I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 3

Episode 3 ★ Miko Aisha and bath

「These guys are perverts…」

I entered the bath while watching the scene of the Empress Elena Ria and her female butler in the Crystal.

At first I was interested on what kind of woman Elena Ria is so I checked her out, but I felt that I’ve something I shouldn’t

Well, it’s good to know that the Empress knows how to make love with women.

「Fufu, who would’ve thought that Elena has this fetish?」
「…Why are you here?」

Aisha was next to me.
Since we’re in the bath, she’s of course nude.

And, she clings to me

Her plump breast touching me feels pleasant, but I want to enter and take it slow by myself today.

「Don’t mind small details. Do you hate taking a bath with me?」
「It’s okay if we just take bath together, but…」

Just being together with Aisha, she won’t allow it.
Her hand reached to my dick and she gently stroke it.

「It has grown a little bit」
「Really…I won’t move my waist」
「Then, I’ll be the one doing it」

Aisha stood up and instructed me to get out of bath.
I followed her and she point towards the floor.

「Please lie down here」
「Got it」

I lay down on the floor.
Since there was a cushion prepared using magic, it was neither cold nor painful.

「I got this thing from Meila」

Aisha was holding a container in her hand.

She opened the lid and slightly tilted it.

Then, a sticky liquid came out.

「Succubus are amazing, they can make this things after all」
「…Is it lotion?」
「It’s called lotion」
「Why did you bring that…?」
「Because I want it to be fun」

Aisha applied the lotion to her body.

Then, she applied it on my body too.


The sensation of Aisha’s slimy body feels good.
The soft parts of her body, including her chest is glued to my body.

「Just like this…I’ll…move!」

Aisha piled it up and moved back and forth

Her soft breasts is squashed and the lotion is making a lewd slimy sound

「Ahn…It’s just being rubbed…!」
「Can you feel it? Your nipples are getting hard」

Aisha’s skin is soft but her nipples are hard erect.

The firm portion hits my belly and chest, it’s making a *zowazowa* feel

「Aisha, what do you think of Elena Ria?」
「How…Let’s see, should I say that it’s expected to be a man-hater?」
「How long would it be until we’re exposed?」

I said it while grinning.

「Dunno? But, it doesn’t matter to you right?」
「Have you thought of a strategy already?」

Since Aisha asked, I decided to give her an answer.

「It’s simple. We’ll use the demon race as a decoy to attack Elena Ria」
「But we’ve seen it in the crystal, the castle is heavily guarded」
「I talked to Leona about that. It seems that there’s a secret underground passage there」
「It’s possible to sneak in. That’s why it’s necessary to avert their attention」
「Yeah, we have the demon race for that reason」

Using the demon race as a feint, we will lower their defense
The success rate will rise with this strategy

But, I want to be extremely cautious

「Your face shows that you’re thinking of doing something bad again」
「Fuu, so you get it?」

Aisha further spread the lotion on my body

「That’s the face you’re showing when you’re thinking of raping a woman… Since your penis got harder, I was able to know」
「…When talk about hard」

I pinched the but in her breast hard.

「It’s hard」
「It’s standing…my nipples are」
「Fun, I’m really one. Then, I’ll do this」

Aisha stacked her erect nipple to my nipple
Then she grind her chest like that.

「Ahn, kuu…! Amazing…Nipples, become hard…!」
「It’s good Aisha. Do it more」
「Really, you’re not even bothered at all」

Aisha sandwiched my dick in her knee and moved it up and down.
Since her legs are wet with lotion, even her knees feel good.

「Ryuu’s penis…It’s gotten hard」
「You made it. Hurry up and put it in」
「Fufu, you’re quite impatient」

Though Aisha chuckle slipped out, I can understand that she doesn’t have the composure since her cheeks are bright red.
Her love nectar from her vagina mixed with the lotion, it’s understood that Aisha can’t take it anymore.

「Haahaa…I’ll put in…here it goes」

Aisha lifted her waist and swallowed the penis.

「A, aah, aah! A hard thing…is entering uu…!」
「It’s still as tight as before」

I’ve done a lot of women already, but as expected of Aisha’s vagina.
Her vagina is so narrow, it coils around my penis.

「You’ve embraced a lot of women…! In this short time…! It’s strong…!」
「You love it right?」
「Y-yes…your…huge penis…I really love it」

Aisha looked at me with glazed eyes

The began to move her waist just like that.

「As I thought, It’s better if I’m on top…!」
「I taste you at my own pace」

As I entrust my body, Aisha’s whole body can be felt
I grabbed her ass

「Yan~! M-my ass suddenly…!?」
「I’ll help you」
「N-no need…!」

Aisha’s ass is so plump and soft that when I press my finger it would sink.

I slightly move her waist while rubbing her buttocks.

「Nu…! r-ron’t…! mo-ve…!」
「I haven’t moved much yet, You really don’t want it?」
「Since your cock is too big, it’s already reaching my womb…!」

I see.
So that’s why you’re tightening strongly.

But, that’s half-assed for me.

「Sorry, but I’ll also move」

I firmly held her waist and moved it.

I kept pounding her inside with the power penetrating her stomach

「Ha, Hii! W-wait…! Suddenly…!」
「As expected, if I don’t do this intensely It doesn’t fee right at all」
「Ahn! Nfuaaaaa! D-deep…! It’s too deep…aaaaaaa!」
「Aisha’s voice is nice after all」

I can hear her coquettish voice vibrating in my ear

「Ahahah…aaah! It feels good…My deepest place…my uterus feels good…!」
「Any woman attacked in here becomes my woman in no time」
「True…like this…the owner of this body…!」
「Aisha called me for this reason after all right?」
「Kuh, fuu…! T-that’s right but…I already became your slave…That’s true…!」
「That’s good Aisha. We’re accomplice because of that」
「T-that’s right…」

I found out that Aisha’s insides convulsed a little.

「Are you about to cum?」
「Y-yes… I want to endure a bit more…but it seems impossible」

I further accelerated the movement of my waist.

「Ahn~ a-a-a-aaaaaa! Ryuu, together…」
「Got it」

If she tightened here I won’t be able to endure.

「Ryuu’s penis…It’s thick…!」
「Aisha’s insides are narrow」
「Haahaa…I-I can’t anymore…I’m about to cum…!」

I matched Aisha’s timing

「Aisha, I’m letting it out」
「Come! Come lots…! Release a lot semen in my vaginaaaaaaaa!」
「Me too…Cum, cum, cum…Cumming Cumming Cumming Cumiing…Cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!」

*Spuuuurt* *Spluuuuuuuuuuuuuuurt*!!

A large amount of semen was poured in Aisha.

「Haahaa…It’s coming in…!」
「That felt good」

I moved Aisha whose exhausted, then stood up

「Haa…Haa…Are you going out already?」
「The road to kingdom is busy after all」(TN: Well, it’s close so I took the opportunity to make a reference)
「Fufu, Strategy meeting?」
「Yeah. I’ve got a lot of companions as resources after all. There’s no way I wouldn’t use them」

I went out of the bathroom

Then, went to the room where Melia and Eunice stays.