I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 4

4話 ★約二十人の女騎士たちと乱交

Episode 4: Group Sex with ~20 female knights

The twenty female knights formed a line, the scene of them pushing their ass up is extravagant.


Each of their bodies are beautiful, the curve from the waist to their buttocks is just flawless


They really want my thing, they’ve been spreading their slit and swinging their waists


「You girls are perverts」


I just ejaculated a while ago, but the my dick stands up once again.


「Ryu-sama~ Hurry up and put it in~」

「Do me first! You girls can wait later!」

「I want Ryu-sama’s sperm, please impregnate me~」


Seeing them prepared at a doggystyle position, they look like they’re in heat.

These female knights whose chest out when it comes to morals, can’t control their lust in front of me.


This is the power of Absolute Charm, this is my wish


「Now then, I’ll put it in. Just to tell you beforehand, I won’t stop until I cum inside of you all」


Normally it would cool-off after one ejaculation


But, I don’t feel like that at all

I don’t know the reason despite releasing once, but my dick is already diamonds, I can do it as many times as possible. (TN: Dorarararararara)

My body is in a full throttle state


I don’t hate this basic portion of the female body


Ever since highschool, and even after becoming a member of society I have never once had pleasant feelings bout women.

With that said, I have experience being pulled around by their outrageous selfishness.


That’s why, I never dated a woman before and I don’t know any sexual technique.


Though, I think it’s fine

Even without women, I think I can live without sex


But, it seems like deep inside I want to embrace a woman.

My hatred has be flipped around and completely destroyed by my sexual exploits.


–Then I came in this world, I have the power.


That’s why I can’t calm down in this situation


Furthermore, I can do multiple plays with these 20 or so women

I can get erect as much as I want with this.


「I’ll break all of you. I’ll make it so you can’t live without my body anymore」


First of, I did the woman in front of me.

I touched the skin of her thin waist. It’s soft and smooth, what a great feeling


「You want it?」

「Y-yes~! Ryu-sama’s thing…Please put it in」



I pulled her with all my strength, and it was put in


「Ah, gah!?」


Forcibly inserted it halfway.

It got in without problems because it was quite wet. This is very tight.


Then, there was blood coming out of her vagina.


「What? So you were a virgin.」


She was a virgin but I didn’t notice it. Well, it doesn’t matter.

「I didn’t know it was your first time, should I be gentler?」

「Haah, haah, I-i’m fine. Please mess me up as you wish. I….We’re Ryu-sama’s sex slaves after all.」

「Sex slaves!」


What a splendid term. This is something that can never happen in that world.

But now, It came true.


This me! This me will use this talent as long as he lives!


This is bliss

「Fuu, Be happy that you were born to be my sex slave」


「Moving now」


I began moving my hips

Striking her hips makes a [PanPan] sound, she curls up like a shrimp every time I poke her.


「Hii~ aaahn~! A-amazhing! It reaches so deep! Aaaaaahn~!」

「It’s narrow….is it because you’re a virgin? Or is it just because you were wishing for my dick?」

「I don’t know….It hurts a while ago, but now it feels good! So this is how sex feels!」


Honestly, I don’t think I can endure doing all of them.

It would be nice if I can fire at all of them like meat toilets


「Ahn~ S-somehow I feel weird! My body is heating up~」

「Are you afraid?」

「No~ I-i can’t stop my voice~! What’s this?! It feels weird!」


Her vagina is twitching. It seems she’s about to cum.


「That means you’re about to climax」


「Yeah, It’s the best of all pleasures」


From above, I can see her ass convulsing, she’s about to cum soon.


I accelerated the movement of my hips


「Aah~ don’t~! If you move that fast! I’m, I’m cumming!!」

「Go on! Cum! Cum while you’re being fucked by me!」

「Aaaah~ mmmmmmm~!! C-cumming! Cumiiiiiiing!!」

「I’m about to cum too!」


A thick amount of semen had exploded out of my penis.

I ejaculated again and again inside her virgin pussy, the woman is sticking out her tongue while drooling


「Aah~ Hii~! A-Amazhing, this is amazhing~」

「You completely became my woman」

「Yesh, I’m shoo happy~」


The woman twitches oh the spot.

