I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 14

Episode 14★ Melia’s lewd dream night crawling

「You’ve quite enjoyed yourself aren’t you?」

When I went back to the town inn in the middle of the night, Aisha came to greet me
As expected, her mood is probably bad because I was missing the whole day and came back at night.

「Then? Were you able to meet Yarina?」
「Yeah. I made her fall for me without problems and she’s now my patron」
「Ain’t that good? But, why did it take so much time?」
「There were some guards around Yarina’s mansion. In the end it turned to a big promiscuous party to calm them down. I was able to go home when they all fainted」
「…Really, as long as it’s a woman it’s good」

Aisha said while pouting.

「*sigh*, but do prefer to embrace good women like you」

I approached the bed Aisha is sitting on, then I sat.

「Oh my? Are you going to play with me now?」
「I can embrace a woman like you many times…is what I’d like to say, but for now I’ll sleep. I want to meet the witch tomorrow」
「So we’re already going. Were you able to get some information?」

Aisha drew closer and leaned on me.

I want to embrace her.

「As expected, Yarina seems to sell men to the witch. Apparently, the witch is fond of men」
「Fufu, then you’re her favorite food」
「That’s true. Those women always like to eat men, It’s fun to turn tables to them. However…」
「Is there a problem?」

I picked up the nearby cup, and drank the sake inside it.

「It seems that men done by the witch dies」

Aisha’s eyebrows squinted.

「Don’t worry. They probably die because of the difference in mana. Well, if it’s poison I can handle it」
「That witch is an amorous woman isn’t she? Then, rather than poison, it has a higher chance that she’s sucking out life force. Either way, if you have a lot of mana there’s no problem」
「And for that reason, I want to take a rest. Since the partner is the witch, I can’t be careless」
「That’s regrettable. and here I thought you’d embrace me today too」
「Endure it for now」

I kissed Aisha.
Then, the all knowing Miko blushed.

「…Really, I don’t like how strange you tickle woman’s feelings」
「…Did you say something?」

I stand up from the bed, and got out of the room

That time, Aisha suddenly spoke.

「Wait, Ryu. I’m worried about something」
「Worried about something?」

What could that be?
Aisha said that.
Then it made me concerned about it too.

「…I do feel that we’re being watched by somebody」

Aisha whispered

「Being watched? By whom?」

There’s only one window in this room and no other.
Since the window is shut, there’s no way we could be seen from outside.

「Could it be some sort of magic tool?」
「…I can’t ascertain if it’s an observation tool, but I haven’t heard about it technically. Also…」

I turned my body to Aisha.

「I can feel the slight mana. Especially, when you approach closer…」
「In short, the one who’s being observed isn’t me but you. I might possibly be able to distinguish the mana if I had my power before」
「I see」

I worried Aisha somehow

But I’m grateful for the information
I’m abundant in mana, and most of the things can be solved with magic, but I don’t have a radar-like function yet.
It’s because it doesn’t exist in this world yet.

「That’s why, Ryu…Take care」
「Don’t worry. There’s no problem if they’re just watching, but if they tried to meet me I would turn the tables at them」
「Fufu, that’s like you. Though, I also want to help, even though I lost most my mana, I don’t want to be a burden」
「Don’t worry about it. Your feelings are good enough. …See ya, be sure to sleep well too」
「Thank you. …Goodnight」

I went out of Aisha’s room.

To someone who’s watching me, come at me bro.

●  ●  ●


While I was sleeping, I had a strange feeling in my body.
My lower part of my body feels itchy, it feels like it’s being touched by someone.

I opened my eyes and looked around.


「…Who are you?」

There was a maid putting her hand between my crotch.
No, the exposure is too high for a maid, also there’s a tail growing from her.

…In all aspects, it’s not a human.

「It seems that you’ve woke up. I am Meila, a Succubus. Please to make you an acquaintance」

I want to say 「Please to meet you」as a polite greeting.

Why did the succubus aim at me?

「What’s your purpose?」
「The Succubus visits at night. There’s only one reason for that」
「Do you want to have sex with me?」
「Yes. Let me taste you by all means」

Succubus is in demon race.

Could it be?

「Are you a familiar of the witch?」
「That’s is right. Witch, Eunice-sama is interested in you, please come with us」

Am I lucky or unlucky?

Tomorrow, I intend to go to the witch, who would’ve thought that she’d be the one to come to me instead

This is probably the 「Concern」 Aisha’s talking about

「Why is the witch is interested in me?」
「It’s because you’re an otherworlder」

I never expected that explanation.

People who knows I’m from another world should be limited.
It’s possible that someone leaked the secret, but perhaps this is a solo-crime.

If they know me, then they should’ve made a better trap.

「With that said, Eunice-sama is a busy person. That’s why this Familiar Succubus will taste you first」
「And if I refused?」
「I’m a succubus. I know a lot of ways to force a man to sex」

Now then, what should I do?

I can resist her by force, but it would be good if I can get various information from Melia.

Also, I’m curious about Succubus Sex.

「Can I confirm one thing?」
「What could it be?」
「I it true that succubus brings delight to men?」
「That is indeed」

She showed a slight smile.
It seems that she’s quite confident.

「Then, I will be the one to evaluate」
「Fufu, you’re quite honest aren’t you? Then…」

Meila lifted her mini-skirt and exposed her lower body.

I doubt she’s using underwear to it’s function, there’s too few to cover it after all.
I see her white beautiful skin moist with her love nectar.

「Fufu, It’s been a long time for me. It may be a bit intense, please bear with it」
「I don’t mind. Rather, I won’t permit it done half-assed」

Meila lowered my trousers.

Then she stared in amazement.

「It’s so big…!」

I’ve done a lot of women and they said 「big」, they meant 「it’s bigger than what I imagined」

But, the reaction of the Succubus Meila says 「It’s bigger compared to other men」
I gave an honest reaction that I’m happy.

「It doesn’t seem to be completely erect. Then…」

Meila put both of her hands on it.
From her hand, there’s something slimy coming out.

「Can succubus do this kind of things?」

The slippery liquid…something that’s like a lotion is applied to my penis.
She caressed it gently from top to bottom

「How is it, does it feel good?」

Still, I was surprised because I didn’t expect lotion play in another world.
She rubbed me a lot while making a indecent and slimy sound.

「It’s too big…I can’t hold it unless I use both hands」
「Do it tightly, you’re a succubus after all」

For the sly succubus, my dick turned hard at once.

The blood gathered in my lower body, blood vessels surfaced.

「It seemed to be hard enough」
「You can’t take it any longer don’t you?」
「So you get it. It’s been a while, and I can’t stop my excitement for this is too big」

She sat on me
「Then…I will take my meal」
And then, my penis hit her vagina, Meila kept sinking her waist.