I made a slave harem using a Charm Cheat in a different world Chapter 4 Part 5

Chapter 5: Female pirate Bridget

「Why did ya show up suddenly!」

The woman barked.

「I want to negotiate with you」1
「Negoti’tiaton? Han, I can jus’ easily seize ya ‘ya know?」
「Stop that. The ponytail woman there is the Knight leader. The tan girl there is the witch. We might be lacking in people but we all have considerable skill」
「Han! Who’d believe you!」

The man near Leona attacked her.

However *Kin*, the man’s knife flew along with a shrill sound.

「It’s naïve to attack me」
「T-This guy…Swung his sword in a moment…!」

Looking at them quarrel happily, Eunice laughed as if she’s having fun.

「Ahaha! Do you want sheer power? Then…!~」

Eunice began to cast some spell.

Then, a black cloud was made, then a lightning appeared from it.

「Okay, lightning *Dokkan*…!」
「Please stop it, Eunice-sama」

elia stopped her immediately.

「If you do that, the ship will sink. Also, it’s enough to just show our power」

Seeing that, the crew already fell on their butt trembling.

Eunice tried to generate lightning lightly.

As expected they would be frightened.

「Tsk, I want to say dokaaan」

Eunice removed the thundercloud while complaining.

However, it was the right choice to bring Melia. Eunice is reliable but she overdo it.

I like her to follow me, but it would be a pain to take care of her as expected.

In that sense, It was good to bring Eunice’s maid Meila.

「Kuh, what’s with this guys?」
「Do you get it now?」
「I-it’s not just a negotiation and nothing more, you mean?」

I was able to negotiate with Bridget with this.

「Then, let’s go to the guest room」
「Got it」

On the way to the guest room, I asked Bridget about his worry from earlier.

「I noticed that there’s a lot of male sailors, there’s no discrimination here?」
「A man or whatever it is 『What’s useful is useful』 That’s my motto」

An interesting idea. It’s been rooted in this world that they discriminate men.
「You, even though you’re a man you look so self-important」
「Because I am」
「You only took your war potential, you sound dangerous」
「I wonder」
「Well it’s fine. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re a man or a woman」
「That’s right. As long as they have the ability and they’re obedient」
「That’s right!」
Kuku, it seems I’ll get along with Bridget.

Well, I don’t think of her greatly.

Eunice walking alongside us, she looks dubious and inclined her head on one side.

「Is there any other use for a man than a pleasure?」

Eunice’s lewdness is still in her nature.

She only thinks of men as sexual tools.

Well, I think I have the similar way of thinking of tools.

「Here, we’ve arrived」

We arrived in the guest room while talking.

「Then, what do you want to talk ’bout?」

It’s a refreshing character, Bridget asked immediately after we entered the guest room.

We took a sit and proceed to negotiations.

Women who can talk is good.

「I’ll get straight to the point. I want this ship to take us to Japoneru」
「Why do I have to do what you want?」
「I won’t give you that much details」
「So you wont talk? Then, that’s the end of negotiation. Look for some other ships」

As expected, it won’t do with just that.

I wish she accepted it obediently for the benefit of each other.

I laughed in my mind, not letting out my mouth.

「I don’t care about the ship sending us to Japoneru but… If that’s the case, I will pay」
「It’s not about the money」
「What is it about then?」
「…I’m a person who hates to be ordered」

I was unable to hold back my smile

「So you don’t listen to orders?」

I just behaved a bit modest and Bridget’s aggressive attitude came out.

That’s much more interesting, this fellow is really foolish.

When revealing my ability, it’s impossible to judge using feelings.2

Well it’s fine.

Now then, just in case…

「…I’ll ask you once more. Could you negotiate with us obediently?」
「I don’t like that. 」

I thought that she’s a woman I can negotiate for a moment.

But it seems it’s troublesome.

「If we can’t negotiate then it can’t be helped」
「Are you going to use force? Sorry but I have traps set up in this room」
「Was I brought here for that purpose?」
「Just in case. You got some good face, I’ll make you my mate3

I snorted.

「Sorry but it’s the same for you, I don’t intend to receive someone else’s orders」
「Then, you have to die」

This is why pirates are…

Well, I want to enjoy it so I did the negotiations especially.

「Unfortunately, you will follow me」
「Oi. What’re you doin?」
I charged my magical power.
「ーーBecome my woman!」
I used my charm cheat on Bridget.


  1. Fuck negotiation, I’ll fuck you till you give me the ship
  2.  俺の能力は認めているくせに、感情によって判断できなくなっている。
  3. Fellow, friend, nakama