I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 6

6話 世界の理――世界を支配する六人の女王

Episode 6: World’s logic――The six queens who dominate the world

「The six queens who dominate the world?」


I’ve thought of various possibilities but let’s obediently listen to Aisha for now.


「To make it simple, this world has six countries, and they’re the top of each respective country」

「I see」

「Each of them are called as; an Empress, a Saintess, a Witch, a Shrine Maiden, a Celestial Maiden」


It’s easy to summarize Aisha’s explanation


Empress….Human country 『Forza Command』’s queen

Witch….Demon Queen

Shrine Maiden……Human country『Japoneru』’s queen。(TN: ジャポネル I don’t know what this is.)

Saintess….Elf Queen

Celestial Maiden….Heaven’s Queen


I still don’t know the full details

Well, even though it’s troublesome to talk about it abruptly, I’m still thankful for the explanation


「Hey, you only mentioned five of them?」

「The last one is -the Goddess」


「That’s right. The Goddess that manages the existence of this world」

「I see. The world is matriarchal because the God itself is a woman. What a selfish Goddess」

「Gods are always selfish」 


I can feel Aisha’s hiding something in her explanation

Gods are always unreasonable to it’s people

I don’t believe in Gods until I saw them with my own eyes.


「My goal is to defeat God and then change the logic of this world」

「And that’s where I will help you right?」

「That’s right. Will you help me?」

「If I refused you’ll take away my power right? Then you know the answer already」

「Fufu, that’s my Ryu」


I don’t know how far this will take me, but let’s do it anyway

I can also use my Absolute charm on the way, so I can have fun anytime.

For the meantime, my goal is to make a slave harem.


「Then, let’s go defeat that God right now」

「It’s not that easy」


Aisha flat out denied.


「We don’t have the power to defeat God. It’s not even possible to meet God without power」


「God has bestowed treasures on the five remaining Queens」

「If you don’t collect the treasures from the Queens you can’t open the road leading to God」

「You got it. That’s why」

「We will capture the five Queens first」



The five Queens

Sounds good. I suppose I should add them to my slave Harem


「Let me confirm one thing」

「What could it be?」

「Are the Queens hot?」


Aisha widened her eyes, but she smiled at me immediately after


「They even make me depressed for being outdone」

「Then they’re unparalleled. That makes me want to embrace them more」


Standing at the top, it’s the best opportunity to embrace someone who’s proud.

I’ll make them unable to live without my cock, I’ll have them service me a lot

If I use the power of Absolute Charm, no woman can disobey me.


「Are you interested in them?」

「I feel good. I want to fuck them now」

「What a strong sexual desire you have. I love how you devote yourself in lust.」


Being told by a beautiful woman like Aisha that she loved me isn’t bad


「I know that you have a strong talent. But that alone won’t capture the Queens」


「The requirement to get the treasure is to make them surrender through sexual intercourse」

「I see」


A perfect condition for me

With this, sex would be necessary

Furthermore, I don’t intend to leave the place after they obediently give the treasure


「Ryu, while you use your power, you also need to strengthen your body through sex」

「Okay, leave it to me. But, there’s one thing bugging me though」


「Why do you want to save the world? Even that population decreases would last only to the expected」

「It’s the fact that it would occur sooner than expected」



What did she mean by that?


「I’m a miko–God gave me the power to see the future」

「Your power was to predict the future? What about summoning me? or the talking in my head?」

「My body had a larger amount of magic than other women」



Why is it in past tense?


「So basically, right now summoning ability and a minimum amount of magic is lost. In addition conversing telepathically can only be done a little.


Indeed, summoning magic must have used a lot of magic power.

Furthermore, Aisha is a captive

Her being not in the perfect condition should be taken in consideration


On the contrary, I was the large part of the risk


If Aisha didn’t simply follow due to the risk, maybe it was the thought that I would be able to do it.


Let’s think positive


「By the way, can’t you recover your magic?」

「There’s a way to recover my magic. But I won’t go in details for now. You’ll see why later. 」


Got it. Just like Aisha said, I won’t pry further


After that, there’s still something I’m worried about


「Aisha, you said you can predict the future right?」

「Yes. I foresaw the world being destroyed after a few decades. The population decreased, the food production such as grain decreased, then conflicts began, and what’s waiting after that is…」



Aisha nodded quietly


「I understand your prediction. That said Miko has no power, so that Miko believed in me. But why must I save you?」

「Even I advised the Queen, but.」

「You didn’t get through the other party.」

「Yes. All of the Queens are moving of their own self interest. I think they would still sip their sweet juice even if the world’s mechanism changed.」

「I see. So that’s why you were taken as a prisoner」


I’m still curious about one thing


「Why did you move by yourself?」


Even the pretense to see and not to see that and maintenance of the status quo should be done.

Yet, why did you entrust a power to someone from the other world and ask me to defeat God


「There are two reasons. First is because I have the power」

「Giving a sense of mission by having a power and being unable to overlook it because you saw the future」


I don’t know because I don’t have that power, and the Miko had known this since early age.

If I think about it, the sense of mission came from that


「What’s the other reason?」

「The other reason is simple. I have things I want to protect」

「Want to protect?」

「Nature, friends, and the future」


Indeed, those are precious things

I’d be convinced with this rather than the sense of mission. (TN: wow, MC believing in the power of  nature, love and friendship, what a shounen protag)


「Got it. I’ll cooperate with you」

「Are you sure? There are dangers with this」

「I’m bored with my life anyway, and also, I want to test how far can I go with this ability」

「And you want to embrace women?」

「That’s my only wish」

「You’re a great man. Men should be faithful to their desire, and they must rush to fulfill their greed」

「Then the contract is sealed」


I held out my hand


「I’d like to shake hands with you, but the contract isn’t yet complete」

「What? I thought it should be done after you talked out?」

「Just admitting it doesn’t satisfy it」

「……Temporary contract. Hmpf, that’s interesting」

「I just mentioned a while ago that to defeat the Queen sex is required」


「I need to confirm your skill or else the contract won’t be established」

「Confirm what?」


 In other words it’s……。


「I’m going to ask you to fuck me. Just being intense doesn’t mean you’re good obviously」


「On the intensity you already passed. I’ve seen that through the knights」


I can’t see any embarrassment from her.

She’s already seen me have sex with a lot of women already


「What you need to know is how to handle women. I’ll teach you that」


Aisha laughed bewitchingly



「Yes, I myself」


I couldn’t suppress my saliva going down my throat

I don’t have much experience with women, but Aisha really looks good

And with that woman, from now on


「Come, Ryu. Let’s go to bed. I’ll teach you ways to fuck women」