I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 8

Episode 8 ★ Female merchant that rules over Unisys

There’s a human town near the Witch’s palace called Unisys

I arrived in here from the place I was summoned in three days by carriage.

Our purpose, to gather information about the witch

Since there’s a rumor that you can’t return alive after entering the underground palace, for safety we’re going to make sure.

We were not attacked by thieves when we arrived at Unisys.
It’s because it’s guarded with female knights.

I used some of the charmed female knights and had them do odd jobs and guard duties.

In addition, since it was camouflaged like a Carriage of the Female Knights, we had no particular problems on checkpoint.

I entered a bar for the purpose of gathering intelligence, then hook up with women
Well, since this is a matriarchal world the bar is filled with mostly women, and when I entered they were looking at me with strange eyes.

By the way, this town isn’t all women, I did see some men here and there.
Still, they don’t live free from danger.

Then, shall I obtain information?

I cast Charm magic and led a suitable woman on the bed of the inn.

「So there’s a man like you in this world. Come, embrace me!」

The woman was head over heels on me.

I immediately inserted it in missionary position.

「Hyaan! S-so bold! Putting it suddenly…! But, this is good too~!」

While shaking my hips, I gathered information from the woman. (TN: This is the kind of interrogation I want.)

「Tell me about this town」
「Ahn~! I-in this town there is…a woman named Yarina, that woman controls this town substantially!」(TN: ヤリーナ)

The woman can’t tell a lie since she’s having sex with me while being in a charmed state.
She’s talking about everything by herself.

「Where’s that woman named Yarina?」
「The tallest house in the town ……That’s Yarina’s mansion」
「Would I know about this town if I asked her?」
「Y-yes. …Ahn~! A-amazing…! It’s so thick and hard!」

I remember seeing the town woman’s writhing before she slept.

After we arrived at Unisys, I’ve already gathered information from several women.
Of course, it’s through sex.

Among those, there was two information that was strange.

First, the female merchant named Yarina rules Unisys.

She’s originally a daughter of a small and insignificant merchant, but when she grew up these past several years, she seemed to become the substantial leader of this town.

The reason is, she can make an accessory that humans can’t make.
She sells it at high amount on nobles.

「Yarina seems to sell high price accessory. Why is it expensive?」
「T-that’s…Haa-n~ Human’s can’t make it, only demons can……yaaan~!」
「Demon race? So that’s why it’s expensive?」
「R-right…! You won’t get hands on it unless you steal if from the underground palace of the Demon race.」

I rubbed her not-so-big tits.
I continued pumping and also not forgetting to stimulate her nipples.

「Fuaaan~! E-even if the humans and demons have a non-aggression pact, they don’t open up and they don’t let anyone enter……na~! D-don’t my nipple~!」
「Then, someone like adventurers steal it?」

If I’m not mistaken, each countries doesn’t interfere with each other.
Naturally, business can’t be done easily.

When thinking about risking their own lives, of course the pay would be high.

「But, why does that female merchant make a lot?」

Yarina seemed to have monopolized accessories.

「That’s because……Yarina-sama’s abilities are splendid. She seemed to have hired all of the amazing adventurers…!」

The woman continued.

「……that’s, fuaan~! the reason on the surface…!」

I slowed down the movement of my hips to listen to the woman.
If I make her cum now, I won’t be able to obtain information .

「S-She seems to be negotiating with Demons…!」
「What about the negotiation?」
「I don’t know the detailsーfuan~!ーbut it seems she sells out men to demons」

I see. I’ve understood it.

After hearing the interesting information, it solved the mystery of lacking of men.
Of course, men being slaves is not a big of a news here, but this one is spread in the town as a rumor.

In short, Yarina buys accessory using men

I still am uncertain, but I’m sure that Yarina has a significant connection with the Demon race.
Coming in contact with Yarina will be necessary to capture the witch.

When I repeated the piston, the woman held my arm.

「P-please……! M-make me cum already……!」
「Yeah, I forgot」

Since I was in heavy thought, I neglected the woman.
If I didn’t make her cum, this woman will be persistent.

「Make me cum…!」

I made a stroke with the force that pierce her womb.

「Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!」

The woman raised a scream.
Since her eyes whited and have fainted, I left her on the bed as is.
Even if I remove the charm magic, she wont be making a fuss about losing consciousness.

Even if charm magic is convenient, there are times when it’s too convenient and turns to trouble.
For instance, women clings to me.

Basically I made sure to remove it if I won’t have them accompany me.

Now then, I’ve taken some necessary information.

「Leona, enter.」

I called the captain of the female knights.

「Did you finish, master?」

I asked Leona to keep a close watch outside the room just in case

「Master, the voice was amazing ……Did you make another woman faint again?」
「Can’t be helped. It’s troublesome if they don’t faint after all」

When Leona saw my erect penis, her cheeks reddened.

「Ah, Master……I-it’s still erect」
「The woman was exhausted before I even cum. Calm it down with your mouth」
「Roger, Master」

Leona kneeled in front of me and swallowed my dick

Leona’s mouth techniques improved since I trained her on our travel to Unisys.

「*Fellatio sfx* Should we finish it sooner?」
「Yeah. Make me cum quickly so I can sleep」

I can endure the pleasure for a little longer, but I thought of ending it early because of tomorrow.

The inside of Leona’s mouth is splendid.
My penis is stuck in her throat, and she’s using her mouth to suck.

「*Fellatio SFX* Master……The sperm hasn’t come out yet」
「There are a lot of good women after all」

Including Aisha and Leona, I’ve been doing women since morning.
I can’t even count the number of times I ejaculated, but I think it’s a lot.

Still, when I see a woman who’s style is good, I get erect Immediately.

「Since master is retiring to bed, I’ll make sure you feel good. 」
「Yeah, I leave it to you」

Regarding Yarina, I’ll begin the investigation early tomorrow.
For now, let’s enjoy the pleasure of Leona’s mouth.

「Master…*Jubo* *Jubububu*, it turned big」
「I’m about to」

As expected of Leona.
She knows where I feel good.

「I’m cumming. Suck it hard」
「G-Got it…!」

Leona’s mouth sounded like a vacuum.

「Mgu!? I-It’s coming…!」

I ejaculated a quantity that made her narrow cheek swell.

Leona drinks my semen like it’s delicious.

「*Gulp*……*Gulp*…Master, we’re you satisfied?」
「Yeah. I’ll be sleeping in the bedroom. Take guard after resting properly」

Then, I fell asleep.
Now, how will the Female merchant Yarina taste tomorrow?