I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 5

5話 神子アイシャとの出会い

Episode 5: Encounter with Miko Aisha

「Aaaah~、Nuoooooo! Cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!?」


After I finished creampie-ing the last woman, I gasped for air.

As expected, even I would get tired after doing this many girls.

But, I was satisfied that I was able to savour the pleasure I’ve never experienced before.


The women also were happy as seen in their trembling body.


「What’s wrong?」


The captain’s eye was at my direction, she was staring at me.

She was watching her subordinates drown in pleasure.

Considering that she’s wet, she might want to get hit too.


「……M-me too……」


「Do the same thing to me too」





「It’s painful…My pussy’s insides are tingling! Make this easier for me」


She’s been watching the group sex since earlier so it’s not strange.




「Sorry but I’m not interested in you」


It’s not because I’m tired nor not horny anymore

It’s just that I’m not interested on having sex with her

If i give it to her, then it wouldn’t be interesting anymore


After dressing up, the mysterious voice speaks on my head.


『Did you like the ability I gave you?』


Yeah, you have bestowed me a magnificent power, you have my gratitude.


『Well then, I want you to come and talk about the contract』


 Come? Where?


『At the basement of the palace』



I see, there was such a place


Okay, I’ll go.


There was a road leading to basement on the room where I was summoned.

A hidden staircase was connected to the basement.


Of course, the mysterious voice told me that there was a hidden staircase


Following the voice’s guide, I reached the door to the basement


『Open the door. That’s where I’m in.』


She told me to open the door.


I calculated various risks in my head, but let’s believe the voice.

Besides, it’s got a great force. It becomes difficult to use rather the absence of some of the risk.


I opened the firm door that is made of stone


What I saw when I opened the door is an incredibly beautiful woman tied in chains


The chains connecting her disarrays her beautiful black hair, she has a spotless mimetic beautiful face

The woman looked up, and let out her voice.


「Fufu, should I say “Nice to meet you”」

「You were the voice?」

「That’s right, you’ve done well coming here, Ryu」


You know my voice….well, that was obvious


「You may have a lot of questions in your mind, but can you release me first?」

「Got it. But how?」

「You know the basics of magic. Just touch the chains and it will be destroyed」


I approached the woman then touched the chains with my finger


When I did, the chains shattered like broken glass.


「As expected. You have the talent to become the overlord」


The woman was joyfully grinning

That bewitching smile triggers my libido once again even though I just had sex a while ago.


On top of her clothes, I can see the beautiful curve of her huge chest.

Her whole buxom is good, I tensed up.

If I embraced this woman, I don’t even mind dying.


「Fuu. I was finally released. Thank you」

「Who are you?」

「I am Miko….Miko Aisha」(TN: and my name is bond..James bond)

「God’s child?」


Miko(神子) must have been written as Child of God(神の子)

I don’t know how it’s written in kanji, but normally Miko(神子) is written as “Child of God” (みこ)

Well, that’s nothing but trivial


「Just as you said, it’s Child of God, however I’m no child of God」

「You were the one with the special power?」

「That’s correct. It’s great that you’re sharp. It was the right choice to call you to this world」

「You were the one who summoned me??」

「Oh my, you didn’t like it? Well, I can send you back to your original world, but, I will take away your power and memories」



I laughed


「Don’t be silly. I already have this great power. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay in this world for this power.」

「Fufu, you’re still a man as I expected」

Being anticipated means that there’s something you want me to do right? Is it about that contract you talked about just now??」



Aisha smiled as she gently applied her finger on my lips


「I want you to join me destroy the world」

「Destroy the world?」

「Of course, by destroy I don’t mean physically. Destroy the logic of this world」

「This world’s logic……」



Since I’m not a resident of this world, I don’t know its logic

That said, the scale of destroying logic never really felt real.


「I think you know it already, the strong in this world are women」

「With the pretext of them having more magical power than men.」

「That’s right. Simply because they are strong, that difference turned the favor change to them. Do you get it?」



If it’s in my world, the men has the upper hand in the social standards.


Gender equality has been advocated in the modern society, but men were above in the era before

Even now the culture is still under development in some ethnic groups, there’s also parts where men are still the favored ones.


This is due to the men having more strength is one of the points that can be brought up.

Using simple physical strength to force other to obey is something that is not scare in circumstances.


That’s the same in this world


「But, there’s one problem with women being strong」

「Whether they can leave a descendant or not?」

「You do understand it. That’s right」


Aisha continued her explanation


「Women are stronger in power, but men are stronger in sexual desire. And because the woman is on the top of the system…」

「Matriarchal culture developed. Having women look down on men since women went up the society」


「And thus, women detest men culture’s permeation, there’s no sexual intercourse between men and women」


How can someone with weaker power but stronger sexual desire perform sex?

Even the knights are of the right age at giving birth, yet most of them are virgins.

No matter how strong the libido men have, they can’t even do it through romance because of the difference in culture and libido


「Furthermore, yearly, there’s a growth in men suppression. If the newborn child is a boy, the parents kill him immediately」

「Stupid. Do they want to raise their social status?」

「That just mean that their lust is abysmal」


I understand what Aisha is saying

By simply having no reproduction to occur, the birth rate decreased.

Then, naturally population will decrease, eventually destroying the world


「I got the gist of it. But, there’s no merit for you, isn’t there? Women are at advantage and so are you.」

「I can explain that later. I’ll tell you first, I don’t plan on letting a man shoulder all of it. Originally, I can’t change my gender to male using magic」

「I’m relieved to hear that」

「Thank you for believing me」

「Change the logic. In other words, what you’re trying to do is to save the world」

「Fufu, isn’t that a nice phrase?」


She smiled like she’s hiding something


「You seem to be hiding your intentions, well it doesn’t matter as long as I have this power. Then, what about the contract?」

「First, I’ll tell you about this world」




Aisha said


「I will talk about the six queens who dominate this world」