I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 11

Episode 11 ★ Female merchant Yarina lie down paizuri.

「D-don’t joke with me…! You! Do you understand what you’re doing?」
「Dunno. I’m a man moving of his own greed after all」

I forcibly tore Yarina’s clothes. (TN: Yarina had two layers of cloth, He did tear the first layer last chapter)
Since she wears clothes with little exposure, it was sudden that she can’t use her hand to cover her own genitals.


This could’ve been called a crime in my previous world, yet I enjoy the current circumstances.
This is why other world is great!

「You girls! Hurry up and separate this man from me!」

Yarina tries to order the female soldiers around her.

But, they do not hear what Yarina is Saying.

「Do you want to know why? Then I’ll tell you. 」

I tore her jacket with all my might.

When I did, Yarina’s huge breast shook up and down.
I can already see her plump body within her dress, yet, the destructive power of seeing it raw is incredible.

「I will first explain what I did. …I have the power called charm magic. When I use it, I can make women fall for me」
「C-charm magic…?! C-can such things be done?」
「I’m doing it because I can, it’s something like a sudden complete hypnosis on this women」

I grabbed Yarina’s chest

The chest was so huge that it was overflowing between my fingers, it was quite soft.


Yarina’s body trembled a little when I touched her chest.
This reaction…could it be that she has no experience?

「There’s one important thing charm magic can’t do, Charm magic only forces them to fall in love with me so it’s convenient because they don’t do all you say」
「What’s inconvenient!? You, aren’t you enjoying this?」
「Kukuku, so you get it. 」

I licked my lips and moved my hand on Yarina’s lower body.
I moved her legs by force and opened her crotch.

「Kuh…! You monster…!」
「Oh? You always curse people that way?」
「W-what are you saying…」
「Charm magic isn’t a magic to make them follow orders. It’s a magic that changes the human sense of value」
「In short, I become their number one. But, if there’s someone who’s an absolute number one for them aside from me, it would force a conflict on them」

The female knight Leona is one example of that.

「But if there’s no number one aside from me, my orders become absolute…In other words, your subordinates have no respect on you」

At least their number one isn’t Yarina.
For that reason, they aren’t going to remove their binds from Yarina.

Yarina as expected is showing a mortifying face as I was talking without reserve.

「T-that’s not…true!」
「You’re desperate. How can you prove it?」

I called the female soldier near her and made her assume doggystyle.

I exposed her lower body and screwed her with my penis.

「Ah, Ahaaan~! It’s entering!」

The woman’s flirtatious voice echoes inside the room.

「Now, I’ll move my waist…」

I began to piston the waist of the woman.

As expected from someone who’s deeply in love with me, she’s wet immediately and I was able to move her waist easily.

The woman is making a face that she enjoys the pleasure.

「How’s my thing?」
「I-it’s the best… I do not know there’s something that feels this good!」

I continued pumping the woman while controlling my piston.

「Ahn, Haan~! Amazing…! It’s big, hard…and strong!」
「Now, tell these people about your fetish」

When I said so, Yarina’s eyes opened wide.
It’s like she’s expecting her say「I won’t say such thing」


「I, actually…l-like my ass being beaten!」
「Like this?」

*Bachin*, the sound of her ass being slapped


The woman is trembling and was taking her tongue out sluttish.

「Kukuku, you’re a huge M」
「W-what the hell is happening?!」

Yarina cries.

「When I have sex with them while they’re in a state of charm, these women can’t tell a lie. For example, I can make her tell a secret that she’ll absolutely won’t tell anyone」
「I was aware of the reason why you called the women, now I want to hear they think about you」
「S-stooop! Stop thiiiiiiiiiis!」

I strongly pierced her vagina.

「Tell me. What do you think of Yarina?」
「I-I don’t like her that much. That woman works her people hard, and she doesn’t even give out words of appreciation. I only work here because the salary is nice…」
「She said. Do you understand now? Yarina?」

When I asked the other women, it seemed like they endured her a lot

Her subordinates tells that they hate her in front of her eyes.
Judging from her appearance, Yarina is someone who owns a lot of pride in herself.

Such humans would be torn apart after receiving such damage.

「Now, it’s your turn. Yarina」

After cumming inside the female soldier, I showed my erect dick to Yarina.

「Isn’t it? It might not even fit your mouth」
「M-mouth!? You’re putting it in my mouth!?」
「That’s because I like being done by the mouth」

The female soldiers are holding Yarina
Although they’re under the charm magic, I think their faces are showing 「Serves you right」

I sat astride her upper body and sandwiched my dick in her big breasts.

「Kukuku, you’re nipples are already erect」
「T-that’s not tr…」
「I’ll sandwich my thing in this huge breasts」

I opened her two big nukes, then sandwiched it.
I pushed her knockers left-right and center, and readied it for lie-down paizuri.

「Ah, Ah, Aah, aaaah! M-my breasts…My breast is being wrecked」
「Nice tits. It’s so soft and it goes along with my thing」
「D-damn…! Don’t fuck with me! I…doing as you please with my body…!」
「Isn’t that fine? You also sell men for your own convenience, don’t you? When you think about it, shouldn’t you be fine with having it done the same to you?」

I bring both nipples close then made them rub each other.
Yarina’s breathing turned rough, and her nipples got further erect.

「Kuhii!? M-my nipples…Don’t torment my nipleeeeeeees!」
「This should be fine right? Now, open your mouth」

I moved my hips back and forth then widen the width.

Then, I put my dick on Yarina’s lips.

「N-no…! A man inside my mouth…!」
「You have no power here」

I issued an order to the female soldiers to open Yarina’s mouth.

I thrust my dick inside her mouth vigorously


As expected she was surprised with it, Yarina made a distorted painful face

However, I didn’t stop my lie-down paizuri.

「A, bubuu?! N, *Cough*, I-it hurts」
「If you don’t like it that much, you can bite it off you know?」

Well, it’s not possible to do though.

Yarina’s mouth is so full of penis that her jaw might fall off.
In addition, my dick is as hard as steel because it’s erect. Her teeth might break if she forced it.

「Egu! o, oh, ooh, ooh…!」

Unable to speak any longer, Yarina’s tears start to flow.

「I will let it out soon. It’s your reward…!」

She shakes her head, desperately trying to say she hates it.

However, she was stopped by the female soldiers and it was a vain effort.

「I’m cumming…!」

I ejaculated inside Yarina’s mouth forcefully.

Her cheeks swelled in a flash, and it appeared out of her nose trills.

「Haa, haah…! I-I’m dying!」

When I pulled out my penis, Yarina was in a half fainted state.

「Well, it doesn’t end with that」

There’s a woman with a fine body in front of me.
There’s no way I’d go back without inserting it.
「Now, Let me taste the body of the female merchant who build her position of a lifetime」
I opened Yarina’s crotch.