I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 3 part 14

Episode 14: The Forza Command Afterwards

Let’s summarize the story after Elena Ria had fallen

In a nutshell, this country is mine

I was made the King of the nation and the Highest officer by Empress Elena Ria’s words

However, since I don’t like troublesome things like politics, I gave Elena Ria substantial power.
She’s my slave too
I do her however I like, whenever I like, I’ve obtained the most convenient position to play.

I select women to use my charm cheat, and I only cast my magic on my preferred women

By the way, I’ve removed my magic on other women and they follow Elena Ria’s instructions.
As expected it would be very troublesome for all of them to love me As a result a bigger event occured.

Yeah, come to think of it, Aisha asked me「Why didn’t you use charm cheat from the start」

Her question was reasonable, but how do I explain my aesthetics? I didn’t want to use a large scale Charm cheat until Elena Ria fell.

I made Elena Ria fall, then used charm cheat on the women following her.

As a result, I was able to use a wide range Charm Cheat, but in reality I didn’t know until I tried it.

For that reason, it was necessary to gather women around the castle.

In that respect, that was quite a harvest.

For the bound men, I decided to secure them minimum freedom.
It’s not like men are miserable and inhuman in a point of view, to put it simply , they weren’t needed in labor and economic activity.
When I thought of the population decreasing, men has no position now.
I ordered relief measures for those.

Well, I decided to make Elena Ria’s castle my home as future base of activities.

I’ll go out for a journey, then return here if something happened. I’m ruling a human world, it’s the world’s largest, it’s cozy.

In addition, I obtained Elena Ria’s treasure, and the warp has been completed.
It’s possible for this weapon to slash something far away.
I analyzed that theory and applied it to my magic, With this, I’ll basically be able to go anywhere I like

「Where should we attack next?」

Aisha who is next to me asked.

「The other human country Japoneru would be good」
「Unexpected attack seems difficult」

When I muttered so, Aisha nodded in agreement.

「Even if it’s a human country, it’s a little special right? Could it be that your plan won’t possibly work?」
「My plan isn’t that outrageous, you can’t go to Japoneru easily」
「Can’t you just warp inside? You should’ve completed it right?」
「Yeah. Well, as expected of the other queens, they would guard their important positions too. In case of Japoneru, you can never cross it, so it’s impossible to invade」

The world map was prepared by Leona, and I tried if I was able to warp on each country.

I was able to enter the territory of the other countries easily.

However, I can’t do it on Japoneru

「They probably began to be cautious of me」
「Showing that broadcast was flashy so it’s natural. However, that was your aim right?」
「That’s not my aim. It’s just that it happened to be easier for me to be vigilant in a state of chaos. In addition, it increased the pleasure if they fall」(TN:狙いってほどじゃないさ。ただ、俺を警戒してくれた方が混乱は起きやすいからな。それに、難しい方が落とした時の快感が増える)
「Fufu, you’re really a bad person. 」

If they have proper judgement, they will notice my strength.

When they do, they would become more curious for their judgement.

I want to see what kind of correspondence the head of each country would take in this hopeless situation.

「Ryuu, I’m glad I entrusted my ability to you. I’m not getting bored at all」

I’m happy that Aisha is pleased

「Come to think of it, I wasn’t able to go to the spatial city where the celestial maiden rules? What do you think Aisha?」
「I think it’s because the city isn’t on the map The Areal city is just floating in the sky」
「And it’s whereabouts?」
「I don’t know the details either, but, it seems that the areal city is connected to a place. It looks like your warp」
「I see」

I should probably do this last.

Now then, I should be considering the way to go in Japoneru

「Elena Ria, I want to ask you something. Is there a way to approach Japoneru?」
「My king, There’s no route to japoneru」
「…None? It should be connected somewhere?」
「They observe self independence, they avoid trading with the best of their abilities. And they only come over here in one way」
「Is that your agreement?」
「That’s right」

I wonder if they make use of money.
Even Elena Ria, if you reduce her money she would be troubled.

If you want something in hand, there’s no reason for Forza Command to be equal with Japoneru.

「We suddenly reached a deadlock」

Aisha is the one who said it happily
…I think she’s the bad girl.

「My king, it’s like there’s no method」
「A ship may not leave officially…but a pirate」
「Outlaws. I heard that they gather men as working force」

To make it simple, those are men who were driven out of the country
They gather those, and make a living through piracy…

「Can’t we go using the official ship?」
「It would be an international problem. Even if you remove the international conflict, the surrounding sea is rough, and if you’re not familiar with it, it won’t be possible to reach」
「But a pirate can do it?」
「I’ve heard that they smuggled suspicious items. They should be able to」
「…It’s decided. First, let’s meet the pirates」
「King!? T-that’s dangerous…」

I smiled

「I’m the king of Forza Command right? Do you think the one who took over this country would be in danger?」
「That is…」

When I say so, Elena Ria faced down looking troubled.

「…My king, I understood. But, please be careful」
「Yeah, don’t worry. Elena Ria, please look over this country. After all, a noble queen like you is needed」

I stood up from my throne
Now then, I should talk to the pirates first.