I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 6

Episode 6: To the capital

「Now then, let’s summarize the strategy」

I, who finished the strategy meeting gathered the women in one room

「First, Eunice and Melia. You will use the demon race, and get the attention of the soldiers in capital. The castle defense would be thin with this」
「Okay, Onii-chan! I’ll do my best!」
「I’ll do all my best to support Eunice-sama」

It seems that the demon race won’t be a problem
If my plan advances smoothly, it wouldn’t take too much time to end

「The ones coming with me are Leona and Yarina. These two people will guide me to the castle」
「Leave it to me!」

Having Leona and Yarina as guard along the way won’t be a problem
It’s unnecessary to explain about Leona, as for Yarina, she has some magic tools so she should be able to fight

「I wish I can also support you」

Since Aisha asked it, I agreed.

「There’s a magic connection in me and Aisha. We’ll use it, I intend to escape the castle safely」
「Master, you mean by safely?」
「I haven’t showed it to you yet. Aisha, can you do it?」

I instructed Aisha to go to the other room

「With this, I and Aisha are in different location」
「Even I understand that. Aisha isn’t here after all」
「I intend to go to Aisha now. Without going out of this room」
「Eeeeh! Onii-chan, can you do that!?」
「It’s still in experiment phase, so I don’t know how accurate this is yet. Well, we won’t know until we try」

I extend my hand, and accumulated mana.

From the start, I’m a special in this world for having huge mana
Such high mana can be concentrated at one point

「Uu…Onii-chan’s mana is impressive…!」

The others have noticed as well, but since Eunice has highly trained in magic, it can be seen that she’s shivering.

Perhaps she can judge with her eyes that I am accumulating magical power

A mass of mana swirled and gradually turned back

Then, I opened the mana to a size where a person can enter

「T-this… What is this? Master?!」
「It’s a hole that connects space. This hole is called warp…even if I say that you won’t understand it, to make it short, this makes it possible to easily move to another place」
「Is that true…?」

Since Yarina was surprised, I decided to practice this.

「This hole connects to where Aisha is. On it’s present state, the hole in the space is stable only to where Aisha is In this sense, she also has a turn to support」

Well, If I take my time, I would be able to go to anywhere I like, but it’s not possible to gather the theory around

Well, the present results are enough, warp itself is considerably unique, it can be seen from the reaction of the women

「I’ll be going then. Wait a bit」

When I said so, I entered the hole

It somehow feels mysterious, but I passed through the hole

「Fufu, It succeeded」

Aisha who is on the next room smiled

「Yeah, with this, when that time comes, it would be fine」

I laughed, then the two of us returned to the room where Eunice is

「Ah, Onii-chan, Amazing!」
「Master, Is this real!?」

The surprised women welcomed me

「I’m also surprised… To make space transport possible」

The Cool Melia opened her eyes wide, and I said

「The space travel…is an old myth…It’s almost on the remains of legends… to make it possible…You’re really an amazing person」
「I’ve never heard about this. In the human world, there’s not much information about it… Why were you able to do something like that?」
「The reason is easy. I was able to do the concept」

When I said that, the girls’ expression turned serious

「You already know that I’m an otherworlder. I have different sense of values and knowledge from you… Well, to make it simple, I’ve heard about this in my world. …But it was never used in practical, in the end it’s just a product of imagination. That’s why, I can’t completely build the theory, and it’s still not complete」

「To speak that this is still incomplete…! As expected of Master」
「I want to improve it a bit more, and make a little more stable I think. this will be the trump card in this srtategy」

Supposedly there comes a time where we need to retreat

But I wish that it won’t happen…

「We’re going to go against the largest country in the world… Does it make you uneasy?」
「It’s my pride to fight with master…」
「Leona, don’t force yourself」
「I’m not forcing myself…if I say that I would be lying…」

That might be true
Because she served the empress after all

Even if that was before, for her, the empress isn’t inferior to me.

That’s why it’s painful…She’s feeling conflicted

But, I won’t take consideration of that

「You may think that the plan may fall off, but only do what you can」
「I want you to say…That I am necessary」
「I’m glad…!」

Leona said with her eyes sparkling

「I’m honored to be needed by a person like master」
「Then, will you work for my sake?」
「Leave it to me!」

Eunice approached as the atmosphere of me and Leona was turning good

「Onii-chan, I’m also here!」
「I know. Your war potential is necessary, and you are important」
「Fufu, as expected♪」
「Really, you’re quite a trouble」
「But, Onii-chan…I’m more important than the war force right?」
「What do you mean?」
「I’m the only one that can make Onii-chan feel good right!?」
「Fuu…So that’s how it is」

This fellow says lewd things all the time
Should I say “As expected of the Witch”?

「I won’t lose to anyone on the movement of my waist!」
「Leona has a better mouth though」
「Eeeh! Is that true!?」

Eunice looked at Leona
The female knight’s face turned red and faced down.

「I-I am…confident with my mouth… I never thought to be defeated by a virgin female knight」
「I trained you, so have some confidence」
「Ah, Master!?」
「Why did you say unnecessary stuff?」
「N-Now…it’s embarrassing…」
「kuuuu! I won’t lose! Onii-chan, let me lick your dick right now!」
「I’ll do a lot of dirty things right now」
「Really, someone like you…」

While I was amazed, Melia joined in

「This was a story from long ago, but I’ve heard that heroes embrace women before going to war. That is to cheer them up」

The women gathered have heard her…
In short, it is to heighten their mood through various methods

Then, in my case…

「It can’t be helped. Those who want to be embraced by me, come to the next room」

I said and got out of the room

In the end, I kept having sex with the women until the morning next day