I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 18

Episode 18 ★ Witch Eunice’s punishment

When I opened the door, the girl with a large dick violated Leona and Yarina.

Both of them seemed to be quite tired, and are lying down weakly in the bed.

「The otherworlder came!? I don’t know how you came her, but let’s not dwell on trivial details」

Just like Melia described, The Witch Eunice seems to have a considerably free nature.

But, that’s convenient for me.

「Now, Come here!」

Eunice extends her hand and bends her finger.

I do feel like my body is being pulled in, but I stood in the place not minding it.

「H-huh…? It’s strange~ Why aren’t you coming here?」
「It’s amazing… To make Eunice-sama’s magic not work…」

Seeing Meila’s reaction, it seems that Eunice used a magic to forcibly bring me close to her.

Leona and Yarina might have been drawn using this.
Even though I told them to go with the flow, they should’ve resisted in one way or another.

「Don’t panic, I’ll come your way」

Eunice showed a joyful smile.

At the same time, an erect penis appeared.

「Since I’m the one who put it in earlier, I’ll have yours in my vagina too♪」

It’s reason sounds like eating sweet food after eating spicy.

In addition, that penis sprouting is beneficial for me.
If she didn’t grow a penis, Eunice’s constitution won’t be nulled from feeling good.

Originally, I wanted to interrupt them in the midst of doing it, but I let them carry on the ideal play…

Well It’s fine. There won’t be any problems.

「Do it! Do It! Do it! Do it! Hurry up and put it in!」
「Kukuku, your instinct is bare. Then, get down on all fours」
「Eh? I’m not in the top?」
「It doesn’t matter」

Does she usually violate men in cowgirl position?
Certainly, one can’t escape from that.

「Fill me up to make me feel good♪ I love creampies~」
「What a pervert. Well, I’ll pour you love to my hearts content」

Eunice got on all fours in the bed.
Her ass has a nice small form, and her skin is healthy dark.

「Hey, come」

She raised her vagina high, and displayed her widening vagina by herself.

I pulled my pants down and took out my erect penis.

「A-amazing…! It’s really big!」
「Were you surprised?」
「Y-yeah…! Compared to other men…twice, no it’s thrice the size…!」

As expected from the slutty witch, just seeing my dick made her eyes sparkle.
The joy also reflected in her body as love nectar overflows from her vagina.

「Are you sure you don’t need foreplay?」
「Of course! Hurry up! Hurry up!」

I didn’t even use charm magic, yet she’s rushing me.

I held her waist and inserted my dick.

I strike the innermost part in one go.



Even the witch didn’t probably expect me to put it in suddenly and reach deep.
Her body bent greatly and trembled.

「S-shit…! It’s hitting the entrance of my womb Amazing gii…!」
「That’s not all」

I started pumping.

*PanPanPan* echoed, I was banging the ass of Eunice.

「Ahn, Kuaan~! Amazing! Amazing! This is the first time for me to have something this big」

As expected from someone who milked out from various men, her vaginal walls tightens outstandingly.
It’s a strong pleasure like having a blowjob and handjob at the same time.

Certainly, if it was a normal man, he would ejaculate immediately.

「Meila, isn’t this bad? He inserted in me but he hasn’t cummed yet?」
「It’s a new record」
「His cock is also thick, this is the best. As expected, otherworlders are good」

I asked Eunice as I shake my waist.

「How many men did you do this way?」
「That’s right. Uhmm, the number is…」

Eunice looked towards Meila for an instant.

「Isn’t it around 500 people?」

The succubus answered smoothly, probably that was the number of men kidnapped by Meila and Eunice.
It’s easy for her to remember since she’s a Succubus that loves sex.

「How did it end up in 500?」
「They all died」

Eunice said indifferently.

「I see, so they die when they do you」

I already know it, but I pretend not to.
Eunice smiled and laughed.

「That’s right. But, it feels good so it’s fine! Even if you die after ejaculating, don’t hold back and let it out~」

Most of the men are attacked in cowgirl position.
They can’t endure it.

「But, it’s no good to slow down your waist just because you don’t want to die!」
「I won’t do it like that. By the way, did all of them they die after ejaculating once?」
「Let’s see. Most of them die at first, but there was an otherworlder who did it four times」

For that reason you’re interested in me who is an otherworlder.
I feel bad for that otherworlder, but he had bad luck as he was captured by the witch.

「How many times Onii-chan can do?」
「I wonder」

I held Eunice’s waist and drew it to me with all my might.

「Ahn! Deep…So deeep! My insides feels good!」
「You want creampies after all. I’ll pour it so accept it well」

This woman minds the ejaculation count.
It’s possible for me to endure it, but I’d like her to understand that I can ejaculate an extraordinary number of times.

I did my first ejaculation.

「Nnn! It’s coming…! Haa, this feels good as expected」

Eunice still looks fine.

