I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 5

Chapter 5 ★ Fairy Yushu Cowgirl position

「…How should I do it next?」

Though her body seeks for pleasure, Yushu don’t know what she should do next.

「You should do as you want. Think about it」
「…Got it!」

I liked being attacked voluntarily1

But, not only attacking but also be done by my partner is interesting too

After Yuhsu had collected her thoughts, she faced me.

「…Well then, Ryuu should turn up there」
「Got it. Very well」

I’m the one who insisted that Yushu should do as she like after all.

Let’s follow Yushu’s instructions obediently this time.

「Then what should I do?」

I asked Yushu after following her instructions.

「Ryuu should stay like that. Leave it to Yushu!」

Yushu rides me and she slowly dropped her waist.

Though it seems it’s not intentional, Yushu lowers her waist makes an M character, Yushu’s legs are quite charming.

Having that feeling, it seems that next position would be cowgirl.

Still, Yushu has a surprising amount of stamina for her legs to not become unstable even this is the third time.

「Well then, I’m going to put it in my vagina」

Yushu put my penis on the entrance of her secret mouth and swallowed it.

Yushu who already came twice took the penis in easily.

「Haa…ah…It’s making a jupujupu sound…」

Yushu used her own fingertips to show off her vagina.

Her vaginal flesh that’s dyed with love nectar and semen is obscenely grinded.

Meanwhile, Yushu put the penis deeper inside her vagina.

「HaA…Ahn, ku!」

While leaking out light breath, Yushu shakes her body in pleasure.

「Haa…It feels too good…I can’t move well…」

Yushu seems to be a bit satisfied as she’s not moving quick enough.

I’m being attacked by Yushu right now after all.

I can’t help her like the position earlier.

「N, fuuu! Haa, a bit more…I want to rub it a bit more…Ahn~! Hauu, n!」

The power of curiosity in pleasure is amazing.

Yushu seems to be exploring the knack of the cowgirl position.

Her waist moves smoother grasually and the rhythm of her up-down motion improves.

「Aaaa, haaa…It feels even better than a while ago…!」
「Yeah, I think that it’s better than a while ago」
「Better…Then, I’m going to make it even more…」

It seems that she’s motivated now that she got the hang of it.

Yushu began to move her waist violently as she’s completely soaked in pleasure.

Bending her body that’s a bit sweaty, she stimulates me lewdly as she search for my pleasure part.

「Good! Aaaaaaaa…Rub it lots…uuu!」
「Move so it feels pleasurable」
「Ahn~, Amazing.」 The penis…it’s entering deep inside…Aaahn!」
「Go on」
「Amazhing…itsh amazhing…! Nkufuu!」

The vagina waves windingly and it seems to be transmitting pleasure to Yushu.

I have a feeling that Yushu is mostly being worried about if I felt good then I would ejaculate immediately.

Even I want to taste the pleasure further, I didn’t push up but gripped Yushu’s ass.

「N, Nnn! It feels too good…」
「Feel lots」
「Ahii, nuu! Nooo~…I’m becoming useless…!」
「It’s tightening nicely. Keep it up」
「Aaah! I don’t intend to tighten but, it’s shutting…!」
「That’s called pleasure」
「Aaaa, nn, kufuu, nnnnnnn!」

I feel slow because of the pleasure of the vagina, the sense to ejaculate rise bit by bit.

At this rate, an amazing amount of semen might come out.

「…Ryuu, I…my pussy is lewd…!」

Yushu who seeks for more pleasure moves her waist back and forth.

She changes it from moving up and down to movement like licking the penis.

「N, haan…! My body…It’s moving without my permission…!」
「Haha. You seem to be a complete prisoner to pleasure」
「…It can’t be helped. I never knew that there’s something as pleasurable as this…!」

Yushu kept moving, searching for pleasure as always while saying so.

Yushu’s movement got greater and it even got more intense.

There’s various juices that’s being mixed in the connecting part.

「Now, move more. It won’t be a reward if you don’t」
「Aaaa…Yushu…Is about to cum soon, Hyaaauu…!」

With her vaginal meat convulsing lightly.

But, unfortunately, Yushu has become slow as power has not entered her.

Though it’s said it can’t be helped, it’s unsatisfactory for me.

I gripped Yushu’s ass firmly to support her movement.

Then, the tender and elastic womb has been pierced by the penis’ piston.

「Nyau, Hiiin! Noo, I said that I’m about to cum yet…!」
「Yeah, then cum again. Also, I’m going to make you feel better. Then I’m going to cum inside you!」
「Ahn, N…hau…! Let it out! Let out a lot…!」

I’m nearing my ejaculation too.

The penis expands further and I prepared myself to ejaculate.

「It got bigger…inside my vagina…!」
「Now, it’s your reward! Drink it all up. Don’t let out even a drop!」
「CumCum…I’m cumming…! Kuu,n…! Aaaaaaaaaa…!」

Byukubyukuy! Byururururu! byubyubyukun!

I filled the womb and the vagina with semen vigorously.

Yushu had her body tremble strongly in pleasure.

Her vagina tightens bit by bit at the same time that it feels that she’s sucking out the sperm.

「Yaan~…! My insides are filled already…! Stop it…!」

That said, Yushu can’t do anything but squeeze it. You reap what you sow.

After I ejaculated in huge quantity, Yushu was lost from the climax for a while.

But, Yushu arranged her breathing after a while.

Though it’s a bit long, It seems that her climax ended.

「Haaa, haaa…it felt so good…」

Yushu falls down limp on top of me.

I wonder how many minutes passed after that.

I suppose we should take the next action soon.

Though we spent time in the entrance, but since Yushu will guide us, there’s not much of a problem.

We’d surely meet the Saintess after she guided us, then we’d meet our purpose sooner.

「We’re going immediately after you get dressed. Yushu, prepare yourself as you’d guide us」

Is she tired? I don’t know whether she can move due to the afterglow of pleasure but I spoke to Yushu who fell down from cowgirl position.

「…Got it. Leave it to Yushu!」

She said it loosely, Yushu swears innocently as she hadn’t changed since the beginning.

Although she resisted at first, Yushu is now completely obedient.

The order or spirit she said seems to be a lie.
Let’s capture the Saintess in this manner too.


  1. This means he doesn’t want to instruct her