I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 7

Episode 7 ★ Female Knight Leona and the Use of Charm Magic

No, calm down.
It’s impossible for the charm magic to not work.

I traced Leona’s mana, and checked if she’s under my magic or not.
………It’s alright. She’s under it.
I can certainly feel my own magic from Leona’s surroundings.
From my training during this past month, I reached the point that I can easily trace magic.

Then, why is she not listening to me?

「Leona, I want you to tell me if a secret passage in the castle reaching the empress」
「…I’m sorry, master. I can’t say it」

As expected it’s no good.
Charm magic will persist until they’re charmed…It causes them to fall in love with me.
Because they’re in love with me, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to tell me anything.

But, I cannot take priority if there is someone else she love equally as they love me.

In short, the level of her loyalty to the empress is too high when I asked about it, charm magic isn’t perfect after all.

「Fuu. 」

That made more interesting.
In fact I was already thinking of how it would be useful before we start our journey.

Now then, how do I obtain the information I want?

Should I ask Aisha?
Well, I guess that would be the fastest way.

I talked to the Miko using telepathy


Aisha, what should I do to gather information from someone?

『Make use of your resourcefulness, it’s fine as long as they talk』

I can’t do such a troublesome thing.

No, even if I did it now, it would be a problem if I have to do this on each and everyone.
I’ll use it for an experiment case this time.

『True. There’s a faster way of doing it』

…You, you know something?

『Ufufu, who knows? Do I know something?』

Stop that.
Your mana is still not completely restored, so you can’t use telepathy for long.

『…It can’t be helped. Then, I’ll teach you something good』

What is it?

『With pleasure you can make any creed of loyalty would be meaningless』

After hearing that, Aisha’s voice disappeared.

…tsk. Time-out already?
We can’t use telepathy as much as we want after all.

Well, I’ve learned something. I think it’s good.

Now then, we will draw out the necessary information.


In short, to make your partner feel it.

Aisha did not say it immediately because she’s jealous?

Pleasure…that means sex.
Without insertion, she may not feel it, that may have made her uneasy and muddled Aisha’s reason.

That woman’s attitude might may be easygoing, but she’s madly in love with me.

*Sigh*, aren’t you surprisingly lovely?

For this past month, we have been embracing each other, and her body is completely addicted to me.
She don’t want me to embrace other women.

「…You must receive all of me if you want to be my woman. 」

My goal is all of the women in this world. My purpose is to make all women mine.

Now, first, I will assault this chaste knight-sama in front of me.

「Get on doggystyle position and point your ass on me. I’ll put it in」
「P-put it in…!」

The color of Leona’s eyes changed, she then showed a joyous expression

「Is it okay? Is this really okay?」
「Do it before I change my mind」

When I urged her to, Leona got down on all fours and lifted up her butt.

「What a nice ass」

It’s tight and the meat is good too.
It’s like a form of an athlete.

I turned over her skirt, moved her panties and hit her slit with my penis.

「A-aah…! Master’s…Master’s hard thing is going in…!」
「We’re you waiting for this?」
「For this past month, I always waited…This made me glad being born」
「I see」

I grasped her waist, and drew it towards myself.

「It’sーcoming in!」
「As expected it’s narrow」

I wasn’t able to put it in smoothly like in other women because she’s a virgin

But, I’m accustomed in treating virgins.

I move my hips in a circular manner, relaxing her intravaginal walls then I inserted it.

「Hyan~! Master’s…Big」
「It’s about there…!」

*Zun* It felt like that after inserting it in one go.


「Fu~n, that escalated quickly. Leona, did you play with your vagina when you’re alone?」
「S-such thing is…!」

She might’ve felt ashamed so she didn’t answer obediently.


「I’ll make you say it…!」

Even though I just inserted it on her virgin pussy, I already moved in a piston motion.

I’ve poked and knocked her uterus deep inside.

「A, aaaaah! Ah, Master…! That isー! That’s no goodー!」
「becaush, it feels good! It feels good when you hit deep inside, I’m going crazy!」

kuku, she answered honestly.


「Did you fiddle yourself wanting my thing?」
「T-that’s right! I’ve put my finger inside a lot of times!」
「You’re the captain and you’re doing that thing」
「I can’t! I know I mustn’t but I can’t endure it…! Yaaaa! 」

It seems like Aisha’s advice was somehow true.

When you give pleasure on someone who’s in a charmed state, they’d be honest.

This is some usable information.
When in doubtーrape.

「Leona, tell me. How can I capture the castle of the Empress?」

Why is it that you never want to say the most crucial one, or you can’t?

Now, answer me!

「T-there’s a secret underground passage in the castle…It leads to the room of Her Majesーty」
「Are you sure?」
「Including me…only the three top captains know…! Fuaaaaa!」

She’s now talking.

「Nice girl, Leona. Here’s your reward」

I pulled her ass with all my might.


Leona made a cry that’s very unfeminine, and twisted her body to an arc shape.

She let out her tongue and faced the ceiling.

「M-my sherviks, you’re shrtroking it…!」
「It’s the best isn’t it?」
「Because it’s from master…it’s reaching, *kuhoo*…so deep…!I-Itsh too beeg…!」

Leona’s vagina tightened.
Since she’s spasms already, she’s close to cumming.

「I’ll creampie you a lot」
「Ah, Master…! Masteeeeer! Let it ouuuuuuuuuuuut!」

I hastened my hips.

Her ass hits my body and produces a clapping sound.
Seeing her ass meat wave is great.

「C-c-c-c-cumiiiiiing! I’m Cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!」
「…I’m cumming!」

*Dokun*, a large amount of semen was poured from my penis.

Leona put all of her strength in her body and came like that.

「O-oo-oooooooh…! Cum…I came…!」
「Did it felt good?」
「I-I’ve never…… felt something this…… good before!」

Leona falls down in place

She seemed to have fainted when I looked in her eyes.


I was able to take necessary information with this and study how to break her.


『Did you enjoy yourself?』

I talked to Aisha
As soon we’re done, she started talking to me in worry.
Using sex, I can use it to make them reach the point where they talk about anything. Really, what a troublesome woman.

『I-isn’t that fine?! Moreover, your mana reached the point where you powered up right?』

Is that so? Certainly, during this past month, I’ve trained a lot.

『With this, all the things necessary for our travel is prepared』

Yeah, the start of my rule starts here.
First of all, I would assault the queen of the Demon raceー The witch!