「I’ll continue then」
「Eh? No way!?」
「What are you getting surprised at?」
「I mean, you just came…and still wants to have sex」

Most men die after ejaculation after all.
It can be seen that Eunice is astonished.

「Fuu, I’m different from other men around」
「As expected from an otherworlder!」
「How many times you want me to ejaculate?」
「Uuhn, I’d like a lot, but…Let’s aim at five times for now」

It’s not a great hurdle if it’s just to that extent.

I continued pumping.

「Ahn, Even though I’m often at the top, being hit from behind is the best…!」
「That’s because Eunice-sama don’t know the feeling of being attacked from behind right?」
「I love being the atacker…Ahn, but being attacked is fine too!」
「When you say that, it sounds like it’s the natural position for girls…」
「I can’t help it! Ahn, Kunu~ It feels good! I love this」

The body of Eunice draws beautiful music, the line from her waist to her ass is the best.
Her childish appearance might make me feel a strange sense of immorality, even so, it turns to a pleasant feeling.


Eunice bent her body backwards at the same time I ejaculate.
It seems she’s shaking more than a while ago.

「Eeeh…the big penis ejaculated twice already… W-wait a minute…I lost my time to spare, perhaps…」
「I can still go on」
「T-third time already!? I-I’m okay with it either way…!」

Eunice face dyed deep red.
I can feel sweat flowing from her body.

No matter how she adjust to the pleasant feeling, in the end she’s still a woman.

I pushed my dick deeper inside, and opened her uterus.

「Ah, kuh…! T-That…That might be bad…!」
「Does it feel good?」
「It’s okay if you’re intense, but, my uterus is being torn apart…nnn Haa! I can feel iit!」

Eunice’s reaction changed a little.
She seem to change every time I pierce her and when I ejaculate.

「I’ll cum just like this」
「W-wait! Not right now! Not when you’re grinding so deep…!」
「Don’t care」



She raised a scream, then Eunice lost power and fell down in place

But, I don’t care about that.

I inserted it anyway, and attacked her from the back.

「Wa-ah! dwont, dwont! Seriousle sthop! That consecutive…!」
「Didn’t anyone tell you that when you violated them?」
「Yaan~! T-That’s true but…But…!」
「When you did it on the same degree, did you stop it?」
「Ahn~ There’s no…nn…way…I can stop…! Ahnn!」
「Then I’m the same」

For me who doesn’t have a sense of justice, I won’t avenge those who died.

But, I love how irresistible it is to do it like the way she did it.

The lewd witch called Eunice begins to become crazy

「Waist, Stop…! Stop it! please!」
「L-let me rest for a moment…I would like to take a break…!」
「Fourth Time, Cumming!」

I didn’t mind her surprised voice, or her rough breathing, nor her gasping voice.

「I-I’m…About to…」
「Not yet」

I continued.

The reason why I insert from her back is because it’s easy to enter deep, and easy to move the waist.

Additionally, this makes it hard for the partner to run away.

「I-it’s already…impossible…It’s impossible already!」

Eunice tries to extends her arm, trying to separate from me desperately.
When she took a little distance from me, I drew her back to myself.

「Kuhoo! Deeeep! It’s hitting so deeeeeep!」

I finished cumming five times.

「Eunice-sama, that’s the fifth time」
「feeft time…? Aha♪ T-that’s a new record isn’t it? N, haaa…!」
Because her tongue was sticking out, it’s hard to understand what she’s saying.

But, I accelerated my waist even more.

「Egu, ahn, nu, haa, aahn! d-dwont…Dwont…dwont!」
「Sixth time feels good isn’t it?」
「What…how, ca yo it…i can’t underst-iiii…」

Eunice shakes her head and is trying to resist it

I felt the magic power from earlier in my body, it seems like Eunice is trying to blow me away.

「Now then, sixth ejaculation」
「s-ix-th time…?」
「I’m cumming!」
「Aah, Aah, ah, aah, aaha, aah, Wait, waaiiiiit! I cant alreadyy!」

Eunice’s vagina convulsed from feeling good.
She’s on the bring of climaxing

「Are you cumming, Eunice?」
「Cumming! I’m cumming…Oooh, arahiii, Hyauu!」

I found out why she kept good company of Leona and Yarina.
That moment, Eunice’s adjustment on pleasure is exhausted.

「Cum, Cum, Cumming! khumeen! I’m cwumoooooo!」
「That’s the sixth ejaculation. Take it」
「Aaaa, Cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!」


A large amount of semen flowed inside Eunice’s vagina.

As expected, her vagina wasn’t able to contain the six times the amount of semen, white liquid overflowed from her vagina.

「A, hiii…! So this is an otherworlder’s cock…!」

Eunice was completely exhausted.

She probably thought that it was over. She made a relieved expression.

「I’m not done yet. The real thing starts here」
I showed a dark smile.