I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 16

Episode 16 ★ Lewd dream Meila’s confession

She said she’s a Succubus, but it was not a big deal.

Well, she did move her waist intensely and she has a captivating body.
I can’t overestimate myself.

Since you tried to evaluate me, I won’t let you go easily.


I was able to charm her well, I’ll hear a lot from her later.

But, I’ll do this before anything else.

「I want to confirm one thing. Is the witch watching me right now?」
「That’s right. I think that Eunice-sama observes you」
「That observation, how far can it go?」
「The crystal decides on what to project」
「Then they can’t hear us?」

Good, with this we can talk without worry.

However, I should be careful because we might be found out if we do a doubtful action.

First of all, I should take measures against the crystal.

「You said that it’s reflected in the crystal, is it powered by magic or something?」
「The source is mana, but it uses the treasure not magic」
「The senri crystal can find anything and lets you observe it」

It’s a convenient item. As expected from a said treasure.

「Is there a method to interfere the observation?」
「There’s one…but a huge amount of mana is necessary…」
「If so, then there’s no problem with that, tell me」
「In simple terms, just put a fog on the crystal. If you used mana to make a magic barrier, it’s possible」

I see, a wall.

Well, rather than wall, it’s probably something like a film.
I imagine myself inside the ball…

If I entered the ball, I’m invisible from outside. I may be able to jam the crystal.

However, that’s no good.
If I jammed it, they will suspect something abnormal happened and they will aim at me.

Fortunately, the witch doesn’t know I target her.
The witch is only interested in me because I’m an otherworlder.

In short, I have the advantage.

Then, It’s better if Meila attack my body. Doing so, it would be convenient to make her careless.

「If I can just fool her with a good picture…」

Using the image earlier, I imagined that the ball has a different picture in the surface.

With that, I can make it look like the scene a while ago where Meila attacked me in cowgirl position…


I involuntarily let a smile out.

My mana is enormous.
Therefore, It’s possible for me to realize most things.

And the most necessarily thing for it to realize is the image.

Then, all conditions have been met.

I imagine a playing picture on the surface of the ball…

I centralized my consciousness.

Then, there was something like a gold firm around, this should be fine.

Eunice will look at a fake image all the time.

「Now then. I seem to have kept you waiting, but I want to ask you. Just sleep that way. 」
「!!Do you, by any chance, want to put it in?」
「I still hadn’t let it out yet. Don’t you want to be rubbed at least once?」

Meila looked so glad, lied down and faced upwards.

She opened her legs inviting me and saying ‘hurry up i want it inside’

「P-please put it in…! That big penis, Once you put it in I cannot forget it already」

I aimed my erect penis, then slowly inserted it.

「Aaaah, it’s…entering…! n, n, nnna~!」

As expected from a succubus who seduces men, her pussy is splendid.

She already remembers the shape of my dick and tightens is hard.

「What kind of fellow is the Witch Eunice?」
「Eunice-sama is…the top person of the demon race…Ahn, therefore she does as she please…! Nu!」
「That’s why she fishes men. Even if you’re a succubus she doesn’t share with you」
「That’s right…nn~ However…Ahhn~ Eunice-sama’s mana is enormous, none in the demon race can win against her」

When I shake my waist, Meila’s breasts moves up and down.

While holding and rubbing it, I pursued the subject.

「Is Eunice a nice woman?」
「Y-yes. Ahn~……When Eunice-sama have sex with men…nn~, all of those men ogle at her attractiveness. Haa,haah…!」
「How can I make her my woman?」
「She loves penis above all. However…」
「What’s wrong?」
「She does it for her own pleasure…Ahn, and it’s not possible to fix…kuh. Also, her wish is …haahaah…to copulate with men a lot of times」

In other words she doesn’t make men cum easily, she does cum-denial to tease them.
As expected Witch is an amorous woman, I should take measures.

「Is that magic? Is it possible for me to disrupt it?」
「You can’t. That is…nhoo, because it’s something like a constitution of the witch…ahn!」

Did my mana’s useless time come?

However, I must have sex with the witch to make her mine.
So there’s no meaning if I don’t feel it.

「Can we not make any countermeasures?」

Meila looked down as if being troubled.


「There’s actually one…」

I quickened my piston while teasing her clitoris.

「Ahhhn~! T-that is, to sacrifice a beautiful woman whose Eunice-sama’s favorite dish」
「Beautiful woman?」

Eunice should be a woman. I never expected her to eat woman too.

「Does the witch see both men and women as sexual object?」
「Yes… Ahn, nuuu! That’s what Eunice-sama said. ーーPutting in her, or her putting in, she likes both」

I stopped thinking on that perverted remark.

「What kind of thing she puts in?」
「Eunice-sama…Ahn, can use her magic to grow a man’s thing!」


「When she grows a penis, the constitution of Eunice-sama is nulled」

In short, I should find Eunice’s partner somehow or another.

「I’ve already played with Eunice-sama several times too…」
「How was it?」
「She doesn’t attack as intense as you. When I say I’m about to cum, she stops it」

I was interested on what kind of girl Eunice-is, somehow I was able to get information.

What’s next is,

「Yaan~! Even more intense?!」

I increased the speed of my waist. (TN: Time alter: double accel)

「Meila, won’t you cooperate with me?」
「Yes. If you let me taste this penis…!」
「Of course」

With this, I was able to take the witch’s aide.

I have to do something about Eunice afterwards.

「Ahn, haaa! It feels good…! Your dick…!」
「Are you cumming soon?」
「I’m about to cum. I’m going to cum…!」

It became hard for me to endure.

My penis is swelling greatly, and it’s already preparing for a discharge.

「I’ll let it out, Melia」
「Let it out! Inside my pussy!」

When she said that, I ejaculated inside Melia’s vagina.

A large quantity of semen overflowed.

「Haa…haa…A lot came in」
「Then that’s good」
「I’m already…」

Meila lost her consciousness on the spot seeming satisfied.

Now then, should I sleep too?
ーーI will capture Eunice tomorrow.