I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 11

Episode 11 ★ Empress Elena Ria body fiddling

「In the end, you’re a man. You stained the blade of my sword with your blood…」

Believing that she won, Elena Ria looked down on me

But, who is it that won?

「Naive, Elena Ria. You thought you beat me?」
「Wha…!? Surely you’ve been stabbed in the chest!」

Just like Elena Ria said, the sword extends towards my abdomen

However, I made something.

「W-what’s this black hole!?」

The warp that I thought of using to go home
The warp hole was in front of my abdomen.

Aisha must be surprised on the other side of the hole
A tip of the sword appeared suddenly

「Sorry, but it’s my win」

I held Elena Ria’s wrist while saying so

「If you can’t swing your sword you can’t use your ability right? And your strength is amplified with magic. With this simple power, I won’t be defeated by you」

It was risky, but I was able to close up with Elena Ria

My purpose was to approach her.

「I can do most magic. But, among them, there’s one that needs to meet a condition. For example, the one that influences the human body」
「W-what do you mean…!?」
「I’ll be trying it now」

I concentrated my magic on the hand that’s grasping her wrist.



Elena Ria shouted

「It seems that you felt bad right? That’s because I put some drugs on your body」
「It’s aphrodisiac. Well, you’ll turn horny to the degree that power won’t enter you anymore」

The Elena Ria who’s standing strong earlier, fell down on her knees.

「Y-youuu…! What do you plan to do from now on…?」
「I’ll tell you why attacked this castle」
「It’s to make beauties like you my woman」

Her forehead perspired, I laughed at the suffering Elena Ria.

Can you still act strong in this situation?…She looked at me with pride

However, just how long can you pretend to be tough?

「I made this aphrodisiac so I can touch and feel you」

I traced Elena Ria’s skin with my finger

「How is it? It feels good I guess. It’s like your whole body is now a erogenous zone」
「Haahaa…I-I don’t feel it…」
「Is that true?」
「Kuha! T-Touching me again…Haahaa…!」

The dauntless Empress has her toes pointing inwards, her body is restless and bending loosely in agony.

It’s indeed a fascinating spectacle

「I’ll hear out various stuff from you. You’re quite strong it seems」
「T-to lose against your arm…It’s not a big deal」
「Oioi. Did you think that you would win because you’re a tournament champion? In a world where you fight through war, you can’t measure power through tournament. In short, recall that this arm is normal out there.

It’s all over the place. Furthermore, there are those who conceal their history and hide their true intentions on the tournaments. Do you seek a fair fight there?」
「It’s natural as a soldier. In addition, they earnestly participate to not become a nuisance」
「What a wonderful spirit. Well, in the end you won so it doesn’t matter」
「That’s because I surpass them. That makes me feel proud」
「I’m not interested in the results of war. What I’m interested in…Is your body」
「You heretic!」
「I knew your sexual activities using the treasure the witch had. Your body being caressed by a woman, that was very beautiful」
「Just how rotten are you」
「Don’t praise me so much. It makes me want to violate you」

When I glared at her, Elena Ria’s body trembled

That’s the first time she displayed that expression

「Any part of the woman body can be used as a sex toy. For example, your hand」
「W-what are you going to do?」

I made Elena Ria’s hand take out the penis out of my trousers.

「S-sto…! A-ahn!」
「Your hands are sensitive too. Just holding my dick makes you feel pleasant」
「I-I’m not feeling good…」
「Now then, just holding it feels pleasant. How about if you stroke it?」
「C-could it be…There’s no way!?」
「Your fingers are small and long, it’s beauty doesn’t suit holding a sword. Stroke my thing with this」

Saying so, I moved Elena Ria’s hand

*Shiko Shiko*, was the sound of my penis being stroked up and down (TN: Fap Fap)

「A-aaah! Aaaah! I can feel it!? It’s just my hand being moved, yet!」
「How is it? it feels good right!?」
「D-daaaamn! Let me gooo! Let me gooo!」

Ignoring Elena Ria’s shouts, I continued the hand job.

Elena Ria’s palm is now as sensitive as her genitals
It feels like her vagina is being hit by a penis.

「I-I don’t want to feel it…I don’t want to feel it…」
「Your hand is moving on it’s own while you say that」
「L-Lies…! I-I such…!」

She’s now doing handjob willingly.

It seems that it became for her to control herself because of the pleasure.

「You’re a beautiful woman, If it’s on the other world, a lot of men would try to advance on you 」
「That kind of man…Ahn! I’ll definitely cut them all!」
「You don’t like men, yet you have sexual desire… Then, you have Seria lick you off almost every night with that. Seeing you do urination, you don’t seem to have a normal sexual desire」
「Guh…! Don’t…say, that…!」
「You even have your anus licked…You pervert. But, my sexual desire is strong, and I don’t hate perverted women」
「I’m not pleased to be liked by someone like you!」
「But, you’re moving your hand on your own? The pleasure is increasing, and your reasoning is being blown off?」
「S-such a thing…nnn! Aahn, haa! Kuun!」
「Move it faster. The highest pleasure is waiting」

She’s biting her lower lip in frustration, yet the movement of her hands goes faster.

Her breathing turned rough, her cheeks reddened, it seems like Elena Ria has surrendered to the pleasure.

「It’s good… You rise on the top of the country. The common people don’t understand your pain and conflict」
「T-That’s right…in order to reduce my stress it…」
「You used the female butler night after night, right? Your reason was just. You don’t need to hold back anymore」
「I don’t need to endure anymore?」

Elena Ria stripped off her hard armor to my sweet words

「Specially, since you were born as a woman. You should also have fun as a woman」
「Have fun…as a woman?」
「Now, move your hand more」
「Han, nuu! I-it’s no good…I’m just moving my hand but I can feel it! I’ll go crazy if this continues…」
「Nnaaaaaa! C-c-cumming! Something is comiiiiing!」
「Come! Show me your cumming face!」
「Damn…Damn…Dammiiiiit! I can’t stop my hand from feeling good! I want to fee it more, more! Nfuaaaan!」
「I’ll also cum」
「I’ll splash it on your face. Just stroke it」
「I am…I am…a-about to cum…! I-I’m about to c-c-cuuuuuum!」

To match Elena Ria’s climax, I also ejaculated.

*Doku Doku* I released a large amount of semen on Elena Ria’s face
Her body had gone pure white

「Haahaa…T-this is semen…It’s warm… And, it feels like I’m filled with it…」
「That is true pleasure. Isn’t it great to have this as a woman?」
「Amazing…too amazing…!」
「You’re whole body is beautiful…First let’s satisfy your body」

Elena Ria opened her mouth, fixed her gaze at me while saying.
「I…I’m…broken… Aah…It doesn’t matter anymore…I just want to feel good…」