I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 15

Episode 15 ★ Cowgirl Meila’s lewd dream

I never thought a penis this big exists…

Even though Meila is a succubus that ate various men, she was not able to hide her surprise to the mighty penis.

While being surprised.

(To be able to taste this before Eunice-sama…!)

Not just her saliva, but also her love nectar is overflowing. Meila expressed her joy.
But, she persisted the cool personality and inserted the penis in her vagina.


It’s just in the entrance yet she feels like cumming already.

That’s just how big, fat, and hard otherworlder’s penis are.
The lump of the tip of his penis is different, what would happen if this scrape off her vaginal walls

The other otherworlder called Taiki also had a moderate size, but this man has bigger.

(Eunice-sama might be looking at me ant the otherworlder do the act…)

It’ possible to see it through the Senri Crystal.

(I wonder if Eunice-sama would get angry later…No, however…)

It would be a disgrace to a succubus to endure it.

Moreover, Eunice gave her permission to taste.

(I was planning to just eat a little, but who would expect a big-shot to come)

Even if this was expected, I think Eunice won’t come here.
Eunice should be jealous while looking at the crystal.

(Eunice-sama had taken men away from me a lot of times too…)

Eunice will have sex with a man as soon as she found him.
Moreover, everyone dies after so Meila can’t get a turn.

She waited for a long time so Meila is at her limit too.

(Here it comes…!)

The dick was too big that it hurts, but when it got deeper, it turned to pleasure.

「N, haa…! aaahnu!」

*Pechin* sounded and she was able to put the dick in.
Since it’s hitting her uterus, she might come immediately, so moving is hard.

(This man…!)

The sleeping manーLooking at the otherworlder’s face, you can see a dark smile floating from him.

Though he is the one to be evaluated, he seemed to be the evaluator himself.

(Up until now, men should’ve ejaculated with just this…!)

She wasn’t boasting, but Meila was confident on the tightness of her vagina.
Any man would raise a womanly voice and their body would tremble.

But, the man in front of him has the composure and is smiling.

(Even I …!)

Succubus has their pride

Meila doesn’t want to lose against a human male, she moved her hips in an up and down manner.

In order to exhibit her obscene parts, she raised her leg and fling her ass.

「nku. Ah, Ahn, Kuoo-aahn~! What a pleasant…!」

The penis breaks the vagina.

She herself is surprised that her wall is being expanded, the tip of the penis scratches her sensitive parts.

Her love nectar overflows that it already feels like she’s urinating.

(Such a wonderful…!)

She’s now desperately trying to hold back from cumming.

She might cum easily if she just relaxed a little.

(I have to move my waist faster…!)

She slowed down the pace, but when she lowered the speed of her waist, the otherworlder laughed.

(This man…Why does he feel nothing?…)

The succubus is already about to reach her limit, but the otherworlder looked like he can still endure.
She thought that this man might be indifferent, but she can’t say that considering that his penis grows bigger.

The succubus in front of his eyes is enduring it earnestly.

(What a guy…!)

Normally, men should’ve came three times already.
Fainting, the gets turned to a human dildo, yet he has room to spare.

(If this continues, I…!)

She knows that her vagina is trembling.

「You said that you’re a succubus, but with this. Don’t tell me that you have no experience?」
「T-that’s not it…nfaa, aaah, I…have some…!」
「Hey, Hey, your waist is slowing down. The local girl make even a more erotic move」

The succubus was shaken.

Meila can’t say anything.

「If that’s the case…Then how about this…!」

She placed her hand on the otherworlder, then raised her ass.

She can shake her waist easier this way.

「Are you getting serious at last?」
「Ahn, n, aah! D-don’t…Too fast…!」
「Try tightening more. The succubus’ purpose is to take men’s semen isn’t it?」
「n, ahaa, kuoooaa! Nuuu」

The one who attacks feels like she’s being attack instead.

(A big thing keeps hitting deep…My womb might break…!)

With her uterus being knocked at high speed, she can’t endure as expected.
Her vagina begins to tighten without permission it tries to suck semen out.

(D-don’t…More than this…!)

She tries to give up and stop moving her hips, but it feels so good that she can’t stop it.

A little bit more and she’ll cum…

While thinking so

「Are you cumming already?」
「Haah…Haah…! Not…yet. Not yet…!」
「No, it’s impossible. Look at the proof…」

The otherworlder grabbed Meila’s ass and stabbed it downwards.
The penis uterus inside her vagina.


Releasing a coquettish voice she never did before, Meila’s body came without her permission.

「A-aaaah…Cumming…I’m, Cumming…!」
「You pretend to be tough, but you’re at your limit」
「How…A man… Even though I’m a succubus…!」
「You fought the wrong enemy」

Meila whose breathing is rough desperately tries to prevent herself from collapsing.

(I need to make this man cum at least one time…)

Her pride as a succubus won’t give up.

Meila inserted the penis again and turned around in a rotating motion.

「Fufu, how about this?」

Her back and ass is shown on the partner.

53774547_p3_master1200 (1)

「Kukuku, Back cowgirl position…」
「Men likes the line from the back to ass…In this position it’s in full view isn’t it?」

There’s no man able to endure this position so far.

(My trump card…!)

Then, Miela began to move her waist.

Moreover, she moved her knees closer to tighten her vagina.
Seeing from her back, a line of the back to the bottom reflects a beautifully shaped reverse-heart.

「Hanu, kufaa! Han, aah, ah, aah, aaaah!」

Tightening her vagina means she’d feel as much.

But, Meila goes along with it, and moved her hips intensely.

「This is better than before」
「Hau, Ahn! Kuha! aaaaaa! It feels good!」

*panpanpan*, a rhythmic sound echoed.

(Kuh…I’m already at my limit?! I just came a while ago…!)

She never thought she’d cum for the second time this early.

Meila’s body is trembling and shaking, yet she desperately tries to hold back.

「Fuu, you’ve endured it quite well」
「Don’t pretend to be strong. Just cum already」

She bit her lip, it looks like she can’t endure anymore.

Meila accelerated the movement of her hips further.

「Aah, Hii……Hii……! Aaah, aaaaah! C-cumming…Cumiing…!」
「Then cum! Show me how succubus climaxes once again」
「Kuh, haa! aaah! Cumming…Cumming…Cumming, CummingCummingCumming!」

Meila sent the dick to her innermost part.
*bachin*, was the sound and the dick changed the shape of her womb.


Meila looked to the sky as she came.
Her body was attacked by a strong pleasure she never felt before.

「It seems that you came already. Then, it’s my turn this time…!」

Meila collapses in place because of the excessive pleasure.

The only thing she can do was to keep her consciousness

The otherworlder stood up, and showed off his erect dick.

(It’s still that big…!)

His stamina looked like he can still put it once again.
With this, Eunice-sama will be satisfied too.

(However, Eunice-sama…This man is dangerous. It’s an existence that can drive women mad…)

When Meila was thinking of that, the man’s voice echoed.

「Become my woman」

When she heard that voice, Meila’s body turned strange.

She can’t think clearly, and the beat of her heart turned faster.

She can’t control the beat of her heart when she looks at the man in front of him.

(This feeling…I feel for this man…!)

ーIt’s love.

I’ve fallen for this man that I will offer everything.

Then, the man said.
「Sorry, but it’s my turn to attack. I will teach you a lot of things」