I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 2

Episode 2 ★ Empress Elena Ria is a Hentai.

The Empress displays her anus, then Seria showed a small smile.

「If it’s Elena-sama I would lick any part of your body」

Elena Ria got on all fours and expanded her own ass.
Her ass is beautifully plump and the circumference of her anus doesn’t have a single speck of hair.

Seria brought her face close to her anus in order to lick it.

「Seria, sniff the smell of my ass first」

The Empress Elena Ria whose not afraid of anyone.
That’s because her appearance has an aura of a strong sword skill.

She receives support from a lot of people because of her strength and gallantness.

But, she’sー a pervert

The part where she hates men is warped in came to love women instead, furthermore, she feels good when her anus is being teased.

Of course, no one in this world but Seria knows Elena Ria’s disposition

That’s because she gained absolute trust, she requests this to Seria.

If this was found out by the county, it would be an outrageous situation.

「Elena-sama, I’m going then」

She put her nose near the anus, and Seria sniffed with all her might.

「How is it?」

Hearing Elena Ria, Seria laughed and answered.

「It’s a very nice smell」

Although the anus felt like it’s dirty, Elena Ria’s asshole has a smell of perspiration.
Even the smell of sweat is refreshing if it’s the sweat of a woman who’s lovely and beautiful.

「More…More…Sniff mooe…」

She breathed repeatedly as ordered by Elena Ria.
The empress feels it just from breathing and her anus twitched.

「I’m sensitive on the part where you breath…I can feel it」
「Elena-sama’s ass hole…it’s beautiful」

Seria is also entranced.
That’s right, she’s also a pervert

「I can’t believe dirty things come out from here」
「I am also a human. I also excrete」(Kim Jo** Un: Bullshit)
「There fore this gets excited. Your ass hole…」

Seria expanded her ass and sunk her face deep.

「Nuu…! Seria, I didn’t give you permission yet. 」
「Elena-sama, please give me permission to lick your anus clean」
「You seem to so be unable to bear it anymore. …I don’t mind. Do as you like」

When Elena Ria got Elena Ria’s permission, she licked the the circumference of her anus.

That place is beautifully colored pink, it’s unthinkable that it releases stool.

As to lick between the wrinkles she used the tip of her tongue.

「Haaan~! It’s good…It’s good. Seria」
「I know Elena-sama’s place feels well. …*lick*lick*lick*lick*」
「N, kuh…! It’s good, It’s good…!」

She changed the movement of the tip of her tongue, Elena’s body trembled even more.

Seria put her tongue inside the anus.

「Seria!? Naaa!」
「I will also firmly lick inside the hole」

The hole felt like it was resisting, but it disappeared immediately when she put her tongue.

Elena Ria seemed to have received it.

「It’s moving…Inside my ass hole…Seria’s tongue…!」
「*Lick**Lick**Lick* How is it? Elena-sama」
「G-Good! My anus is being torn open this way…!」

While fiddling it with her tongue Seria also sucks the hole. (TN: KAZ!)

「Kuha! Y-you’re sucking it…!?」
「Can you feel this too?」
「S-stop, Seria! Don’t suck so hard or something dirty will come out…!」
「There’s nothing dirty on Elena-sama. I will even eat it deliciously」(TN: Now that’s sick)

That’s how she thought of proof of loyalty.

Seria isn’t just some pervert, She’s a proud pervert.

「My hole…is being gouged out…!」
「I’ll firmly make it wet so it won’t hurt」
「It’s getting slimy with saliva…It feels good…!」
「Elena-sama’s love nectar overflowed」

Since she’s on all fours, her love nectar is making a thread as it drips.

Seria stretched out her hand to the clitoris, and played it with her fingers.

「fuaaa! Seria, at the same time…stop…!」
「I want Elena-sama to feel good」
「That’s no good…! I’m going crazy…!」
「Going crazy is also pleasure…」
「Ahn, nnu! M-my head…it’s about to explode…!」

Her legs was trembling, Elena Ria grasped the sheets tightly.

「Kuh…! I-I’m about to cum again…」
「Please cum. Don’t endure it…」
「C-coming…! The tide again…!」

When she put herself away from the anus, a huge amount of liquid was released.

「Kuhaaa! I-it’s coming out…It’s coming out…!」
「Elena-sama blows a tide…! Come, don’t endure it!」


She blew great tides over and over again.

Elena Ria went limp and collapsed as is.

「Haa…Haa…that was amazing, Seria」
「I’m glad that you’re pleased」
「…Let’s give you a reward」

She beat the leg that has no power, then Elena Ria stood up.

Seria who saw it goes under her.

「Is it fine? Elena-sama?」
「Yeah, Drink lots…」

She normally doesn’t do it, but since today she felt good, she’ll do that.

Seria opened her mouth under her legs and waited.


Elena Ria, closed her eyes, and concentrated her consciousness.


「It came out, Elena-sama’s…holy water…!」

Elena Riaー Urinated.

A large amount of transparent liquid were shot in Seria’s mouth

「This is…This is what I’ve been waiting for…!」
「Seria, did you get excited by that much…? To show such an appearance, Even I…!」
「My mouth is filled…happiness…*gulp*」

The female butler drank the urine of Elena Ria and called it Holy water.

「A-aah…It’s still coming out…」
「Delicious…Elena-sama’s pee…」

When she released all of it, Elena Ria’s body shook.

「Really, you’re really a pervert」
「You too Elena-sama」
「I would never want to drink urine」
「I’m able to drink it because it’s Elena-sama’s」

It’s a secret they can never show to anyone.

For that reason, the bond of this two is hard.

They both laughed at each other.
ーWithout knowing that this scene was seen by somebody.