I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 8

Episode 8 ★ Female butler Seria done from behind

I used my charm cheat on the female butler

Then, she showed an amusing blush and stared at me

「Master…I’m honored to be able to meet you」
「Yeah, same here」

With that, Elena Ria’s servant, Seria, became mine
As expected of my magic

Now then, what I only need to do is go to where Elena Ria is, but…

「Where’s Elena Ria?」
「I love master, but, I can’t say it」

Fumu It’s the same as Leona

She probably won’t be confessing

Well, that’s fine for me

Seria came wearing butler clothes
Naturally, this clothing has a low degree of exposure, but I can clearly see her body line and I can understand that she has a lewd figure

Her huge bust was constricted
Her ass is also plump, her lewd body makes me want to eat her.

「Seria, don’t mind what I just said」
「It’s easy. Don’t worry」
「What would it be?」
「Get on all fours」
「All fours…?」

She doesn’t understand why I made that order, though Seria showed a doubting expression, she still assumed the position

Her ass is emphasized stimulates a lot more

I closed to her and unfastened her belt.

「You get it right? Seria?」
「S-somehow… B-but…I am…」
「You want to say that you’re a virgin?」

She faced down embarrassed

「I’ve been serving Elena Ria for a long time. It’s natural for me to be a virgin. Should this be my proof of loyalty?」

While thinking that I heard something interesting, I lowered my trousers.


I hardly believed my eyes after seeing the spectacle

「Aren’t you already wet?」

Her skin can be seen through her panties, Seria’s genitals were sparkling.

A sticky liquid was dripping down.

「W-when I heard the voice of Master…my body turned hot…! It’s strange」

Just how perverted is she?

She looked serious, then she must be quite a lewd woman.

「You’re feeling hot because you’re yearning for me. Now, show it」

Seria obediently nodded and took her panties off by herself

She’s pushing her butt onto me, the sincere female butler exposes her genitals

Seeing that sort of spectacle, my penis reacted.

「It’s about to explode because of Seria. Should I use you?」
「O-Of course! But I am miserable for having no experience…」
「Don’t mind it. I’ll move as I like. You should just enjoy yourself」

I took out my penis and aimed at Seria’s vagina

「Leona, Yarina…I’ll ask you to guard us」
「Got it」
「Leave it to me」

Fufu, quite some honest girls
When this operation ends, I’ll give them lots of love

「I-It’s hitting me…! Master’s hard thing…!」
「kukuku…I’ll put this in」

I grabbed her slender waist, then I draw her towards myself

Being said that she’s a virgin, her insides tighten quite a lot

It’s a completely useless treasure to not let a man use such a vagina.

Well, I will have to enjoy this from now on…

「It’s coming…It’s coming in…It’s entering!」
「Your love nectar overflows… Can you feel it?」
「That’s because my beloved master is in my lewd place… Just being touched…!」
「Is that so?」

I pushed my waist further in

I felt striking something like a wall, but I just pushed and forced myself inside

「Nnnnnaaaaa! It’s enteriiiiiiing!」
「That’s the moment you became a woman」
「Ah, haaah…Thank you very much…!」
「In addition, I’ll make you feel the joy of a woman!」

I moved my waist on Seria who’s not complaining of pain

*PanPan* the sound of meat and meat bumping, I violate her on her back.

「Eh, I’m being gouged ouuuut! I’m getting gouged ouuuuuut! aaaaaaa!」
「Don’t tighten up more…」

Whenever I pierce her, her vaginal walls coils around the tip of my penis

It feels nice to have my sensitive part pin-pointed

「This movement…where did you learn this?」
「It’s tightening…and closing up」
「I-I don’t know…!」
「So you’re saying that your body moves without your permission…kukuku」

She never knew it herself as she was serving the Empress up until now

「How is it? This is a man’s body」
「It’s the best!」
「Compared to a woman’s body, which is better?」
「Master! If you make me feel this good…I’m…I’m…!」

I had charm cheat used on Seria

When I give her sexual pleasure in this state of magic, it’s impossible for her to tell a lie anymore

In short, Seria’s remarks are her true intentions

「Do you dislike the play you’ve done with Elena Ria up until now?」
「I’ve never do that… It’s just…」
「I wanted to feel good too… Elena Ria-sama is just…always thinking of herself…」
「That’s cruel. Doing nothing but licking」
「She’s a royalty. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to lick me…」
「Really, what a hopeless fellow…」

Well, I do understand Elena Ria’s feelings

When you’re at the top, you can’t think no one but yourself

「But, you’re a pervert right?」
「Haven’t you been licking Elena Ria’s anus? Then, you drank her urine」
「F-for you to know that much…!」
「If it’s about you, I know everything」
「A-Amazing! As expected of master. Then, if possible, your urine…!」
「Do you want to drink it?」
「Please let me drink it!」

I’ll say it once again, Seria is under charm cheat.
When she’s having sex, she’ll speak out her mind

That remark just now, Seria said everything.

…She’s quite an outrageous pervert.

「I’ll only give you my semen. Sorry, but I don’t want to keep company of a pervert like you」
「If you feel disappointed, why not go to Elena Ria?」
「E-elena-sama is amazing too, but she doesn’t have a penis. a fat, and strong penis that master only has… My perverted pussy is only for master」
「How admirable for you to say that」

Since you said it. You should be rewarded.

「I’m about to cum…!」
「Yeah, it’s semen」
「It sounds so indecent…! Please put in in me」
「Is that how you request to your master? Well, that’s fine, I intend to overlook it if you have the ability」
「I’ll dye your eyes white. But, before that…」

It’s necessary for me to move my waist faster.
I’ve tasted her clamping vagina successfully, so I piston intensely.

「A, aah, aaaah! F-fast…! Your waist movment is…!」
「I’ll mess you up!」
「I’m breaaakiiing! You’re breakkiiiiing me! You’re messing up my first time virgin pusssyyyyyyyyyyy!」

Looking at her reverse heart ass, I further accelerated

As I thrust, her vagina tightens more, it’s trying to squeeze out semen

「I’m about to…!」

I can’t endure any longer and pulled my penis out her vagina

Then, Seria was,


It looked like a dog who totally got baited

「I’ll cum」


I splashed a lot of cloudy liquid over Seria

「To be covered with it…It’s different from pee, it’s a sticky white liquid… aah…this is master’s」

Seria, who’s making an ecstatic face began to lick the semen out of her face.

「*slurp*…*Sluuuurp*…it’s delicious」
「You seem to like it」

The female butler closed to my crotch with an unsatisfied face.
「Your penis is still standing isn’t it? Then I will…Clean it」