I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 12

Episode 12 ★ Female merchant Yarina’s virginity breaking arc

Removing her underwear, Yarina’s wet secret part came to full view.

There are a few pubic hair growing, but her skin is still smooth
When I expanded it a little, love nectar flowed from her pink genitals and went out.

「Even if you say no, you’re already this wet. Did it feel good to have your breast rubbed by me?」
「That’s not…!」

Since she’s about to say something, I twisted her nipple.

「Aaaah! I-it hurts…!」
「Do you dislike pain?」
「There’s no way I’d like it! you low-life!」

Even though you say that you hate pain, I can only see your nipples getting harder.
It’s an erection that will pierce the heavens. (TN: No, that’s really the line. I didn’t modify it to make it reference a certain anime)

「Even if you hate pain, I love to do this」

I had an idea that this woman is a huge Masochist, ant that’s one of the reasons I didn’t use charm magic.
If I can break a strong-willed woman now, in the future I would be able to do this easily.

「S-stop! I’ll grant anything you wish! If it’s money you can get a lot!」
「I’m not interested in money. I can always find a rich patron anytime」

It’s possible to do it with charm magic.

And, my wish now is to have my way with Yarina and break her

「You have some nice body. I will take my meal then」

I lead my erect penis to vagina and like that, I grind my hips to put it in.

It’s quite tight, It’s not possible to go too deep.

「A-A-A-A! I-It hurts! It hurts!」
「…You’re a virgin as expected」

She made fool of men, and she can feel it with just her chest being rubbed.
I would’ve never thought that Yarina doesn’t have experience.

Should I expect this from someone who hates men

「D-dammit…! I-I’m doing it with a man…My inside-a man!」
「Would it be better if it’s a woman?」

I said that while shrugging my sholders

「Well, there’s a lot of women here. It might be better if you got raped by a woman」
「You…are you seriously saying that…」
「I wonder?」

I’m not interested in seeing lesbians have sex
Because It would be better doing it myself than just watching.

Although, watching a show might be interesting.

Well it’s fine. I’ll make Yarina my woman first.

「I’ll put it in deeper…Goodbye virginity」
「nnnuuuuu! A-a-a-aaaaaaaaaaaa!」

The dick of the same size that entered her mouth drove in, Yarina felt her feet rising.

I grabbed her ass, then started the piston.

「Nu, ha! W-wait! Waiiiit! naaaaaaa! Stop! Stooooooop!」
「Remember the pleasure of sex well. You will become a female pic that’s indulged in pleasure」

As I repeat my pumping, Yarina’s breast shook intensely.

I who’s unable to ignore the appeal, bit her nipples.

「N-nipples!? You’re biting my nipples!」
「Isn’t that fine? Pain and pleasure goes together well」
「Aaaaah! D-daaaamn! I don’t even want to feel it…I don’t even want to feel it!」

I also bit her other nipple which I see to get even more erect.

Her clitoris is also erect, just how much of a pervert she is?

Even if you say you hate pain, in reality you’re feeling it.

「Does it feel good?」
「I-I won’t admit it…I won’t admit…I-t!」
「What an obstinate girl」

I further accelerated my movement, and pushed against her cervix’s entrance.

*PachuPachu*, wet sounds echoed, and her love nectar overflows even more.

「Aaaah! Stop this! Stop thiiiiiiii! If you continue to strike like that…I- Iiiiiiiiii!」
「Your vagina is trembling you know. You’re going to cum?」
「What’s this?…H-How did this…!?」
「Fuu, a virgin whose never done it. Let me make you cum」

I rubbed her big breasts and strengthened my piston

Then, Yarina’s intravaginal walls started to tighten and I can feel her convulsing.
The walls of her vagina prompts me to give her semen.

Even though she’s a virgin, she can’t deny her human instinct.

「I’m turning strange! I’m going crazy! Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aaaaah!」
「Then Cum!」
「Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, AAAAH! ーuu?!」

「*Bikun* along with the large wave striking, Yarina’s body started trembling」
I can feel that her vagina had reach climax
Yarina’s saliva was leaking from her mouth, and she leaked an「Aah…」voice.

「So you came… But, we’re not done yet」
「T-that can’t be true…Stop this already, stop this! I just caaaaaaaame!」

In spite that she came, I did it even more intense.
I strongly penetrate her stomach that her uterus’s mouth was knocked quickly.

「Fuu, this feels quite good」

As expected from a narrow vagina of a virgin, I’m almost at my limit.
Let’s let it out here.

「Faaaaa! ku-kuooo! Aah-aah-ah-aah-aah-aaah! I-It turned big!」
「I’m letting it out!」
「Letting it out!? Are you going to ejaculate?!」
「That’s right!」
「Stooop! Stop thiiiiiiis! I might be pregnant! I might have your child!」
「Don’t care」
「Dammmiiit! You demoooooon!」

I should meet her demand if she said it like that.
I’m a brute after all. kukuku…

「Then be pregnant! I’ll shoot out a lot so you’ll get pregnant!」

Semen is released in the deepest part of her womb
A large quantity of semen gushed in, Yarina’s vagina was filled immediately.

「I-It’s comiiiing! So this is ejaculation…this is creampieee!」
「It feels good right?」
「a-aaah…I can’t anymore. I’ll get pregna…nt…」

Collapsing in the place, Yarina turned absent-minded.
She’s looking somewhere far away and her breathing turned rough

「You seemed to like being creampied」
「Cream…pie? Did you fill me with you child?」

Not caring about it, I turned her body around.

「What are you doing?! A-are you going to do it again?」
「I’ll do it from the back this time」

After preparing her back, I moved my hips again

「Ah, uuuuu! Agga!~」
「What a lewd breathing」
「You…kuh, ooo…Doing it…inten…sely! uoooooO!」

I didn’t expect it from someone womanly like Yarina, As expected, it seems like she became a wild beast.
Well, I’m doing her in doggy style. Does it make her excited?

「What a lewd ass」

*Bachin* I strongly clapped her ass.
Since it’s plump, I can see her meat shake softly.

「D-dammit…! How can this…How can this be…!」
「When I hit your ass, your pride is damaged?」
「Doing it like scolding a child…!」
「If you feel that happy then I’ll hit you more!」


As I tap her rhythmically, Yarina’s state started to change.

「This thing…Ah! Doing it to that extent…Aaah! I…noooo! You’re…Kuhoo! The best…ohooo!」

Beating her once makes her show a foolish expression, interesting.

「Do you feel it when being hit?」
「I don’t…Oo! Feel it…Ahh! Mo, Mo, Mo…」
「More…I’d never, say that…Kuhii! I won’t say thaaaat! Nuooooo!」

I want to point out that it’s the same as saying 「I want more」, but let’s leave it like that because it’s interesting.

She’s a virgin no more
From now on, it’s not difficult to say that she’s a huge M.

「Now then, let’s finish this」

It’s rare to do sex with having her ass and back in full view after all.
If I don’t do this she won’t break.

「Wai! What are you doing…! Why are you opening my ass…!」
「Oh, what a nice anus. It’s beautiful with pink color… It doesn’t look like you’re letting out shit here」
「D-don’t tell me…!」
「I’ll put it inside your ass!」