I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 13

Episode 13★ Training the Female Merchant Yarina: Anal Arc

「Stoop! There’s no way it would go in! The hole in the ass is narrower!」
「Let’s try it」

Feeling her anus being attacked suddenly, Yarina’s body trembled.
I don’t know the sense of value of this world when it comes to anal sex, but I’m sure it’s in abnormal play.

The female soldiers around seemed to be surprised too.

「Is that true…? Can he really put it in that hole?」
「You want me to put it in there too?」
「T-that’s not…!」
「Nah, just kidding. Can you see this hole of hers trembling since a while ago」

When I was piercing her from the back, it reacted, but now it’s doing a bigger action.

When I looked at her anus, it repeatedly close-open itself

「I know that you’re expecting it」
「You don’t understand anything about me!」
「I’ll make a guess. You already recognize that sex feels good」

When I said so, Yarina bit her lip

「Losing your virginity, getting your ass spanked, all of it felt good…Am I wrong?」
「I’m…not a pervert!」
「What are you getting embarrassed for?」

Hearing my words. Yarina’s anus opened wide.

「From the moment you met me you already knew that the pleasure of sex is the best」
「The sense of value of this world is nonsense… Why aren’t you being honest even though it feels good?」
「Such a man…Such a man…!」
「I thought so, but you realized that a man is good too right?」

I massaged the ass meat of Yarina
It’s firm, moreover it’s soft. It’s one of the best ass.

「If you don’t get it yet. then I’ll teach you through anal-sex!」

When I pulled my dick out of her vagina, I jammed it inside her anus.


Normally, it should be loosened using fingers, but it won’t be training.

Although, it wasn’t sweet for it did not enter easily.

「I-it hurts! It hurts…It huuuuuuuuuuuurts!」

Yarina screamed.

There’s really some blood coming out of her anus, but I didn’t mind it and pushed deeper.
Because I want her to know that this pain turns to pleasure.

「I-it’s…entering my ass…Aaaaaaa! It’s enteriiiiiiiiing!」
「This feels different from vagina?」

Compared to her vagina, the tightening is even harder.
I can agree that this can cause me to get addicted to anal sex

I can feel the difference from putting it in.

「Forcibly…opening it…and letting it out in this hole…!」
「That’s why it’s good right?」
「I-it’s widening…The hole in my ass is widening…!」

Her anus completely sucked up my penis.

At first it had a strong resistance, but I was able to invade her depths gradually.

「Ah, hiii…dwont more…I’m going crazy…」

Yarina’s anus that was so tight and resistive inside earlier, is completely relaxed now .
She shed tears as if giving up.

「Haa…haa… I can’t beat you…I can never win…!」
「Do you understand?」
「It’s better for me to become your woman… If so, can you make me feel this good all the time?」

When I was about to move my waist, Yarina lifted her ass to make it easier for me.
I understood that Yarina was certainly obedient with that behavior.

「My asshole…Mess up my asshole…!」
「Are you sure? It hurts you know?」
「I lhove pain…! When you heat my ass, when you wreck open my anus…I love all of it」

It’s finally here…

「You’re a good girl, Yarina」
「Than you… I’ve always worked hard for money before, but now it doesn’t matter anymore」
「You’ve just lost your virginity, and experienced anal sex just a moment ago, now you’ve turned to my woman」

I showed her a dark smile, when Yarina laughed lightly.

「Come, hurry up…hurry up…Move your waist…!」
「Are you sure?」
「It’s fine if you destroy my hole in the ass…! or rather, please destroy my ass!」

I can already ask her, but she might still not answer.
I accelerated the piston.

「A-a-a-aaaaaaa! The hole in my ass is being turned oveeeeer! nfaaaaa!」
「It’s a well tightened hole=」
「Anu! It’s closing on it’s own…! It’s closiiing!」

Squeezing her voice, Yarina screamed.
I moved my waist intensely that her ass meat waves fast.

「Deep! It’s reaching so deep! It’s too big! It’s so big!」
「Can you feel it?」
「My asshole feels goood! I completely feel good…even though I shouldn’t」

My penis got bigger. It’s about too.

「Penis…is getting bigger?!」
「I’ll let it out again」
「Let it out inside! In my ass…semen!」

Since she’s tightening it intensely, I won’t be able to endure it.
I grabbed her waist and did my last spurt.

「Cum in my ass! Lot’s of it!」


I pulled Yarina’s ass and ejaculated inside.

「U-u-uuuooooo! It’s coming…a lot is coming…!」
「Your asshole isn’t bad too」

After I finished ejaculating, I pulled out my penis, then semen overflowed from her anus.
Yarina desperately tries to cover her rough breathing, she’s making a lewd *buriburi* sound

「D-don’t look! I don’t want to do this…!」
「What are you getting shy for? Rather, show off that you’ve become my woman」
「Show off…Is it necessary to do that?」

As expected she can’t do it, Yarina blushed.

Fuun, she’s unexpectedly feminine in some places isn’t she?

But, with this, Yarina became my woman.

「Yarina, come with me」

Yarina stared at me dumbfounded.

「I’ll make you taste the best pleasure…!」
「I-is that true?」

Yarina grasped the hand I extended.

「Call me Ryu」

It wasn’t as planned, but I was able to get a good woman.

ーA female merchant that has a lot of money.

I decided my patron with this.
For the time being, there won’t be any trouble when it comes to funds.
I’ll train her to withstand pain, there will be a lot of scenes coming out.
With this, I got one step closer to being the supreme King.