I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 9

Episode 9 ★ Female butler Seria clean up fellatio

The penis that just came is filled with semen, then Seria brought it closer to her face.

She sniffed the sap of a man and slowly touched it with the tip of her tonuge

「Aaah…Master’s semen…I’m filled with it」
「Lick as much as you like」

She seemed happy and replied with a smile, then she glanced at my penis and licked it all over.

「I said this earlier, since I ejaculated, it’s sensitive. Especially just like earlier, it has a numbing feeling. You get it?」
「Certainly. When, I will carefully lick the penis from the side」

When she said so, Seria started to lick my penis like eating corn

She’s properly tasting the semen as she makes a indecent wet sounds

I think this was called Harmonica Fellatio

Of course, that word doesn’t exist in this world

Even if it did, Seria won’t know it

This girl does harmonica fellatio naturally
She’s really quite a horny woman

「*Suck*…*Suuck*…Master’s semen, delicious」
「Are you happy?」
「Since you splashed the semen on my face, I can taste the delicious semen. I can’t be happier than this」
「Compared to Elena Ria’s piss, which is better?」
「Elena Ria-sama’s urine has no particular taste. It’s not delicious even though I drink it. However, Master’s semen, has a perfect taste that makes me excited」
「I’m glad that you’re pleased」
「It’s still quite dirty isn’t it? I’ll do my best to thoroughly clean it up」

Seria’s tongue reached the tip
She licked the semen on the pubic hair and headed lower.

「So this is a man’s testicle… I’ve only heard it on stories, but to see the real thing」
「Semen is made here」
「Is that true!? That’s amazing」

Knowing where semen is made makes you happy? Seria spread my legs open and dived under my crotch

Oioi, I haven’t given you those kinds of instructions.

Well it’s fine. I’ll just let her do as she likes.

「Balls…ballsballs…this white liquid…」

Seria opened her mouth and sucked the testicles gently

「Seria, you get it?」
「Yes. This is a man’s vital spot. I need to be tend to it」
「If you get it, then it’s fine」

It entered the mouth, then taken out a lot of times.

The testicles are placed on her tongue, then was rolled over.

She sucked and pulled the scrotum.

「*lick lick*… Do you like to have your balls licked?」
「It feels good」
「I’ll massage it so It can make lots of semen」
「Please do」

Seria began her mouth massage

The pleasant feeling was transmitted rather than pain, the feeling runs through the body.

「More…Lick more of it」

Just like that, Seria began to lick the ball slowly

Her tongue crawls to it’s surroundings.

Oioi, Could it be…

「Master’s anus…I’ll lick it」

I don’t feel bad on it particularly, but to think she’d be this agressive

Was it because Elena Ria taught you this?

「*Lick lick*…*Lick lick*…」

Seria began to moist my anus’ area

She sprinkled it with her own saliva, my anus was stimulated

I myself don’t have that hobby, but it doesn’t feel so bad.
A beautiful dignified woman like Seria is licking my anus after all.

I rather feel indulged in superiority complex

「Master’s anus…Delicious」

When she thought that the anus was wet enough, she poked the tip of her tongue

She waved it litlle by little, then, when the got in, she said:


Seria is licking my anus, even she still hadn’t done a hand job

Even though I just ejaculated a while ago, my penis completely regained it’s vigor

「Masster’s penis…it got hard」
「That’s because of you」
「I won’t be able to clean it like this」
「…Is that on purpose?」

If she did it on purpose, she’s quite a sly fox then.

Well, if I say it doesn’t matter that I got erect again immediately after ejaculating, then it doesn’t matter.

「Lick the semen off first. Then after that」

Looking at my front, Seria held my dick in her mouth
Not much time has passed since my ejaculation so it feels bad to get sucked suddenly


Because my dick was big, she can only suck the tip without reaching the root

But, she moves her tongue bit by bit, she licks the tip of my penis and it sends me strong pleasure

「It feels good, Seria」
「It’s for master’s sake after all. Should I swallow even further?」
「I don’t mind」

Seria has swallowed my dick that it reached her throat interior

I can feel her mouth wriggling and attacking intensely

「You’re sucking to the base indeed」

I’ve done a lot of women, but why is her blowjob face making me excited?

She’s making a lewd look on her face, I feel like I can ejaculate on her a lot

「I’ll be cleaning up master’s penis」
「Fuu…I’ll get dirtied again if this continues」
「What do you mean?」
「I meant to say that your mouth feels good」

Seria’s cheeks reddened while having my penis inside her mouth
She must be glad to be praised by me

「Since you waited for long. Why not sandwich it between your huge tits?」

Seria has a quite a big breast Her clothes are quite thick but her chest is still emphasized, her breast might be more than what I expect

「My breast…is it?」
「Yeah. sandwich it, then stroke it」
「U-understood. I’m not confident if I can do it well」

Seria took of her jacket, then unbuttoned her shirt.

Then, a pair of white porcelain like breast jiggled.

「You seem to look thinner in clothes」
「I-is that so?」

There are two things in Seria’s chest that’s bigger than her head
I think it’s cute for have small nipples and areola in spite of having a huge tits

「If it’s that big, then it should be able to sandwich my penis whole」
「I’ll try」

Seria spread her tits herself, then wrapped my penis with it

It’s a little sweaty, but the tender meat swallowed my whole penis
Her soft feeling is very pleasant

「It’s good. Move like this」

N, N, her voice sounded, Seria moved her tits up and down.

The tip of my penis was seen and hidden repeatedly

「It’s hot…Master’s penis is hot…」
「You made them」
「Haahaa…It’s hard and big…it’s so wonderful…」
「Do it stronger」

She held her giant breasts with both of her hands, then Seria further intensified the paizuri

Apparently, Seria can also feel it, her nostrils are widening

「A, aah…rubbing my nipples…It feels good…!」
「You’re about to cum?」
「If we continue like this, I might cum」
「Don’t hold back and cum」
「Is that okay?」
「I’ll ejaculate at the same time」

Thanks to Seria working hard on her paizuri, I feel like I’m about to cum again.

I readied my ejaculation stance.

「This time, inside your mouth. While sandwiched, put it in your mouth」

She opened her mouth, and prepared to catch the semen

Apparently, Seria is at her limit

「Master…I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum with just my nipples…!」
「Don’t be embarrassed. Be happy instead」
「Happy…? I-I’m glad…」
「Come, I’m about to let it out too. Take it in your mouth」

Seria held the mouth that’s filled with pre-cum

I ejaculated inside her mouth


When I ejaculated, it seems that Seria came as well
Her nipples had gone hard, and love nectar was flowing like urine

「Now, drink…」

The jelly like sperm overflows in her mouth, Seria swallowed it

Her eyebrows shows that she’s in pain, but she drank it.

「*Gulp*…*Gulp*! It’s really, thick…It’s delicious…」
「Then that’s good」
「I’ve drank all of it」

I received clean-up fellation from seria again


「Y-You…What are you doing…!?」

Upstairs…in short, a voice from the upper room where Elena Ria is was heard.

When I turned around,
「So you came… Empress Elena Ria」
The empress that was looking furious was there.