I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 13

Episode 13 ★ Empress Elena Ria’s corruption

I released the transparent magic, and a camera was flying outside the terrace.
Simply put, the camera is like a fa◯nell.

The terrace is projected by this camera, which I prepared a televised display on each town beforehand.

The Idea was referred from the Senri Crystal That’s because it has a function of a camera and display put together.

And including my knowledge, We have created a magic tool.

My strategy was to show this image to the people

Now, look at the corrupted state of your empress

「A,ahahaha…This figure of mine…my people…」

The shock was too much that Elena Ria became absent minded.

However, I instantly noticed her change.

「You seemed to have your heart broken…but that’s a lie. You’re feeling it from having yourself projected right?」
「The tightness of your vagina became better. That’s the proof that you’re feeling it. Am I wrong?」

Hearing what I said, Elena Ria just laughed.

「ahaha…That’s right…! This me…feels good in this situation…ahaha」
「Have you gone crazy? However, I won’t be satisfied with this」

I began to move my waist again.

*Panpan* as it makes a dry sound echoes, my glans that’s inside Elena Ria was pressed up ahead.

「Aaahn, nfuaa! It’s coming! It’s entering!」

Without forgetting to look at the camera, Elena Ria’s body curved in agony.

Whenever I thrust her, Elena Ria’s vagina becomes narrow, it seems to want my semen.

As expected of the tightening, I might not be able to endure, so I continued to piston.

Looking at her fair ass, I continued to shake her narrow ass.

「It feels goooood! Aaaah, it’s deeeep! It’s good when it’s deeeeep!」
「How good is it? Does the one in the image not know how good a man’s body is?」
「A hard penis, deep…it feels good when you’re banging it! I’m glad to be born as a woman!」
「yareyare, You won’t be understood with that explanation」

Words doesn’t seem to come out for the pleasure. Well, that’s understandable.


As I move my waist, it seems that the castle turned noisy.

「Return Elena Ria-sama to us!」

Apparently, a female knight that was near came to rescue Elena Ria

Women gathered on that assumption

Every door on the castle has been shut closed already
When you think about the height of the castle, arrows won’t reach us either, so I kept violating Elena Ria as is.

「Ahia! I want your child sap! nfua, nfuu, nuoooo!」
「You’re speaking obscenely now」

Her tonuge is out, and she was facing upwards
She’s wetting herself with her own drool, her breathing turned rough.

「Ahuuー…haaー…haa…! Good! It’s good! Banging feels good!」
「Are you satisfied already?」

If she’s satisfied with just this, it won’t be fun.
Should I increase the speed of the piston?

I speed the speed I hammer her ass, and her womb is being pressed repeatedly.

「Aaaaaah! don’t do that! I’m going crazzzzyyyyy! please no mooooore!」
「I’ll make you feel more!」
「Aaaah, kunuuuu! It feels too good, I’m losing my power!」

Has her muscular strength weakened? I expanded her anus.
Her legs are wobbly and trembling, she looks like a newborn foal

「S-something’s coming! C-cumming…! Ahii!」
「Are you cumming…?」
「A, impossible! pleash no more! C-C-cumming…aaa,a,aaa!」

Because it seemed interesting, I intensely poked my penis


Leaking out a cry from inside her belly, Elena Ria turned bandy legged.

Then, just like this…

「Uu! Cumiiiiing!」


A huge amount of urine fell on the floor
She accumulated quite a considerable amount as it flows vigorously that you would think it was tap water.

「Ko…ha…I came…」
「You began urinating」
「Haahaa…it’s still coming…!」

You can’t hold it anymore? She repeated the sprinkling urination over and over again

「For you to let out a lot. Share it to your people」

I pulled Elena Ria’s arms and pushed in between her thighs

The urine that was leaking out from the empress went down the female knights in parabola.

「Kyaa, what’s this…」
「L-look at that!」

As expected, everyone noticed and watched the figure of Elena Ria urinating.

I opened her bandy legs and made Elena Ria pose like an old man pissing outside.

The empress who’s feared and gained the trust of her people

That woman’s embarrassing form is seen.

「Elena Ria, do you want to say something?」
「M-my people…My knights…」

Elena Ria calls out to the people below.

「My…Urine…Please enjoy my piss…!」

She opened her vertical line personally, then Elena Ria urinates once again.
She did public urination by herself and sprayed it on the knights.

The knights were at loss of words for this.

「Were you refreshed?」
「A, yes…」

Elena Ria looked satisfied as she released her bladder completely

「Haahaa…That felt so good…That’s the greatest moment in my life」
「This is all thanks to you…you entirely, our king」

I asked back on her sudden declaration

「In this country, it’s a custom that the country is lead by the strong people… You’re strong enough」
「A king?」

I’m not interested in power that much, but the image of the world flowed.

This situation isn’t that bad.

「Elena Ria, should I become the king?」
「You’re a King. You’re the top of this country!」

As expected, everyone heard it.

「Then, declare it from your mouth. That I have become King」
「Everyone! Listen well! Someone who can lead the country other than me came! He will be our new King!」

The knights below leaked out a shaken voice.

「Elena Ria sama, that’s foolishness!?」
「To make a man on the top…!」
「Eeei, Shut up! You girls taste a cock too! Your reason won’t win against cocks! Those who don’t understand are virgins!」

Since they’re virgins, it’s natural that they don’t understand

Furthermore, it’s strange for them to say it.

But, this means that Elena Ria has succumbed.

I resumed my piston.

「Nnnaaa! Kuhoo! Nhoooo!」
「Cum! Elena Ria!」
「Aaaaa! Comingcomingcomingcomiiiing! It’s comiiiing!」

I found out that Elena Ria’s vagina is convulsing.

Since the tightening got stronger, I’m also at my limit.

「I’ll let it out」
「kuuuuuum! Our king! impregnate meeeee!」

My Penis that endured till the end released a huge amount of semen.

*SplurtSplurtSplurt* *Spluuuuurt*…!!

While doing a piston, Elena Ria’s womb was filled with semen.

「Aaaah! It’s coming in! The King’s…The Kings children!」

Now then, it seems the women have gathered down there too.
I’ve expected this, but for this to go well.
「ーWomen of this nation…all of you become my woman!」
I used the charm cheat on the town.

The women gathered here, no, all of the nation’s women are mine.

Now, I’ll send out the remains inside Elena Ria’s vagina.

「Hafaa! I’m also cummiiiiing! Cumiiiiiiiiing! Oooouuu!?」

*Bikun*, she jerked up, then Elena Ria has collapsed in the place.
There were some slight murmur, and someone muttered

「Our king…Ryuu-sama!」

I pulled out my penis and walked in front of the terrace


「Ryuu-sama! Ryuu-sama! Ryuu-sama!」
ーwomen called out my name.