I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 5

Episode 5 ★ Female Knight Leona and Female Merchant Yarina’s double paizuri

Now then, since I borrowed the power from Eunice, the knights will somehow work out

After that, I have to do something about the castle of Elena Ria.

There’s someone well informed about the castle anyway.

I headed to Leona’s room Then, from outside the door, I heard a sexy voice.


Yare Yare, she seems to be masturbating

I’m I her partner in her delusions?

Really…She’s quite a hopeless knight

Normal people would read the mood and back away, but I didn’t worry about it

Whatever her business was, I still opened the door

「Ah, Master…!?」

Leona was surprised as expected Her legs were wider open, and her finger was put in her vagina

「U-uhm…this is, errr…!」
「Doesn’t matter」

When I said that, I slapped Leona’s throbbing waist.

「Master’s S retort…feels good…!」

*pyupyu* I saw a tide squirting from her, It seems like she came with just my words

She’s a man-hater knight just the other day, but she’s a complete pervert now.

That’s right…If we speak of huge pervert.

「Leona, I have the intention of degenerating Elena Ria」
「Elena Ria-sama?」
「I want you to accompany me as guide. Can yo do it?」
「Don’t worry. You’ll just be guiding me. Don’t think that you’ll be betraying Elena Ria」
「Got it」 …I will work hard for master」

Good, with this, I obtained Leona’s help

Eunice and the demon race would be a feint, then I will invade the castle while they’re at it

Then with the senri crystal to look over, there will be few who’s vigilant of me
Including the feint operation, this will surely not fail.

「What? Aren’t you talking about something interesting」

When I turned my back, Yarina was there.

She heard the story from a while ago and smirked

「I hate people who eavesdrop」
「I didn’t do that. I just happened to pass by」
「It just happened? You have a reason go out don’t you?」

When I said that, Yarina shrugged her shoulders like saying 「Did you see through it?」

「Fufu, Ryuu-sama can see everything. Since you always make me feel good, I want to service you」

She said something that piqued my interest

「Ryuu-sama …loves my breast don’t you? You violated my chest forcefully in my mansion」
「That’s because I love huge tits」
「I intend to use my breasts today. If you want to do it…come here」
「Sounds good」

Yarina wants to serve me I can’t ignore this as her master

I headed to Yarina

「Wait, Master!」

Leona’s voice echoed

「M-me too…I also want to service master. No, please let me do it!」
「You too?」

Really, these lewd girls
They seem to love me deeply

「It can’t be helped. Come here both of you」

When I gave them an order, both of them approached me like a happy dog

They kneeled in front of me, then took of my pants

「*sniff*…Ryuu-sama’s thing has a scent of sperm. Did you do it with other women?」
「Yeah. Apparently, I’m the best in sex」
「Your sexual desire is too great after all」

Yarina voluntarily exposed her chest, grabbed my dick and placed it in her breasts

*pechipechi* she rubbed it in her breasts, then little by little, my dick got erect

「N, kuu…I-It already got big…! Your penis is too big that I got surprised…!」
「I guess you can sandwich my dick with your chest」
「Fufu, my chest is my pride after all」

She opened a room, then started sandwiching my dick


「M-me too!」

A force bumped on Yarina’s chest, Leona participated in the war too

Since Leona is also exposed, it became sandwiched by two tits

Two soft things are sandwiching my dick and I can feel it being squashed.

「Kuh…Leona, why are you obstructing me!?」
「I will be the one to service master…」

The pressure increases as the two of them try to push the other

It seems with their sweat it got quite soaked up

「Ryuu-sama is my…!」
「No, It’s me…」


The two moved and were trembling at the same time

Seeing them, both of their nipples are erect and rubbing at each othe

「You perverts, your nipples are erect from feeling it」
「I am not to blame…」
「I just thought of master」

Kukuku, interesting

I had a certain idea

「Rub your nipples while servicing my dick. Then, I will put it in on the one who doesn’t cum」
「I-insert you say…?」
「Master, is that for real…?」

When I said sex, the color of the eyes of the two changed

They glared at each other, and stick their body closer

「Nu…My nipples…I’ll make you feel a lot」
「I’ll show you the guts of the knights!」

As expected of this two excellent girls, they didn’t forget to service me either

They began to move up and down in matching breath

Seeing the fair complexion breasts being squashed is the best

Occasionally, a transparent liquid goes out of the tip of my penis

「Kuh…Fuu, Leona’s nipples is huge, I can feel it…!」
「Wha!? My nipple isn’t that huge! Your nipple is just too erect!」
「Fun, My nipple can’t feel if it’s not Ryuu-sama… Aaahn!」

I can see that they’re both competitive with each other

Yarina bit her lower lip in agony, and Leona’s breathing became rough and she shivering

This two is near climax already

As they approach climax, both of their paizuri keeps accelerating

Pre-cum and sweat intertwine and lubricated my penis

The erect nipples hitting my dick also feels good

「Ah, I’m…about to…!」
「M-Me too…I’m going to…!」

Both of them convulsed little by little


「I-I can’t…! I’m cummiiiiiing!」
「Fuaaaan! Uunaaaaa! Cummiiiiiiiing!」

*Bikunb Bikun* Both of them came at the same time

I also ejaculated in sync

The semen fired like a fountain and made a puddle of white liquid in the valley

「Ah…haa… Ryuu-sama came too」
「Master cumming makes me happy above anything…u」

The two lie down in place

「I’ll insert in both of you since it was simultaneous」

The two of them didn’t reply
ーThat’s because both of them have fainted