I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 1

Episode 1 ★ Empress Elena Ria’s sexual hobby.

Empress Elena Ria Lyla Forza Command

She’s the Queen of Humans, and she rules over the biggest country in the world.

With her cool behavior, overwhelming sword skills, and political ability allows her to gather support from her people.
She who rules over Foza Command have nothing to fear for.

She’s absolutely confident on it.

「The night wind feels good」

In the countries central capital.
On the terrace of a huge towering castle, Elena Ria looked over the city at night.

「The world is peaceful thanks to Elena Ria-sama’s efforts」

Neatly dressed appearance, the woman with a dignified voice is the aide of Elena Ria, it is the female butler Seria

Before it was maids that serve the Queen of Forza Command, but it became butlers.
Nobody thinks that dressing as a man is strange because it is traditional.

「There are a lot of things unnecessary in this world」
「It’s men」
「Men are always the source of dispute. If there’s no men, the world would function peacefully」

Elena Ria was taught of feminism in her early age so it rooted deeply on her.

She decided to put a time where men are forbidden to go out in the capital, and made a license system in sex too. (TN: Hori shit, Burn tumblr down!)

With this policy, she improved the social status of women .
All of the servants in the castle are women as well as soldiers who guard it.

It was certain that women are superior in terms of magic, but you can still find one or two preceding man here and there

For that reason, Elena Ria is a big man-hater.

It’s to the extent that she doesn’t want to see them anymore.

「Elena Ria-sama, the night is about to end soon. Please rest your body in the room before it gets cold」
「That’s a good idea」

In response to Seria’s words, Elena Ria returned to her room.
「Have some hot tea」
「Thank you」

Elena Ria sits on the bed while sipping the tea.

「You’re indeed excellent, Seria. You calculated the timing of me coming back to the room and served me tea」
「Because my mission is to assist Elena Ria-sama after all」

That time
There was a sound of knocking on Elena Ria’s room

Seria opened the door and responded.

「Elena Ria-sama will go to bed soon. Do not make any noise」
「Seria-sama, this is urgent and I’d like you to hear it…」

Seria listened to the story

Then, she said 「Understood」then closed the door

She took a deep breath, then adjusted her breathing pattern, then walked towards Elena Ria.

「What happened?」
「Yes. Something strange happened in the town nearest in the Demon Race country」
「Yarina should be ruling there」

Although Yarina is no noble, she was entrusted with once city.

That’s because her tenacity in economic power and trade is recognized」
To add up, since hates men, she does perform slave trading of human male which is originally restricted.

Gaining Elena Ria’s trust, she was permitted to rule.

「Seria, tell me the details」
「I do not understand the situation either, but it seems that women had began to act strangely…」
「Act strangely…?」
「They have an mesmerized expression while muttering a name of a man」
「What does that mean?」

Women living in Forza Command certainly won’t speak a name of a man in the downtown.

She agreed that this is indeed a strange situation.

「Furthermore, the state of women had turned strange suddenly」

It’s getting more incomprehensive

「And, the man’s name isーRyuu. Or that’s how they call him」

Elena Ria’s face distorted after hearing a name of a man

「I don’t want to hear a man’s name!」
「I’m extremely sorry, Elena Ria-Sama」

She loathes even the name.

That’s the extent of Elena Ria’s hate for men

「No, Don’t mind it. Seria is only reporting. But, it’s making me curious…」
「About that man?」
「Did someone see his appearance?」
「It’s possible to look up for that person, but we’d better not approach him」
「I see…」

The clues are thin.

(I don’t know what kind of man he is, but he seems to be walking freely in my country…!)

Such things would not be permitted.

When she’s feeling unpleasantー Seria is there to cheer her up.

Elena Ria looked at the female butler.

「Seria, I feel bad. Can you do the usual?」
「Yes of course」

Elena Ria lifted her legs to the bed and opened it wide.

Seria buried her face on her crotch.

「Excuse me…」

Her genitals became visible when she removed her shorts.

「It’s beautiful as usual…」
「Stop the flattery. Hurry up and lick it」

Seria’s tongue crawled on Elena Ria’s vagina.

「n…Women are best after all…」
「*Lick**Lick**Lick**Lick*… Elena Ria-sama, how is it?
「Call me Elena, Seria. You should call me intimately when doing it this way」
「Is that so? I’m very sorry, Elena-sama」

Seria began to lick again

Since Elena Ria’s body is sensitive, unless she licks gently, her clitoris would feel pain.

Seria, who knows it licks it caresses it with her tongue gently.

「Nu, fua…It’s good Seria」
「The clitoris of Elena-sama turned hard」
「Seria is really skillful. It got erect immediately」

If it’s erect, then it’s time to peel it.

Using her tongue and finger, she moved the exposed clitoris in a circular manner.

「Elena-sama’s face…I saw it」
「Kiss…Kiss it…nfua…!」
「Okay. …*kiss*」

Seria brought her mouth close and kissed it, Elena Ria’s body jerked.

「Haahaa…It feels good! More…More…!」

Because she told her to rush, Seria not just used the tip of her tongue, she used her entire tongue to lick around.
The clitoris is inside her mouth and she rinsed it out.

「Ku,haaa…! Ahn aaaa!」
「Elena-sama, can you feel it?」
「Good! It’s good!…Seria. More, stronger…Stronger…!」

As requested, Seria raised her mouth.
Then sucked it vigorously.


Elena Ria, having her clitoris peeled, began to tremble

「A,a,aa…! It feels gooo…ood!」
「*Suck*, *Lick Lick* *Sluuuuurp*!」

She sucked it and licked it repeatedly.

Elena Ria’s faced upwards and widened her legs.

「S-seria…I’m about to, cum…!」
「Haan, Haahaa… C-coming…Coming…!」
「Please do. Please let it out」

Elena Ria extends her hand, and put it upon the palm of Seria.

She’s about to cum, it was understood from the force of her fingertips.

「I-I’ll let it out…Seria」
「Haan, uu, uuuu…uuuuu!!」

*Gush* *Guuuuuuuuuush*!

A huge amount of tide came splashed Seria.

「Ahn, kuha…aa-aaa…!」
「You came a lot, Elena-sama」

It gushed out like a fountain a lot of times, and the bed surroundings got wet quickly.

「Did you feel refreshed?」
「Haahaa…It was good. It was really pleasant」

But, Elena Ria’s sexual desire can’t be satisfied with this.

「Seria, can you lick me more?」
Elena Ria expanded the hole in her ass.