I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 19

Episode 19 ★ The fall of Witch Eunice

「Uguuuu! gummiiiiiiiiing!!」

Just how many times was this…
I looked at Meila.

「That’s the 358th climax」

Meanwhile, I kept attacking Eunice’s back earnestly.

After 10 times, her voice turned hoarse, after a hundred, body fluids flow out of the holes in her face.
After 200, she cums after being pierced three times, then after 300, her hole is completely opened.

「You said that you love feeling good right? Then climaxing like this is the best」
「O, u… A, aah, aaah…!」

It looks like she’s not able to speak anymore.
Eunice’s eyes turned white, and she’s taking her tongue out slovenly

Moreover, that grew.

The mismatch on Eunice’s bodyーHer giant penis.

I don’t know if it’s her mana running rampant, or she’s just excited, either way, her dark red penis erects bravely.

「Leona, Yarina…It’s about time you wake up」

I used magic on the girls who fainted.

「Ah, Master…」

While I was moving my waist.

「Both of you, good work. Because you played with the witch, I was able to have my way with her.」

The two people laughed joyfully when I thanked them for their service.

「I’ll have you help me till the end. Can you do it?」
「What is it master? What do you want us to do?」
「Leona, lick the penis of the witch. Don’t let it go and do it intensely」
「G-Got it…!」

Leona answered obediently.

「What should I do then?」
「Yarina, rub and suck Eunice’s breasts. It doesn’t matter if you make her feel pain」
「Leave it to me」

These two are obedient to me as expected.
They acted immediately.

「Ah, it’s almost as big as Master’s… but…!」

Leona opened her mouth wide, and sucked Eunice’s penis


Eunice raises a gorilla scream

With the sudden fellatio, the witch’s body shook greatly.

「That’s good Leona. What a nice sound. 」
「Than you, master. *Jubo* *Gubobo*!」

Her cheeks are like a vacuum.
Leona used her signature move on Eunice.

Eunice bent her body backwards further, then raised a lovely voice.

「Ahn aaah,. Oo, oooooO!」

You wouldn’t think that it was a woman’s voice, how filthy.

When you give too much pleasure, this is what happens?

「Meila, how many times?」
「It’s at 437th time now」

Not much time passed from that, she came quite splendidly.
Furthermore, because Leona is doing fellatio on her, the speed just keeps on accelerating.

「Ryuu-sama, I’m also here」

To make it easier for Yarina, I held Eunice’s arm and bend her body.
Eunice’s chest became easier to suck, Yarina then caressed it.

「E, gu, ogu…gumming, gumimimimimimi…!」
「How’s it? My chest massage?」
「It looks splendid, Yarina. Continue」

As expected, she wasn’t able to endure the spectacle, Meila opened her crotch and began masturbating on the scene.

That might be true.

Thrusting her from the back, her penis growing from her crotch is being fellated, and her chest is also being caressed.

I can say that it’s difficult not to fall for this.

「gum, gumming, i’m gumming…! gu, egu, ne…!」

Eunice can’t be understood anymore
Since I was ejaculating moderately, her body was covered in sperm.

「Eunice, do you remember what we did so far?」
「Egu, Oooooo…! Ohooo…!」

Can you hear me? It seems like she can’t understand me

But, I kept talking.

「If I’m not mistaken you made 500 men cum. I’m about to reach that number soon」

When I looked at Meila, she told me the number.

「Ahn, it’s 496 right now….」 Nnu!」

Eunice can’t let her voice out now.

But, her throat sounds.

「…Gu! …Gu! …Gu!」

It’s possible that she might die from being unable to breath.
Well, that’s okay too.

For the time being, I should be able to obtain the treasure.

「Now then, 499th time…One more and we’re done. Be sure to cum until the end」

I grabbed Eunice’s ass, and opened it left and right.

Her anus where the power doesn’t come in closes and opens repeatedly.

Leona and Yarina’s sucking got stronger

「I’m cumming…! Become my woman witch!」

I thrust inside her ass with all my might and released semen deep inside.



Eunice shouted like a wild beast.
The palace creaked and shaked because of her huge voice


I, who finished ejaculating pulled out my penis from Eunice’s vagina.

When I pulled out my dick, Eunice falls in place.

Leona finished her caress too and sat down wearily.

「M-monster…you ma- me cra-z…a-e…!」

Losing out all her power, her eyes turned white and her body convulsed.

My dick swells up, to the point that it hung one’s head (TN:  肉棒もふやけてしまい、うなだれるようになっていた。)

「Eunice, who am I?」

When I asked, Eunice answered.

「You are…King…aeee…you’re the king…!」
「May I have your treasure?」
「I’ll give it… aphter feeeleeng shomething thiish good…Ahii…!」
「Swear to become my woman」
「I shwear…!」

Eunice fainted like that.

Meila who finished masturbating said.

「Haahaah…With this Eunice-sama is yours. You completely subdued her and there’s no resistance」
「It seems」
「The demon race will move by your voice」
「Kukuku, I was able to obtain something else other than the treasure」

That is military force.

It is necessary to make the largest country, Forza Command fall.