I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 4

Episode 4 ★ Witch Eunice and Lewd Dream Melia coupled Doggy Style

Wen I opened Eunice’s room

「Aaaahn! Eunice-sama, please stop!」
「don’t worry it’s fine~ don’t worry it’s fine~!」

Eunice grew a penis and inserted it in Meila from back.
Eunice shakes her waist at high speed, it’s making a *bangbang* dry clap sound

「…What are you doing?」
「Ah, Onii-chan!」(TN: Calm the fuck down dick!)
「Ryuu-sama…Please stop Eunice-sama…Haan!!」

As expected, even a succubus can’t win against Eunice’s waist.

Her cheeks are bright red, and her body bent backwards.

「As expected, Melia’s insides really feels good~! It~is~really~tight!」

Eunice faced me.

「Onii-chan was able to endure this right? You’re too amazing!」
「It’s not a great thing」
「Ahn, I’m…about to…!」

It’s seen that the WItch’s body is trembling.
Eunice faced the ceiling as her whole body was filled with pleasure.

「Haan…Melia, I’ll let it out once okay…!」
「Wait a minute…! Ahhn! AhnAhn! Aaaa!」

With a voice that sounds like throat being squeezed, Eunice stroke at the deepest place.

「Eunice-sama, Eunice-sama…! Aaaaaaaahn~!」

*Dokun**Dokun* Eunice ejaculated while shivering greatly several times.

A liquid spill out of Melia’s vagina can be seen even from a distance away.

「Haah…Haah…! Eunice-sama released…! Kuh…Fuhiii…」
「Aah~ It felt so good!」

Really…why are these girls so lewd…
I approached Eunice while shrugging my shoulders.

「Eunice, I want to talk」
「How many soldiers are there in demon race?」
「Uhn~ I won’t tell!」

Eunice said with a smile

「If you want me to tell you, put Onii-chan here…!」

Eunice expanded her ass with both of her hands and exposed her vagina.

By the way, her penis is still inside Melia.

In short, it would be a 3P

「You’re a helpless girl…」

Well, since I was originally going to have sex with Eunice, there’s no problem since I want to talk a lot of things with them

I did it with Aisha earlier, but my dick is still erect

「Onii-chan, It’s really bold…」
「I’ll put it in」

I sank my penis in Eunice’s vagina.

In correspondence to her young figure, her vagina is also narrow.

As expected of the lewd witch, she’s clamping my dick tightly.

「Ahn, it’s…entering…!」
「Eunice-sama, what on world is happening?」

Melia who’s remaining in all fours can’t see thus she doesn’t understand.

But, I can feel her body shakes little by little only by having insert it

「Eunice-sama’s…Penis is growing…」 ahn~…It just got bigger now…!」
「Ehehe, Onii-chan put it in so I got excited!」
「Wow!! Surely you can still do it!?」
「Isn’t that obvious!?」

When Eunice said that, Melia flapped both her hands to escape

「I don’t want it! I don’t want Eunice-sama, not even Ryuu-sama…! This is…absolutely impossible!! I’m going to die!」
「You’re a succubus aren’t you? Meila. Bear with it」
「I…Iiiiiiiiii…! am a reasonable succubuuuuuus! If I compare myself to both of you」

When she came to visit me, she’s quite in high spirit, but when I put it in just once, this happened.

It’s interesting to see a succubus refusing sex.
Let’s make her experience too much and cancel her trauma for sex.

「Why do you hate it?」
「Because, I’m going crazy! My body…and my heaaad…!」
「Now then, should I move my waist?」

I grabbed Eunice’s ass, then started moving my waist.

The small elastic meat ass of Eunice is sucking up my palm and not letting it go away.

I continued to move my waist in ecstasy

「Ahn~ Onii-chan…! Getting violent suddenly!」
「Eunice, tell me the magic power and military power」
「Nuaaan! U-uhhm…there isn’t much people that can fight. Ahnu!」
「How much?」
「It can probably match the human capital…Aaaaa!」

They’re almost the same as capital…

No, the war potential of the demon race isn’t weak, it’s just that the human force is simply strong

Even if you say strong, the demon race is stronger as an individual, anyway, they’re 70% of this world’s population after all.

When you think about that, the war potential and magic power…no, It’s sufficient.

I thought that I shouldn’t expect more than the minimum force.

「O-Onii-chan’s penis…It’s~really~ferocious!」
「Do you want to cum 500 times again?」
「U-uhhm…I have to decline to that」

She seemed to have learned her lesson

Well, it can’t be helped

「Eunice, don’t just feel me, move your waist too」
「Okay! Got it!」

Since I’m the only one attacking, it became mechanical, so Eunice began to move her waist again
「Ahnuaaaauuu! Eunice-sama! It’s deeeep! It’s too deeeeeep!」
「Naaaaa, it’s because Onii-chan is pushing my ass! It’s getting deeper!」
「If this continued my pussy…my pussy wil breaaaak!」
「Ayaya. For a succubus…nuaaah, that’s bad news isn’t it…!!」

I, Eunice, and Melia, the three of as are connected as one.

When I push my waist, Eunice moves her waist equally and strongly stabs the vagina of Melia.

As expected it’s painful, Melia let out her tongue, salivating, and breaths hard.

「A,fuu…ofuuu…! T-thish ish too amashzing」

While Eunice’s hole is loosening, her insides are tightening

It seems that the pleasant sensation in her vagina is being linked between the huge dick, I continued to the easy to understand succubus.

「Eunice-sama, more than this…your penis…your penis…!」
「It got bigger~! My penis might just explode…!」

I feel Eunice’s vagina closing tight.

「Eunice, you’re about to cum?」
「Y-yeah~ As expected of Onii-chan, you found it out」
「I’m about to cum too. You should cum too」

Did you endure for so long? Saying that, Eunice further accelerated her waist.

I repeatedly pumped to not lose to her speed

*panpan* two sounds banging resounded

「Aahn~! Ryuu-sama, Eunice-sama…Please stooop iiiiiiiit!」
「Egu…gumming…! I-I’m…my pussy and my penis, they’re cumming together~!」
「Both of you seems to be lively」

Now then, should I finish this too.

「Cumiiiiin! I’m Cummmmiiiin! Eunice-sama, Ryuu-sama…I’m about…to…!」
「Auuuu! I’m about to cum too~ I’m cummiiiiiiing!」
「Then cum both you you! Let me see your lewd cumming faces」

*splurt**splurt* I ejaculated

Eunice also reached climax, Melia felt it.

「Ah, Hii…! A-amazhing…amazhing, having sex…」
「Haahaa…Onii-chan’s penis…anu…It’s seriously dangerous…」
「Really, you too…」

When I pulled out my dick, the two collapsed in place.

「Ahn~…My dick doesn’t stand anymore」
「W-with this…I can rest…」

The two are twitching.

「Since I let you feel this, I expect war potential from you」

Now then, should I go now?

I headed for the next place.