I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 7

Episode 7: Invasion

「Elena-samaaaaaa! Something terrible happened!」

The servant female butler of Empress Elena Ria ran with all her might

This is perhaps the most serious situation of the country
She must hurry and tell Elena Ria fast

Seria opened Elena Ria’s room without knocking
This kind of thing, no matter how close you are to the empress, it’s not permissible

But, it was too big of an event for her

「What is going on…!? I was about to sleep」
「Please excuse my rudeness! But this is emergency…」
「Please check outside right now」

Seria opened the curtain of the room quickly

Seeing the town state from the big window, Elena Ria’s Eyes widened

「W-what is going on here!?」

The coldhearted, ruthless Empress
She’s never been shaken until now

Of her long time in serving, Seria had never seen that expression

「The demon race invaded the capital」
「What happened to the treaty!?」

About the treaty, long time ago, when the reason of the world was changed, they created a treaty that they won’t interfere with each other more than necessary
It was an agreement of old days that remains in effect until now.

In fact, it’s impossible for for demon race to enter human territory without hiding.

But, reality is different

The one in Elena Ria’s eyes is town in sea of flames

「I don’t know the details either, but, the demon race attacked suddenly」
「What the hell is happening…!?」
「We sent soldiers, but declaring war is… It’s a matter of time until the castle falls in this situation. Elena-sama…Please escape」
「I won’t!」

Elena Ria shouted

「I’m the ruler of this country. It’s impossible for me to abandon my people」
「But, stopping the forces of the demon race is hard」
「Then, I die with the people!」

Elena Ria’s serious in her resolve

(Elena-sama…to go that far in this short time…)

Seria understood her painful feeling.

But, as Elena Ria’s servant, Seria will only do what she thinks best.

「Elena-sama, I do sympathize with you. But, you will live for the people. The country can recover as long as the ruler is alive…!」

Elena Ria’s face distorted, then she clenched her fist

She was speaking with a conflicted expression.

「Don’t worry. I’ll never speak of Elena-sama’s whereabouts. Now, please escape from the secret passage」(TN: That’s a flag Seria, a rape flag)
「Seria…are you going to command the military?」

The moment Elena Ria asked, a small bell in the room sounded

The bell is a magic tool that sounds when an intruder enters the castle.
Of course, it’s foe emergency purposes

「Apparently the enemy have entered the castle somehow」
「Seria…Could it be?!」
「I will remain here. Please…Elena-sama, be safe」

Elena Ria bit her lower lip

It’s also possible for them to stop it and run away together

But, if she did it, she thought that she will trample Seria’s resolve and service she had done so far

That’s why she did not stop her and just bit her lip

「Thank you, Elena-sama. I’m glad I was able to serve you. You’re my only master」

Saying so, Seria advanced

(Goodbye, Elena-sama…!)

Trying not to show Elena Ria her tears, Seria run down the stairs

The room of Elena Ria is on the top of the castle, there’s only one staircase going there.

When you descend the stairs, there’s another room

「Now…come here you thief!」

Seria posed with a weapon near her

(However, it’s strange…)

Since the demon race army are flocking, she should be hearing more footsteps
There are soldiers in the caslte too, so the sound of fights should echo

But, the vicinity is awfully quiet.

(After the demon race attacked, there isn’t much time that passed… Did the alarm malfunction?)

Even the magic tool wasn’t used much, it was maintained properly.

When Seria was thinking of such things.

*Gata* *Goto*…! (TN: crack sfx)

A sound echoed

Seria faced towards the sound, then, the stone wall moved

When the stone fell, a hole was seen A person come out of there

「Master…This is the nearest path」
「Yeah, good work」

There was a slim man in front of her

Next to the man,


It’s the woman serving as the captain of the knights

(The ones behind the alarm…are these guys?)

Behind the mystery man, the female merchant Yarina came out.

「W-what is goind on!? Leona, did you betray us!?」

When Seria asked, Leona faced down asking for punishment

「Don’t shout so loud. The room is so small, and I’m tired too」
「A man…! You, how dare you enter this catle! State your name!」
「My name is Ryuu. That’s right…you should welcome me in this castle」
「What are you saying!?」

Then, the female merchant Yarina stepped forward

「You shouldn’t resist this man. You can see the state of the town, right? This man controls the demon race」
「You! Are you saying that you belong to the demon race!?」
「I’m a human. It’s just that my magic power is higher」

The man in front of her looked at Seria as if licking her

She was creeped out from the weird look

「She looks good in flesh」
「…You’re speaking something incomprehensible. I’ve never appeared in front of you」

Though she’s seen in official business, Seria face isn’t seen.
Furthermore, due to the restriction of men to go out, Seria thought that him observing her before is impossible

「I’m possessing an interesting tool after all. This」

When he said, Ryuu took out a crystal

「It’s called Senri Crystal, with this tool is used, it’s possible for me to see anything」

From the crystal, the appearance of Elena Ria who is escaping from the room appeared in the crystal

「Sorry, but with this, I saw what you did. Of course, I also know the indecent things you did every night」

Her relation with Elena Ria, she thought there was no one in the world that knows about it

But, if the tool in front of her is used, then it’s possible

「I know that you’re Elena Ria’s aide, so I thought of hearing you out. Present Elena Ria to me」
「There’s no way I could do that!」
「Elena Ria-sama is the one who rule this country…There’s no way I can present her!」
「Oh…That’s disappointing」
He seemed to know it was impossible, the man shrugged
「Leona! Behead that man!」

The female knight was silent

「Don’t shout at my woman」

The man held Leona’s shoulders while saying so

「Damn you…!」
「I was able to come here thanks to Leona. She’s quite excellent as a companion」
「Master…Thank you so much」
「Master you say!? Aren’t you a servant of Elena Ria-sama!?」
「That’s just trivial. Leona is my woman…that’s all you need」
「You!…Damn youuuuu! I won’t forgive you! And I will never let you go to where Elena Ria-sama is!」

Seria started to run while shouting

She holding a sword pointing it on the man


The man laughed,


Yarina used her whip and snached the sword of Seria

「Don’t use dangerous weapons against Ryuu-sama!」

Looking at it, the whip was a magic tool
For that reason, she was able to take the sword precisely

「Yarina, you shouldn’t have moved」
「But, if something happened…」
「It’s fine. I have this power with me」

Then, the man murmured a word

「ーBecome my woman」

When she heard those words, Seria’s mind was filled with him