I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in the different world Chapter 4 Part 10

Chapter 10: A 1slut appeared2

「It’s quite deep inside the mountain…」
「I heard about it in the port but I didn’t think that it would be up here」

Melia agrees with the question inside my head.

It’s been an hour since we started climbing the mountain the Shrine Maiden lives.

We continued to walk on the stone stairs but there’s no sign of the top yet.

「Hey, Hey, Onii-chan. Is there really a shrine up there?」
「They told that it’s on the top. We won’t know until we climb up」

We just kept climbing and climbing the stone steps.

Both left and right have the color of the forest after all.

Eunice seems bored of the mountain climbing.

Also, I’m not a mountain climbing enthusiast.

We could just do it in one stroke with warp, but I have to walk on foot as there might be a interference.

Also, not knowing how much longer we need to climb makes me feel down.

「Ryuu, I’m seeing something ahead」

Aisha’s words made me feel relieved.

Since we’ve gone deep in this mountain, our destination is the shrine after all.

「We finally arrived」

We saw a red arch of a shrine not too far.

I who came from Japan feels nostalgic about this.

I haven’t seen the shrine yet but it doesn’t change that it’s ahead the arc like the original.

「Master, I’ll go ahead and scout?」
「No, it’s fine. It’s safer if all of us will go」
「Roger, Master」

Leona seems she can’t escape her habit as a knight.

It helps me that she doesn’t lower her guard.

She’s reliable in the enemy territory.

「We’re going to arrive soon. Let’s go」

Then, we finally came to the shrine.

「It’s quite a wide location」

Aisha said while looking around.

「If you look from above, it certainly is. It would be crowded in the new year shrine visit though」
「New year shrine visit? What’s that?」

Of course, Melia asks the unknown.

There’s no other shrine apart from this after all.

「It’s a traditional event where we pray to the God at the shrine on the first day of the year. Although I don’t know the history, it’s widely known as a general event」
「It’s a traditional event. It seems we don’t know anything about Japoneru yet」

Frankly, I don’t remember the manners much.

It’s something like; you ring the bell, then give thanks, then clap, then bow right?

That’s my only knowledge about the shrine.

Honestly, I don’t go much at the new year shrine visit. I ask myself why I have to go to the crowd of people in the shrine at new year.

Then, a figure was seen from the distant main shrine.

「Someone’s coming, Onii-chan」

As Eunice is speaking, the figure is approaching closer.

「It’s probably the shrine maiden that has the treasure. Should we talk to her?」

We walked towards the direction of the main shrine.

Getting in closer, I found out that it’s the shrine maiden that’s serving this shrine’s god.

Why do I know that? Her clothe is of a shrine maiden’s

I know shrine maiden clothes, for some reason it looks lewd.

「You, are you living here?」
「Yes. It’s been the first time we meet. My name is Shizuku」
「Are you the shrine maiden ruling this country?」
「Yes, I am. I was waiting for you. Please come inside」
「You were waiting? You know that we’re going to arrive?」
「I’ll talk about the details inside. Please come in」

…Is it a trap?

Meeting the shrine maiden easily, and inviting us inside easily.

「…Aisha, what do you think?」
「We can’t be careless」

That said, we can’t afford to just stand here.

Strong guys might come out from the surroundings, I think we’ll just do what the girl named Shizuku says.

Shizuku took us and we entered the shrine’s office.

The shrine office was different from the too wide compound, the room was too small.

Without delay, I thought of talking to the shrine maiden but the shrine maiden began to speak.

「I guess your name is Ryuu-sama, is it?」
「That’s right. I’m Ryuu」

I don’t know why she knows my name but it seems I don’t need to introduce myself.

「These people are Aisha-sama, Eunice-sama, Melia-sama, and Leona」
「Yes, that’s right」
「You know well」
「Yes it’s correct」

They answered unanimously. I wonder if she inspected it using magic?

This much won’t surprise me.

It might be the power of her treasure tool.

For her to know me, this attitude…

I suspect that she knows something.

「Then, without delay, excuse me」

Saying that, Shizuku kneeled in front of me3

「What? What’s wrong?」
「Should I say it’s a sign of welcome? I want you to violate me」

As expected, I can’t hide my surprise in her remark.

Aisha was at loss too.

I wonder if I casted charm magic subconsciously?

No, there’s no way I did…I guess.

「…You want to be violated?」

While speaking, the shrine maiden in front of me has already zipped down my pants.

What the hell is this?

I heard from Aisha that the shrine maiden is clean.

I wonder if Japoneru has such a culture.

No, there’s no way.

There wasn’t such a thing in the harbor.

To begin with, men are discriminated in this world.

This is strange.

「I’m dissatisfied with myself. Please use me as you like until you’re satisfied」

I tried to observe Shizuku calmly.

Compared to that genuine lewd slut witch, this makes me feel uneasy.

Though Shizuku is a slut4, I can’t get used to it.

Comparing her movement to Eunice, her movements are of virgin.

「You, you really want to be embraced by me?」
「That’s right! I want Ryuu-sama’s P-Penis!」

Then, I asked Shizuku another question.

「Could it be that you’re being lewd on purpose and inviting me?」
「Uuu…It’s not like that! I, Ryuu-samaーー」

What’s with her?…

I really feel uneasy.

Should I let leave the flow to her?…

「Fufu, Ryuu’s troubled it seems」

Tsk, Aisha, You’re enjoying this situation.

But, I don’t indent to match this fellow’s pace just like that.

「…You, do you not know the word ‘slut’?」

There’s a hesitation on her response, I believe that Shizuku’s true nature isn’t a slut.

I see the real bitches so she’s out of the question.

「I-I’m not a slut? Just a woman you can violate immediately!?」
「No, it’s different. You’re not a true slut yet」
「True slut…?」

She’s gritting her teeth.

「That’s right…I’ll tell you what’s called the real slut」
「That. What I want is Ryuu…」
「If you’re a real slut, then there’s no reason to choose a partner. Right, Eunice?」
「I want to pick but are you sure? Onii-chan, there’s not much partner that could be gathered in the ship」
「Teach her about sluts to your hearts content」
「Okaaaay. It’s been a while since I had a beautiful girl, It’s time to rev up!」
「W-what’s going on!?」

I can’t throw the possibility of a trap prepared in her vagina.5

Eunice’s penis is a fake so even if something happened to it, it should be fine.

I’ll watch the state of Shizuku being violated by the witch.

「…T-Then, I will have Ryuu-sama as my partner later」
「Okaaaay! Shrine maiden-san, Itadakimaaasu!」
Thus, Shizuku is going to be eaten by Eunice.


  1. Wild
  2. What would you do
  3. Damn girl, she doesn’t wait
  4. Female pervert- 痴女
  5. Wow, Ryuu’s a genius