I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 9

Chapter 9 ★ Training Olivia

「You bitch…stand like a dog」
「G-Got it…」

Olivia followed what I said and stand on all fours, it’s probably because she remembers the taste of my dick.

Turning her huge ass into me she spread it by herself.

She spread her vagina a bit and love nectar overflowed. I can see how excited she is.

「I’m going in from your back… Stick out your ass」
「Like this」

She thrust her ass high and took posture for insertion.

I firmly gripped Olivia’s waist and slowly put the penis in.

「Ahn…Kuuu! A-amazing…it’s going in…aaaahn~!」

My penis is still hard even after ejaculating.

I swing my waist just like that and violated Olivia.

「Ah, Ku, Hard…what hardness…!」
「Well tightened. You want my semen?」
「Ku, Hoo! Ahn! I-I want it…your semen…!」
「You pervert. Women like you should just become dogs」
「D-dog you say?」

Olivia had a troubled look as she doesn’t understand the meaning.

That’s why, I made it easy to understand.

「I’ll be the master so you’ll be the dog」
「What’s wrong? You don’t like it?」

As expected of the queen of elves, there’s no way she’d accept something like that so easy.

I press my dick strongly and made Olivia melt in pleasure.

「Ooooou!? I-It’s going in deeper!」
「It feels good don’t it?」
「Aaaa…Hii, it feels too good…my head is going crazy…!」
「If you become my dog, you’ll be able to taste this everyday」
「E-Everyday…you say?」

It seems that she took the bait.

I made small pistons and tormented her.

「Haa…haa… N, Ku…! Haahaa!」
「It’s the first time you felt this kind of pleasure?」
「Ku…I-Isn’t that obvious…!?」
「If you’re with me, I can embrace you anytime」
「T-that’s…Ku! I’m the queen of the elves…! But…!」

She’s still quite stubborn.

It seems that she had calmed down after the finish.

Then, I’ll violate her with pleasure again.

I began to swing my waist at high speed.

「Aaaaaaaa! Stop iiiiiiittttt!」
「Shut up you bitch」
「If you bang me that fast…I…Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!」

I can understood from the gradually narrowing of Olivia’s vagina.

「C-Cumming! I-I can’t endure it anymore…! I…C-c-c-c-cummiiiiiing!」


A large amount of tide blows out from Olivia.

I held her knee and floated it.

「Aaaaah, I can’t endure it…! It’s coming out…it’s coming out…!」
「You look like a pissing dog」
「Aaa…I’m a…dog…dog…」
「That’s right. You’re a dog. You’re a no brain bitch that only urinates」
「Ku…haha…I’m a dog…a dog…! Kuhahahaha!」
「You’ve gone crazy now?」

Olivia kept urinating.

When she let out everything,


She let out all from her bladder while shouting.

「Feel refreshed?」
「I peed…」
「Then, become more of a dog」

I made her dog ears and tail using magic.

First, I put the dog ear on Olivia’s head.

「Feels good. And you won’t be a dog if you don’t have a tail」
「Tail…a tail…how would you put it?」
「I’ll do it like this」

I take the tail towards Olivia’s pink anus.

Then, just like that…


I stabbed Olivia’s anus with the tail.

Olivia had her eyes peeled white due to the excessive impact.

But, I didn’t mind it.

I began to move my waist again and began to aim to the finish.

「nnnooo! My anus and pussy…both are being invadeeeeeeeed!」
「It feels good don’t it?」
「Aaaaa…you can’t…I’m cumming again…I…I’m cumming」
「Then cum」
「Aaaau! C-c-c-c-cummiiiing!」

Making a big wave, her vagina had tightened further.

It’s like it’s being hold firmly with both hands.

「Tighten up just like that」
「Kuunu, kahii…aaaaaa!」
「I’m going to pour lots inside your vagina」
「Nooooo~! You’re cummiiiiiing insideee agaiiiin!」
「You’re getting crazy from cumming?」
「Noo~ No mooooreeee! Take it ouuuut!」
「Even if you say that, your body don’t want to」

Her vagina tightens so hard Olivia’s legs entwine to mine, not wanting to separate from the penis.

Even if I want to pull out, I can’t.

Well, I’m going to cum inside anyway. It doesn’t matter.

「I’m about to cum soon」
「aaaaa! Cumming again! Cummiiiiiing! I don’t want to cum already yet…again…cummiiiiing!」
「Get pregnant you bitch!」
「Aaaaaaa! Cumiiiiiiiiing!」

Byukururu, Byukubyubyukubyuku…!

I let out my semen inside her womb.

Olivia writhed intensely that she curved like a shrimp.

「Au, Ai, hii! ku, hoo…! Ahn!」
「Still cumming」

When I let out all of the semen, I pulled out my penis.

Love nectar and semen mixed together overflowed from her vagina.

Olivia had repeated convulsions just like a fish that was brought to ground.

「Bitch, you can still go for another?」

Facing up, Olivia seems to have sensed something and approached me.



The penis that’s sticky with semen was sucked.

「Good. Cleaning it properly is the meaning of being a bitch」
「Juboboo, gubo, nbo, jubyu!」

When she licked all of my semen, Olivia gulped down her throat.


Her expression seems to be satisfied.

「You’re my dog. Right?」
「I-I know…!」

I put out a collar using magic.

If I put this on her, this means she’s a dog.

「Now…should we take a stroll in the elf forest?」
Olivia nodded quietly.