I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 12

Episode 12 ★ Empress Elena Ria’s change

「It’s about time, Onii-chan」

Eunice who was commanding the demon race army is looking at the terrace from the top of the castle where the Empress room is.
The strategy was scheduled to begin

「If it’s master, there should be no problelms」

From Eunice’s side, the Succubus Maid Melia appeared.
She was having her usual cool appearance and was staring indifferently

「Ah, Onii-chan came!」

Ryuu and Elena Ria were at the terrace

「Ahaha, it seems Onii-chan has broken that Elena Ria」
「Yes. The empress who was called the strongest, has now a face of a woman」
「Just what happened on her?… I can imagine what happed…」

Eunice sandwiches her harm in her crotch and fidgets

「Since it’s master, I’m sure it’s interesting」
「Something amazing has happened right?」
「Yes. Something so shocking that would be known all over the country」
「Melia, have you prepared it?」
「Of course. However, I don’t understand the contents are…」
Since Onii-chan made it, it should be okay!」

Eunice floats a smile
Her cheerful state was noticed by those in the terrace

「Now, I hope we start faster」

Ryuu’s strategy is about to reach the Finale

●  ●  ●

「I’ll kill you…I’ll kill yo…damn…!」

Elena Ria scowled at me as she still has some willpower left.
I ignored it, and brought her to the terrace.

「What…are, you doing…?」
「I’ll tell you in a moment」
「D-don’t joke with me…?」

She still has some willpower, as expected of someone who’s called Empress.
Though, the effect of the aphrodisiac is still there, she regained her will the moment that there’s no stimulus.

「Ryuu-sama, are you going to use aphrodisiac again?」

Yarina closed to me and asked

「No, it’s fine like this. Since I’ll make her my sex slave while the effect of the aphrodisiac goes away slowly. Just as planned」(TN: No, seriously, it’s Keikakudoori)
「As expected of Ryuu-sama」

I told Yarina to pull back, then I and Elena Ria got out of the terrace.

「Haahaa…! It may be gradually, but my consciousness will…!」
「Have you taken it back? That’s good」
「If I have my sword, you’ll be done in an instant」
「Don’t say something so disturbing. How will I play your body if that happened?」

Since the aphrodisiac is still in effect, any other parts of Elena Ria will also let loose.
Hand, Hair, Ass, Legs, Elbow, Breast, mouth…I fiddled with every possible place and ejaculated repeatedly
Thanks to that, Elena Ria is now covered in semen

「You Hertetic…! I won’t forgive you…! I’ll neveeeer…!」
「But, you can feel it right?」

When I turned my gaze, Elena Ria showed a shocked expression.

「That face…just by seeing my face, your face looks like it’s in estrus」
「T-that’s not…」
「Why are you lying? You already let loose a while ago, your body has been completely imprinted withg pleasure」
「I-I am…!」
「Then, should I confirm it?」

I raised her skirt and touched Elena Ria’s genitals

「How is it? You can feel it right?」

Elena Ria stopped resisting, became silent, ant let me fiddle her.
I finger gets sucked in her vagina without any resistance

「This is the you now. You won’t win in conflicts, and you’ll succumb to the pleasure in front of you」
「Elena Ria, think about it. Why do you dislike pleasure?」
「It’s easier if you accept it…am I wrong?」
「You’re already broken earlier. But, when your consciousness returned, you tried to mend yourself and resisted. To break you once again is hard you know」

Elena Ria listened without saying anything.
Perhaps, she’s probably thinking that I made sense.

「What should I do to break you?…The answer is simple」
「Rather than restoring, you should be reborn. You will have to start from zero again」
「You hate men…you feel uncomfortable with men… Instead of that, you should just reverse everything」
「Reverse…? What I request is pleasure…? From a man…?」
「That’s right. Your vagina getting wet is the evidence, you’re letting a finger smoothly pass through. Even if your mind is broken, if you really hate it, then your body should refuse」
「I don’t really hate it…」
「You seem to have noticed your true feelings. If so, then put your hand against the terrace, and point your ass to me」
「G-got it…」

Elena Ria nodded obediently, she turned her back on me and displayed her ass.
Her legs are long and slim that her back standing posture is strangely beautiful
It’s difficult for me to suppress my desire when I think that I would be able to thrust my penis in this beautiful body from now on.
I took out my erect penis, then glued it to Elena Ria’s vertical line.

「A-a hard thing is…!」
「You don’t know what hit you?」
「You better speak more vulgar」

I whispered to her

「cock…! Cock…!」

Elena says it like a child who enjoys using the word she just remembered

「Now, tell what you want me to do」
「M-My pussy…C-cock…please thrust your cock in!」

Kukuku, you finally revealed your true feelings.
I gripped Elena Ria’s ass and pushed my waist in just like that.
As one might expect, she’s a virgin so there’s some resistance.

But, it seems like she’s yearning for my body as she invite it inside.
Love nectar overflowed and her vaginal walls were wrigling.

「Kuh…Fuu! Just a little more…Just a little more…!」
「I’ll put it inside as is」
「Come…! Coome!」

I draw her waist in, then invaded Elena Ria’s insides

「Kuhooo!? I-It’s in…It’s entering, it’s inside…!」

Elena Ria was pleased that it was in.
She no longer a country’s ruler, but a female pervert that has fallen for pleasure.

I began to move my waist.

「Ahn, It’s moving…Inside me…a hard thing is…!」
「Can you feel it?」
「I can feel it! It feels good, this might become a habiiit…!」
「If I show your face on your people, what would happen?」
「It would be bad…If that happened…I…I…!」
「We might be seen at the terrace. Should we stop?」
「Haahaa…this place is high so it’s okay… That’s why, please don’t stop」
「Got it」

She seem to enjoy being violated while she’s standing back.
Since Elena Ria requested it, we’ll continue the play in this place.

「Ah, hiiiii! Cock., amaaziiiing!」
「It’s a feeling that makes you crazy!」
「Aaaa, iiiii, nuu! Ahiiii!」
「How’s it? Do you love my body?」
「I love iiiiiit! I love coooocks!」

Elena Ria screamed
Thinking that she won’t be heard on the castle, she shouted.

Fuu, this may possibly become a habbit

While thinking so, I activated my magic.
『I love iiiiiit! I love coooocks!』
Those were Elena Ria’s scream a while ago

It was repeated


Elena Ria suddenly spoke in disarray

「Oh, sorry. I forgot to say one thing」
「Our act in the terrace…is seen all over the country」

That’s right, the act of me and Elena Ria, was probably seen by all the citizens
Elena Ria floated a desperate look.