I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 17

Episode 17 ★ The woman eater, Witch Eunice

The female merchant -Yarina was walking in the dark cold road.

There are two women in front of her.

The female knight Leona whose traveling with Ryuu.
If I’m not mistaken, she’s the third strongest knight in Forza Command.

That sort of woman is Ryuu’s companion.

(That fellow…Just what happened to her!?)

After Ryuu trained her, Yarina completely became his slave, but there’s someone who had fallen the same as her.

And, there’s another woman.

「Oh, you girls, you came. When we open the door, it would be the Witch Eunice’s throne」

The familiar of the witch, Succubus Meila.
She seem to also support Ryuu.

They’ve met several times in case of business talk, she thought of her as a calm and quiet woman.

(To make that woman be your own…You’re really a monster, Ryuu-sama)

The woman who seduces was now his slave.
You accomplished a great thing that you’ll be called a child of revolution in this world.

(Furthermore, the next is the witch…that can’t be so easy…)

Meila opened the door, and a large room came into.

There’s one person in the interior

「Witch Eunice-sama is in there」

Meila winks, the Leona spoke in a small voice.
「This fellow…」

The fact that Ryuu ordered Yarina and Leona, Just onceー that means they can’t oppose him.

He said to the two, 「Just follow without resisting」they understood the meaning of it.

「This is to meet my master’s expectations. Let’s both do our best」
「That’s true. Well, I feel honored to be given an important role」

Meila led them near Eunice.

There was one tanned girl sitting on the throne.

「Meila! What’s wrong with that otherworlder!?」
「I’m sorry. Eunice-sama, I tasted this man and he’s not good…」
「eeeh? But, his penis was big?」
「It’s just big, but it’s useless」
「Is that so? Awww, that’s disappointing. Meila assaulted him after all」

With the exchange of Meila and Eunice, they were doubting if she’s really the Witch Eunice.

(Since I had some business talk with her several times, I know that she’s the genuine, but…)

After time passed, I reached the point where I believed it.
Leona who saw her for the first time must be at loss.

「Eunice-sama, in exchange for that, I found some nice women」
「Wawa! Isn’t that Yarina?! There’s no man today?」
「Unfortunately, I didn’t come here for business talk today」
「As for that knight?」
「I’m Leona. I’m the third commander of the Foza Command Knights」
「Fuee~ You sound someone amazing」
「In addition it’s more amazing. They both don’t mind have their bodies tasted」

Eunice’s eyes turned wide.

「Both Leona and Yarina are beautiful, are you both okay being eaten?」

When Meila bowed, Eunice nimbly danced and faced them.
(W-wait, what does this mean?!)

They were told to go with the flow, but she didn’t expect of this outcome.

She saw Meila attacked once, she was a wild beast in sex.
She pierced Meila over and over again, even if Meila’s eyes already whitened.

「W-what does it mean? E-eaten…?」
「Leona-san, you didn’t seem to hear it from Ryuu-san」
「Y-yeah. Master only said to not go against the flow…」
「Even though Eunice-sama is an amorous woman, but women…beautiful women is her favorite food」

Hearing that, Leona’s face turned pale.

「To Ryuu-sama…no, you dedicated your body to the otherworlder don’t you? Then don’t get bewildered and just do as he said…」
「I know! I just had to swallow the situation. B-but…what does she mean by eat? You can’t do it between women you know?」
「It’s possible!」

Eunice announced in a light tone, then she lowered her pants.

What’s there is.


Furthermore, it’s a considerably big penis.

「Aha♪ My penis is amazingly big isn’t it? The truth is, I don’t have one, I make this grow by magic」
「I-it’s too big that It surprised me!」
「Since the two of you are beauties, when I thought of doing you both, it got erect fast♪」

It’s colored dark red, and blood vessels surfaces from it.

Combined with Eunice’s childish appearance, the cap was too big as expected

「Come, we’ll do it♪」

With just a move of her fingertips, Yarina and Leona were blown off to the bed.

They understood that the witch’s magical power is incredible as she can take away the freedom from a human

「Uhihi, A beauty, A beauty~♪」

Leona’s and Yarina’s clothes were taken away when they flew.

The two reflexively hid their uncovered body.

「It’s no useー. Beauties must show their bodies」
「What kind of reason is that!?」
「Don’t be so angry Yarina. Look, let me see your big tits♪」

The hand of the female merchant was removed and her bust was in full view.

「I can’t endure anymore!」

She inserted her erect penis in Yarina’s vagina as it is.

「A,nu! Suddenly!?」
「Suddenly~ Suddenly~. Now, I’ll move my waist~! Aahn, it feels good!
「A-au, what size…Inside my stomach…amazing!」
「Yarina’s genitals, is so tight! I’m already going to cum」

Eunice held Yarina’s waist, then kept piercing her over and over again.

「Leona, if you have free time, then suck my breast. 」
「Eh? Me?」
「Yup Yup. You don’t have to be gentle, just do it strongly okay♪」

In accordance to Ryuu’s order, Leona stick to Eunice’s nipples.

「*Jubu**Jubu**Jububu*…Is this good enough?」
「Ahaan~! Amazing, leona’s sucking skills is amazing」

With her nipples being sucked, Eunice further accelerated her hips.

「Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t~! Eunice, you’re breaking me theeeeeeere!」
「Then jus…nu, break!」
「Aaaaaa! Stoooop! Stoooop thiiiiis!」
「O, shit. I’m about to cum…!」

Eunice’s body trembling can be seen.

(S-she’s letting it out?)

The moment Yarina thought of it, something was fired out of Eunice’s penis.

「Kuhiiii…! I-It’s coming in…!」
「A-aaah…! It feels so good! Creampie is the best!」

She pulled her penis out of Yarina and put it inde Leona this time.

「Doint Leona in front too. So I can suck your breast too♪」

She inserted in Leona in missionary position.

Yarina who’s tired merely looked at the two have sex in amazement.

「Leona’s pussy…is so narrow」
「Aaah! It’s entering! It entered me!?」
「You might be surprised at first. But, you’ll get used to it immediately」

Eunice starts pumping again.
She moved her waist strongly from the beginning penetrating her stomach.

「Ogu,egu,oooo! A-amazhing! I…m being excavated!」
「It feels good isn’t it?」
「An, ngu, o, o, oo, ooooo…!」
「Wait a minute Leona. When you tighten that much…I’m…!」

Eunice looked up and bit her lip.

Men would try to endure from ejaculating, but in Eunice case, she tries to let it out quickly.

「I can’t endure it any longer…nn~aah~ I’m about to cum」
「Cum?! Do it …aaah! i-inside me!」
「Creampie Creampie~♪ Ah, I can’t hold it…It’s cummーiiing!」

*Byukubyukubyuku* Eunice fired out.

「Ah, it feels good. As expected, girls are the best」
「Haahaa…I got violated by a girl…」

Leona’s tears swelled from her eye.

「Fuu, then for the coninuation…」

When Eunice said that.
「You seemed to be loved by my women」
The door opened, and one man appeared.

「Ah!! The otherworlder! So you came here to meet me♪ Let’s have sex!」

The otherworlderーRyuu made a huge grin.
「Sounds good. I’ll make you taste the pleasure till you want to die」