I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 3

3話 ★約二十人の女騎士による最高のご奉仕

Talk 3 ★: The best offer of about-20 female knights

I was having the time of my life, then suddenly, the woman from earlier appeared.


I hadn’t casted magic on her yet.


….Isn’t this situation bad?

She’s completely looking down on me.


「I thought it was weird for you to bring snacks and tea while you’re on your mission, just what are you doing?」



The female knights flinched in unison


They’re being asked by their captain.

She must be strong

If she acts violently, I don’t have any ability to stop her.


I have absolute charm as my power, but I don’t have anything else so it’s the same.

There’s no way I can win in a fight against a magically enhanced opponent


Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if I charmed her immediately


Thinking of such thoughts, the captain is grinding her teeth and snapping her fingers.


「You man……What did you do!?」



I played the fool, then the captain noticed the human(TN: Shalltear) chair


「You, why are you sitting on my subordinate?」

「Oh right」

「D-don’t fuck with me! Release her right now!」

「Then replace her with yourself」

「You! I’ll kill you!」


To such cheap provocation the captain drew her sword




「Seize her」


I gave out instructions to the female knights.

They showed a bit of hesitation, but they still sealed the movements of their captain


「W-what are you doing!?」

「Sorry captain. But I don’t want to be hated by Ryu-sama」

「Huh!? What are you talking about? That is a man from a different world!」


Kukuku, Absolute charm is great!

Everyone in this room is charmed so no matter how much your body is enhanced with magic it would be still difficult for you

I would be able to gather a lot of information from this one person.


「You girls? did he threaten you!?」

「We were not threatened. We all love Ryu-sama」


「How can you not notice his magnificence. His figure, his manner, his voice……all of him wakes up your womanly instinct」


Everything that came out of their mouth are all flattery for me, they are speaking like that because they’re under the effect of my magic.

This is the evidence that all of the women here are mine.


But, the Captain doesn’t seem to be convinced.


「Damn! Did you forget that you’re Forza’s command Knights?」

「No, what we know is we love Ryu-sama」

「What the hell is happening?! You! Are you using a sort of illusion?」



I answered truthfully

I answered her because I thought it would be fun.


「Illusion magic?…But for an otherworlder to use magic immediately」

「Is it weird?」

「Kuh. Are you going to use the same Illusion on me!?」

「I wonder」


I simply shrugged my shoulders.


「Man!….I won’t become your thing!」

「Put a cloth in her mouth, it would be troublesome to have her bite her tongue」


Geez, it would be troublesome if you’re so excited.

Because the fun starts now .




With her mouth blocked, she can’t say anything




「Girls, do you want your bodies to feel good?」


「Then strip」


Everyone except the ones holding the captain followed my command.

They took off their equipment and armor, and now, everyone is naked.


Nice view


There around twenty naked girls by his side.

Their figure is, well, as expected from a different world, it looks perfect like a sculpture.

Their breasts are large enough to call them “Kyonyuu”, and their waists are thin. (TN: Kyonyuu = Big breasts)

Their mound of venus has a bit of pubic hair growing out.


I won’t be able to endure if you show me this kind of stuff.


「Satisfy me girls.」


「Take of my clothes first.」


The girls around me removed my clothes

Perhaps it’s within the knight’s capabilities.

It’s not unusual if they were attendants of someone or another


The girls strip of my clothes carefully. That’s the skill of an attendant


「S-such firmness!」


Taking down my trousers, my dick immediately come into view.

Their eyes widened for they have no experience, then they spat out admiration

Having easily understandable reactions helps me.


「D-do men have swords attached in their body?」

「A sword is an exaggeration」

「Sword….no, from it’s size it’s a spear 」

「Do you want it?」



She answered instinctively. I understood that the magic changed their chivalrous attitude.


「Since we have everyone here to service me. Lick every corner of my body.」

「Lick……where do you want to be licked, Ryu-sama?」

「You can lick everywhere you like」


When I said that, the women approached me and started crawling their tongues.


Some goes for my lips, and some licks my ear.

Some gently caress my nipple, and there are some who extend their tongues into my anus.

My arm is being sandwiched between large breasts and there’s also tits pressing on my back


「This is good….More」


The ~20 girls serve my whole body with love.


And, the one that made me excited is,


「What a huge thing this is!」(TN: she’s speaking with a dick inside her mouth, so it’s hard to understand this line, and that’s why i just left it as readable.)


It was the sight of a girl speaking with my dick filling her mouth

My penis forms shape in her cheeks upon contact, wet sounds can be heard.



「Lick it carefully」



She rolls her tongue on my meat rod and then she also licks my testicles lewdly.


「Suck it with your mouth harder」

「Like thish? *Suuuuuuck*!」


The female knight sucked like a vaccum while showing a lewd Hyottoko-face


Cute girls sucking my dick are certainly lewd.


But, this kind of pleasure sure is the best joy.


「Aa, amazing…」


I didn’t think that having your whole body licked would feel this good.

Mouth and tongue, ass and tits, these women service me with all their might.

Only for me.


But, there’s something else that feels better,




The so called Captain by the female knights was staring at me with great scorn

She can’t forgive seeing her cute subordinates that hated men, are now perfectly servicing me.


She averted her eyes, she’s stubbornly resistant.


Either way, I am thrilled by the look in her eyes.

If you look at her eyes you can see tears, she probably have cursed「I’ll kill you」in her mind multiple times.


「Come, service me more」



The women continued servicing me.

They stick their soft fair skin to me to make me feel good.


As expected, if you’re being pleasured by 20 or so women, even I would be reach the limit


My cock is trembling, it’s about to release.


「Mmff~!? Ryu-sama’s dick is getting bigger and bigger.」

「Don’t stop sucking」


The woman sucking my dick nodded while having a small tear in her eye.


「Suck it harder! Harder!」


「What a lewd woman」


Along with the loud roar, her fellatio further accelerates


「I’m cumming soon……!」


As expected from the simultaneous service.

I can’t hold long.


「*Choke*!? Ryu-sama’s thing got larger again」


「Yes! Cum! Pleash cum!!」



I was about to cum in her mouth, but there’s a better spot for ejaculation


「It’s you, Captain-san」


「Cumming! I’m Cumming! I’ll smear it on your annoying face!」


I fired the semen I accumulated from the greatest pleasure on the Captain’s face.

Along with the squirt sound, I covered her beautiful face with white liquid


「Gu, guguuu!」

「You’re that happy?」



I’m going to kill you for what you’ve done, she’s staring at me with such intent


But, I’m no saint to stop after I got this far

Furthermore, even if I say saint, I can only be seen as a brute from another angle


「Girls, doggy style position. I’ll do you one by one.」