I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 9

Episode 9: To the residence of the Female Merchant Yarina

I’m walking in the town facing the direction of Yarina’s mansion.

Then, a lone man sitting in the back alley can be seen. His clothes are tattered, and he looked like his life is lost.

I talked to him instinctively.

「…What’s wrong?」

In a world ruled by women. I want to hear the opinion of that person.

「Y-you, you’re wearing nice clothes.」 Are you an aristocrat?」
「Well, sort of. 」

The clothes I wear are different from this world.
Looking at my clothes in comparison, this man is dressed too shabby.

「Why are you in this place?」
「You already know the reason even if you don’t ask. We’re something like slaves」

The man seems to be deprived of energy, when you look at them you would see that they are being completely discriminated.
Having no power here, their daily life is hard.

「Is it hard to live in this world?」
「An aristocrat boy may not understand. No matter what you do, they’d treat you like you have a blood of slave… No, in this town it’s lower than that」
「What do you mean?」
「There’s a fearful woman in this town…!」

The man trembled. He felt fear just remembering that fellow.

「Is it Yarina?」
「Hiii! Just the name is already scary…!」

The control of Yarina must be overwhelming.
But, I don’t think that’s because of tyranny.

That is,

「Is it because of the disappearance of men?」
「They don’t disappear! Yarina abducts them and sells them as goods!」
「You’ll be handled like an object…that’s the worst! Even my friend is…!

The man shed tears. He seemed to recall something again.

「I was waiting here and there for this whole month!……Uu…!」
「…I see」

Just how heartbreaking can it be? I do not hold strong sympathy with this man, but I do realize he’s having it hard.

And, the female merchant named Yarina did it.

「…I may not be the ally of justice humanity need, but I’ll make sure that you’ll live a little better as a result」

Did he not hear me? The man looked me with a foolish face.

「There’s only one thing…」

I handed him the bread that I was about to eat for breakfast and headed to Yarina’s mansion.

I arrived at Yarina’s mansion.

As expected from someone who’s controlling the town, the building is quite luxurious.
Living in this place is a woman who thinks of men as goods. It’s leaving me a bad taste.

But, making that woman submit would be interesting.

My purpose is to obtain the information about the witch.

But my human greed wouldn’t be satisfied with it. I’ll take the danger of violating her. It would be a waste if I didn’t enjoy it as such

「Now then, shall I go」

There were soldiers around the mansion, patrolling the perimeter.

The soldiers are, of course women.

They’re not like the female knights, but they look like properly equipped.
Even if they have weapons, they still look great.

All women are my targets after all.

「Hey, is Yarina here?」

I approached the gate and asked the soldier near it right away.

「Man! What business do you have with Yarina-sama」
「Shut up. Fall in love with me」

At that moment, I used charm magic.
I don’t have time to idly talk with women one-by-one.

「…I promise my love to you」

The woman’s cheeks blushed, and her face turned dere.

As expected from charm magic, well done!

「Yeah. If that’s so, I have one thing I’d like to ask」
「What would it be?」
「I want to meet Yarina」
「Yarina-sama? B-but, I’m…!」

She still wont abandon her duty even she fell in love with me

「Make a suitable excuse. Say that I came here to talk about business or something like that. If you take me to Yarina, I’ll give you lots of love」
「L-love…?! Is that true?! Then…!」

The woman entered the mansion to confirm.

Then, she came back immediately and told me she got permission.
I entered the mansion with the female soldier.

It was even more gorgeous inside the mansion, various antiques have been in display.
Seeing the structure of the mansion, I understood that they made a profit.

In addition, soldiers had been put as guard.
There’s no mistake that there’s something in here.

「This is Yarina-sama’s room」
「Good work」

The female soldier shows a behavior of wanting something.

「…Got it. Bear with it if it’s just this much」

I embraced the woman and kissed her.


The woman widened her eyes in surprise, and was mesmerized immediately.

「T-thank you very much. I’m really glad…!」
「Then that’s good. …We’re going to have an important talk. So don’t let anyone enter the room okay?」

The woman nodded submissively.

Fuu, women’s love is troublesome.
Well, it’s not bad to obtain that much.

No then, let’s enter Yarina’s room.

When I opened the door, there was a woman sitting in the desk and doing work.

「…You, what are you doing?」

The one there, is indeed holding an overwhelming feeling as expected from a ruler.

Long hair, beautiful arms and legs
A explosively large chest, and firm waist

As expected, her style was excellent for the purpose of enriching self-interest.

And above all, she’s scowling at me with eyes looking at filth

It’s a woman that treats men as goods.
It’s natural to hold such feelings.

「I’ve asked you who you are」

I answered.
「I’m the man who came to sort you. I will have you join my harem」