I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 10

Episode 10: Restraining the Female merchant Yarina.

「Foolish, don’t joke with me」

Yarina didn’t care on my serious answer at all.
…Good grief, this woman doesn’t get it.

「I would hear you if it’s business, what would you do?」

A suspicious individual…no, a man entered the room, yet Yarina doesn’t show any panic.

As expected from someone who does dangerous business, she got nerves of steel

「How were you able to enter this mansion? What happened to the guards?」
「The female soldier is now my slave. Even if you make a ruckus now no one will come for help」
「You, what’s your purpose…?」

Judging my ambience, Yarina slowly stood up.

「I want to hear about the business that you’re doing」
「We’re only selling antiques and jewelries in high price」
「Among those, you also sell Accessory from demon race right?」

That’s the proof for Yarina’s secret.
When I talked about it, she fell silent.

Well, I now know that her using men as goods for the demon race is a fact

「You don’t need to hide it. I’ve already done my investigation」
「…Do you plan to threaten me with that?」
「No,no, I don’t intend to do that. What I want to know is about the demon race」
「Concerning the Demon race?」

Yarina spoke her doubt

「Why are you eager to know about the demon race?」
「Because I have some business with the witch. Do you know the witch?

When I asked her, Yarina made a grin.
A subtle smile that an ordinary man might not notice.

Why did I notice? That’s because I also can make that kind of smile.
It’s a black smile of a swindler.

「I see. So you know to that extent」
「Do you mind speaking about it?」
「It’s okay. Even if I try to deceive you it would be useless」

I praise her good conduct, but does she plan to reverse the situation anyway here?
I know, Yarina-chan

「It’s the demon race who makes the expensive accessory. And I am allowed to gain profit from it.」

Yarina began to walk while speaking.

「I think you know already, but Humans and Demons…No, interference between countries are basically forbidden. That’s the same in business」
「But, you’re able to」

Yarina didn’t tell a lie.

She probably decided to kill me afterwards
It is necessary for her to change the subject and deceive me she will let me leave.

Since she didn’t do it, she plan to dispose of me.

…Fuu, this became interesting

「To tell you the truth, I love the items from the demon race…So I’d like you to give me some of those accessories」
「Even you’re a man?」

Saying that suddenly, Yarina seemed to be surprised.

However, I shrugged my shoulders immediately.

「I didn’t expect for you to understood that. It seems you’ve examined thoroughly」
「In this world, there are guys who are good to make people confess」

Using Charm magic and include sex, no woman can tell a lie.
That’s the ability given to me.

「Demon race…no, a man liking the witch?」
「For what reason? Don’t tell me that it’s to use their manpower?」
「Of course. …Why does this man desire the witch? ーThe reason is he want her as sex slave!」
When I said that, female soldiers flowed on one side of the wall.
I see. There’s a secret room in here and she called the soldiers.
I now understand why she’s calm to that extent.

When I noticed, I was surrounded by the female soldiers.

「I don’t know where you came from, but since you know my secret! You are already dead」

Yarina shows a triumphant grin

「You’re a nice looking man. I was able to obtain one souvenir for the witch with this. 」
「You capture men this way?」
「Yea! You’re just a fool for entering my own mansion. Most men are just bought like a cheap slave」
「…So men are bought」
「Men are hopeless creatures after all, they don’t have a value to the society, I’m just giving them value」
「…Fuu, arrogant」

Yarina reacted on my murmur.

「Arrogant? Men have no right to complain to me!」
「I don’t have a complain. But I have an advise」
「Yeah. In this world, there’s a human that’s most arrogant」
「I don’t understand what you’re saying!」

I kept talking.

「What happens to the men sent to the witch?」
「Dunno. Well, the witch seemed to absorb energy from men, and all of the adventurers who invaded the palace never returned… When you look at it, they must’ve died there」

Is this the true nature of the disappearance?
Then the friend of the man I met in the town a while ago He should be dead too.

「Are you aware that you’re killing a person?」
「There’s no one in this world who worries about one or two men disappearing」

Just like what you’d expect from a feminist world.

Well, I’m not doing this for sense of duty, I only am obedient to my own feelings.

Still, I do feel disgusted about it, is it because I’m a man too?

「Well, it’s fine. My only purpose is to gather information about the witch after all.」
「When you get the information from the witch, what would you do?」
「I’ll make her my woman」

Yarina laughed hard on what I said

「Ahahahaha! You’re going to make the witch yours? …Don’t joke with me! men are possession of women」
「Possession? Before I knew it, I’m an owner it seems like. 」

Well, I think of women as things too.
I cannot blame Yarina for that mentality.

「But, I’m different from the men around here, I won’t become a possession easily」
「han! Try to act brave and cool! You’ll be a sex slave of the witch!」

I can just pretend to be a sex slave and approach the witch that way.

But, that would be yielding to Yarina because of disadvantage.
I refuse to do that.

「I’m not interested in becoming a sex slave. Rather, I’d prefer the woman as sex slave」
「Ahahaha! What a silly thing to say!」
「Fuu, I’ll make you my woman…no, I’m not interested in women who make that kind of laugh. To make you my sex slave, I’ll change your character」
「Kuh…! This man is making a fool out of me! You girls, capture this man!」

The soldiers faced my by the order of Yarina.

「Do you really want to play with me that much? 「ThenーBe my woman!」

The magic unfolded, and the women were charmed

ーexcept Yarina. (TN: The same with Leona. lol)

Charm magic make them fall in love with me
With that, if I made Yarina mine, that would mean her heart would yield to me too.

Now then, should I play with these cute female soldiers?

「I’m your master starting today. You got it?」
『Understood, master!』
「First of all, restrain that woman there」

I pointed at Yarina.
Following my instructions, the girls restrained her.

「W-why!? What’s happening?!」

Yarina’s movement were sealed in a blink of an eye.

I approached her.,

「Yarina, I have a personal virtue. When they hear my voice, this happens」
「Liar! You must have used magic or something!」
「Kukuku, I wonder. Well, it is unrelated for someone who’s in a desperate situation like you」
「Kuh …!」

Yarina scowled at me.

「You! do you plan to rescue the men who were made slaves?」
「No. Too bad, but I’m not an ally of justice. I only want to embrace women. …Because I’m arrogant」

Seeing how terrible I am, Yarina face had gone paler.

「If I was an ally of justice, I would be capturing you then deliver punishment. However, I want to do horrible things on women like you. Because, I’m not an ally of justice.」(TN: He’s archer)
「I don’t know what kind of pains men suffer, but being violated while imagining it isn’t bad don’t you think?」
「V-violate…You’re going to rape me?!」
「Yeah. Don’t think I’ll make you my woman, I’ll just satisfy myself with the disposable sexual body you possess.

Yarina’s chest is abundant, she has some good body.
I felt like eating her the moment we met.

「You girls, just hold Yarina like that」
「N-nooo! Stoooooooooop!」

Ignoring Yarina’s cries, I tore of her clothes by force.
Now then, let’s try making her fall for me without using charm magic.