Did my body feel that good?




The captain glared at me with teary eyes.


「You jelly?」(TN: Jealous)



She shakes her head

I was unsure of what she was saying, so I told them to remove her gag.


「You heretic!」

「You flatter me, I’m embarrassed」


She looks like she’s about to bite her tongue, so I had her stopped. (TN: Do japanese people really think that biting their tongue kills them?)

Before I cast magic on this woman, I want to enjoy talking to her


「How’s that? You want to do it too?」

「I don’t even want a single finger touch me you fucking asshole」

「Hey Hey, is that true? You face is filled with semen though. I dumped a large amount. Did it enter your eyes and mouth? 」

「Dammit! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill youuuuuu!」


Since she’s crying out loud, I choked her.



「You Idiot. You only open your mouth when there’s semen going down your throat. Or do you want to drink my semen? I can ejaculate in your mouth if you want」

「Go die! You heretic」

「That’s what i’d like to hear….Kukuku」


I laugh at the captain’s trembling body


Perhaps it was her instinctual fear of death. She knows she’ll die if she opposed me

Even though she wasn’t afraid of dying earlier. This is the true nature of humans.

Death comes to those who have no fear


But, it’s pointless for me to kill her.

I wonder if I can easily take a life in this situation, but then I lack skill.

Wouldn’t it be fun to make her submit little by little?


「I have to make sure if you’re jealous or not.」


I inserted myself on another woman and commanded her to move her hips


「Ahn~、Aaahn~、Mm~! Deep! It reaches me so deeeeeep~!」


The woman’s heavy breathing was so loud that I ignored what the captain was saying


「Put your finger in her vagina」



She showed hesitation, the captain moves her waist, but her lower half was pinned down.

Then a finger penetrated from the gap of her clothes


「Sorry Captain」



When the finger entered her, the captain’s body trembled.



「How’s it? Is it wet??」

「Yes, she’s really wet」


I laughed while continuing my piston.

I just shook my hips several times after inserting and this woman is about to cum already, so I came at the same time she climaxed

Let’s continue having sex with these women.


「You’re this wet already? What a lewd woman」


「You knew it too right? Seeing me have sex with this women makes you excited」

「Y-you’re wrong!」

「Then, why are you wet?」



There’s no other reason


I ejaculated multiple times as everyone satisfies me.

The room stinks with semen and love nectar that creates a strange atmosphere.

One would call it strange.


If lust is a part of a human’s instinct then rationally speaking suppressing it is impossible.

And that’s what I fear


「There’s no need to be embarrassed, you’re normal」

「……You’re abnormal」

「Haha. Well, I am ready anytime you wished for my body」

「What are you saying!」


Is that so? Well, let’s continue having sex.


I already came inside ten of them.

I was trying to get knack of sex, but the girls got it already.


「Yes! it’s finaly my turn!」

「Kept you waiting huh?」(TN: Boss!)

「Am I still acceptable even I’m not a virgin anymore?」

「Doesn’t matter. I will accept you even if you’re a virgin or not.」


Rather, I do prefer non-virgins.

I don’t want to worry about troublesome things, and I can compare with other men.

I want to feel the pleasure of sex with someone with experience at least once.


「I’ll put it in……」

「Mm~、Guuuu? Aaah、Aaaah~! I-it’s this thick!?」

「Is it thick?」

「I didn’t know….that men’s dick are this thick」

「I see」

「Ryu-sama’s like a large tree, what I experienced before was a small twig….for this thing to be this big….Naaaaaa~」


Is her previous partner too small? Or am I abnormally huge?

Well, either way it’s good. This woman loves my body.


「Is it here?! I’ll turn your head to jelly!」

「Aaaaahhh、Nuuuuuuuuu、It feeeels goooooood!」


Her shameless scream echoes.

So this woman is already crazy with this intensity


「dwont~、Cumming! I’m cumming!! Cumming like never before! I’m cumming~!!」

「Then Cum, I’ll give you the greatest pleasure」

「Aaaah~、Nuoooooooo! Cumiiiiiing!!!」

*Squrt sfx*

I timed my ejaculation, then proceed to the next woman.


「We’re just getting started.」


I vowed to myself that I’ll creampie everyone