turned strange

「Hey, please. The same thing…Do the same thing to me too」
「A-all I did was watch you doing that intensely…! I can’t suppress the aching of my body」

I snorted with laughter

「You’ve completely turned to a woman now. I thought you dislike men?」

When I pointed that out, Leona gritted her teeth and fell silent.

「T-then! Then use charm magic on me! Please!」
「Do you want to prioritize your sexual desire?」

Certainly, If I used charm Magic, she will love me.
If it did, her conflicted feelings of hatred would be washed away by pleasure.

But, if I did that, it won’t be fun for me.

「I came here for another reason」
「A-another reason…?」
「I already talked about my purpose before right?」

Make all the Queens mine, and defeat the Goddess
I already explained it.

「It was decided that I will leave, and I want you to join our journey」

I do not know a lot about this world, and Aisha’s knowledge is also limited.
I hardly have any acquaintance.

However, if we have Leona who’s active as a captain and knows a lot of people, we can easily gain trust from people.
That would be useful

「Come, I consider your war potential」

Leona is the captain of the 20 unit female knights of Forza Command.
Among the number of young people, Leona is the third. She’s the captain of the third corps.

Simply put, she’s the third strongest person.

「Both me and Aisha are Magician type. It would be welcoming to have you, who knows how to fight swords」
「F-fight…? I have to fight?」
「When battle is unavoidable, you’ll have to」

Leona fell silent and faced down

Well, there might be a chance that she’ll fight her own country. It’s natural to be troubled.

By the way, why am I not using charm magic on Leona?
That’s because charm magic forces them to fall in love with me.
She then will have sex with me and listen to whatever I say.

But, it’s different when it comes to combat.
Of course it depends on the person, but they might be overprotective that their fighting spirit might not be usable.

I understood this and experimented during this past month.

「We’re ready for travel. You don’t have time to hesitate」

I continued

「Of course, the reward is making you my woman. I’ll satisfy the aching of your body」
「I-is that true?」
「B-but…there might be a situation that I have to fight my former companions. Rather than the knights, Her Majesty Elena Ria herself…!」
「You can’t fight?」
「I swore my loyalty and my body to her. I can’t cover it up」
「What about your urge? You can’t endure it right?」
「…by that time I’ll die then」

I’ve thought of her as honest, but to this extent…

Well, this is expected.

Leona is Forza Command’s top level strength
I can’t just easily overlook it.

「You don’t need to fight the empress. The knights too, depending on the case」
「Even I want to avoid battle as much as possible」

There is no benefit in fighting. If we’re safe then it’s fine.

「You can just take the role of my guard. If a thief come to us, you’ll point your blade at them」
「I-if so…!」

The colors of Leona’s eyes have changed.
She finally found the ray of light.

「Should we conclude the negotiation?」
「Y-yeah…I’ll be the power to help you…!」
「Good, then swear to be my slave」
「That’s right. Do you hate it? then…」
「U-understood! I swear! During the past month, I know that I won’t match you!」
「Is that so?」

I approached Leona

「Leona, make an oath」
「That’s right. Drink my semen as proof of your oath」

Leona swallowed her own saliva

When I urged her, she lowered my pants
And then, the Female Knight Leona kissed my exposed dick