I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 10

Episode 10: VS Empress Elena RIa

「Elena Ria-sama…Why haven’t you escaped yet?」

Seria said while sucking my penis. Her not minding Elena Ria is the proof that she under my charm cheat

However, It’s quite a severe scene for Elena Ria

In this world…especially for those who work in this castle are influenced by Elena Ria and are man haters.

Seria is no exception

But, that woman is licking the meat deliciously. Elena Ria’s shock is immeasurable.

「Youuuuuuuu! What did you do to Seria?!」
「I’m afraid I can’t tell you」

My strategy was a success
It’s certainly much easier to have Elena Ria come than chase her desperately
If we follow to her destination, there’s a risk of a trap

Moreover, Seria’s lovely voice might echo as I was poking her violently.
When the escaping Elena Ria heard that, she might come back here

「Whoops, we’re in front of the leader of the most powerful country」

I stopped Seria’s clean up fellatio, then I pulled back my penis, and closed my trousers

「I’m honored to meet you, Elena Ria」
「Everything…All of this was caused by you!?」
「I used the demon race’s army, thinning the defense of the castle, then I used Leona to guide me to the secret passage to invade. Then, winning over your most trusted aide, Seria, She became my woman. What’s next is You, Elena Ria

「You! Do you know what you’re doing!? You will pay with your life!」

No matter how strong the empress is, she’s only a small fry in front of me

Elena Ria grabbed the sword on her waist.

「The castle’s treasure that has been passed through generations…King’s sword Avar Bain. With this blade, you…」

Empress pulled out the sword

It’s seems that the empress has the treasure.
As expected, Even I don’t know that sword, but I understood that the sword must be a special weapon.

However, the distance form me and Elena Ria is more than ten meters

Beating her down before she closes up wouldn’t be a problem

Why I’m not using Charm Cheat? That’s because it’s part of the plan

Above all, having her submit without using the charm cheat would be the best.

If I used charm cheat immediately, there’s no sense of achievement. A good woman must take time to fall.

「I want to hear something from you. First…」

Elena Ria swung her blade vertically

What are you doing? There’s nothing there…

For a moment I thought.


My shoulder is cut, then I saw myself dyed in blood

Could this sword be…?

「What are you being surprised for? That’s the ability of this sword」
「With Avar Bain, I can cut anything in my sight. You thought you had the advantage in distance, but I am the same」

Elena Ria continued to talk.

「For leading the demon race army, for invading the castle, for tormenting Seria. You seem to have quite the ability. There’s no way I would approach you carelessly」
「Then, why don’t you kill me with a single blow?」
「For leading the demon race army…About seria…I have a lot of things to ask you」
「I see」

I’ll be fine if I talked to her

Well, I do understand Elena Ria’s feelings. There’s an unknown force…furthermore, it’s a man

She wants to know the details of that power, and she’s curiously want to know the background of it

Also, if it’s Elena Ria, she can easily kill me.

Fuu…This is the strongest woman? Her name isn’t just for show

「First, I’ll heal my wounds」

I healed my shoulders in an instant. This way, I showed her that it’s useless to hurt me

This will make the negotiation a bit easier

「Damaging you seems impossible. Also, to use healing magic without a chant. It would seem that torture wouldn’t work either」
「That’s right」
「There’s no merit for us to glare at each other this way then」

Now then, how do I turn this situation around?

It looks like I’m on par with Elena Ria, but in reality I’m at disadvantage.

That treasure is quite troublesome as expected.

But I can counterattack if she starts to fight badly

I might be able to perform a hit that will decide my win

「I can feel high magic power from you… More than me」
「My magic power is infinite. I won’t be easily defeated」
「You’re a man so why…?」
「That’s because I’m a man from another world」
「Other world you say…?」

Elena Ria twitched slightly

Kuku, all according to plan
If I tell her that I came from another world, her concentration would be chipped a little.

「Have you heard about it?」
「I’ve read it from old books. Though, it was written as a legend in the book」
「Apparently, I seemed to have been called in this world」
「Why is an otherworlder aiming at my castle?」
「That is…」

While pretending to answer, I took out a magic stone and attacked Elena Ria

「Catching me off guard…! But, that won’t work on me!」

She used the treasure and crushed the stone

I rushed at Elena Ria on that gap

「I told you it’s useless!」

Elena Ria swung her sword, I created a big rock and hid behind it.

Since she said that the treasure uses her sight, it’s impossible for her to damage me directly like this


Elena Ria broke the rock

But, I hid well on the debris of the rock

In that instant, Elena Ria lost sight of me.

「It’s the end!」

I created multiple rocks, then attacked Elena Ria from all sides.

As expected, attacks from her blind spot is included, and it wouldn’t be possible to stop everything at the same time

「Who do you think I am…?」

Suddenly, in her attack, the rocks were shattered.

「It’s possible for me to cut from the blind spot if It’s close」

…tsk. So there’s that kind of ability.


「If I hit you directly…!」

I produced a rock in my hand and struck Elena Ria

When I attacked at the distance closer than the swing of her sword, her ability is invalid

「The ability of the treasure isn’t the only secret of my strength!」

When she said, Elena Ria crushed the rock hand, and closed the distance instantly

As expected of otherworld, their swordsmanship is different.
They’re accustomed to fighting

I have never experienced fighting up front.

「This is…the difference…!」

The tip of Elena Ria’s blade penetrated me…!?
ーAt that moment, I expressed a huge grin.