I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 7

Episode 7: Aisha’s women handling lesson foreplay Part 1

「I’ll tell you this beforehand. Because you have the Absolute Charm you can go intense with women」

Aisha said as she sits on the bed.
「Indeed. The female knights were under the charm so it was easy for me to put it in」
It is dependent on how strong the charm is, the women close to you got wet with just a touch」
「What an amazing ability」
「That’s why you should also put devotion in foreplay. Girls also hope for it」
「But you should be careful with those nobles. Those that stand on the top often being lonely and will hold jealousy.」
「So, I should take advantage of that?」
I thought doing it forcefully would be interesting, but then I think I should continue listening to Aisha
Let us adapt on the situation and change every time

「Come, let’s start it with stripping」
「We’re doing it here?」
「You can make them come to bed if you used your power. But, charm is not a power of force order, so not all girls will move as you tell them. 」

The other party loves me so in order for me not to hate her she will do as I say
That’s what Aisha wants to say

「But, how is it related to stripping off clothes?」
「To make it simple, it’s to make women’s heart throb. Pleasure isn’t everything」

I’ll keep that in my mind

「Fufu, it’s not that troublesome, it has some merits you know」
「The amount of absolute pleasure increases along with excitement」
「That might be true」
「In addition, teasing them would be interesting, isn’t it?」

I need to rest if I want to last. I won’t allow my prey to be taken
If I got unlucky with this charm power, I might even be ensnared
I must cope and and time how to use it

Though it’s nice to drown women, it would be bad for me

「I understand the logic. I’ll do as you say without questioning」
「It’s great that you’re obedient. ….Now, let’s strip clothes」

In preparation to embrace Aisha’s body, I removed her clothes slowly

「Good. with that, women get exited if you touch their body」

When took Aisha’s clothes off, her huge breasts appeared as it shakes It was intense even from the top of the clothes, but seeing it raw is different as expected
Furthermore, the nipple is beautifully small even with her incredibly huge breasts
Everything in her body is perfect

「Lay me down in bed as you kiss me」

I kissed Aisha’s lips gently
My arousal increased as I feel her soft lips

「*kiss*….fantastic, Ryu」
「You too, Aisha」

Pecking each other, we kissed each other repeatedly
Aisha occasionally gasps for breath, which makes me want to tease her more
Hearing Aisha’s beautiful intoxicated voice, I can no longer hold my reason

「*kiss*…You’re good at kissing」
「Aisha’s lips is the best」
「Your lips is like an aphrodisiac. I didn’t think I’d be this aroused with just a kiss」

Aisha placed her arms on my back, clinging to me
The obscene voluptuous bust crushed me

「Aisha, both of us won’t be satisfied with just a kiss」
「I know Wet my lips with your tongue. But don’t rush Make sure it’s wet」
「Like this?」
「N~, Fuu….*kiss*. It’s amazing. I’m teaching you, but it seems like I can’t endure anymore」
「Then it would be meaningless」

We laughed lightly

「Come, let’s entwine our tongue more」

Both of us opened our mouth wide and attacked each other’s mouth mutually with our tongue.

When I licked Aisha’s gums politely, her body trembled and she made a roughened snort.
It seems I found her weak point

「Do you have experience? You’re too good that perhaps I don’t even need to teach you 」
「I don’t have experience. I’m not popular anyway」
「Oh my. the women in your world have bad eyes then」

That’s not flattery.
Aisha’s cheeks turned red and she stared at me with fascinated eyes
I didn’t use charm on her, but her reaction is.

「Touch my breasts as you kiss me….」
「I can finally touch Aisha’s huge chest」
「Do you want to touch it that much?」
「Since the first time I saw you」
「Go on, touch them」

I stretched my hand towards Aisha’s big breast
If I grabbed them and rubbed it hard, it might get crushed, endure.
What you have been taught would be for naught if you didn’t last

「I thought you would do it more forcefully, but you were gentle」
「You taught me how to handle women」

I just rubbed it lightly, but my finger was buried, Aisha’s breast is so soft.
Aisha’s breast is so big that it spills over my hand.
Even a gravure idol can’t compare to this huge breast

Furthermore, in Aisha’s case, even her breast is plump, it’s good because her waist is thin.
I never thought for a lewd woman like this to exist, “as expected from a different world”, I thought

「Haahaa, I’m feeling strange with just my breast being fondled. Hey Ryu. Touch my nipple too 」

I crawled my fingers on her pink bud in the center.

「Nu~! Rolling my nipples….thrust and pull it too」

I did as she said, I understood that Aisha’s nipples stood up.
The tender and soft gradually turned elastic.

「It turned hard」
「Nnu~! I can feel it. Ryu, you understand it right?」
「It shouldn’t be that erect, but you’re too good that my body turned obedient」
「Can I suck it?」

I sucked Aisha’s nipples
I rolled my tongue like sucking a sugarcane

「Ahn~ Ku. That, good, haa, haa, haan~. This is the first time seeing someone being gentle with my breast」
「That’s because Aisha’s body is superb. No normal man can endure this」

While barely maintaining my reason, I continued engrossing myself as I suck Aisha’s nipple I seemed like a baby

「Na~, noo~!! I can feel it getting stronger!!」
「Then feel more」
「W-we can’t. You’re going to make me cum with just my breast」
「I don’t care」
「Gosh…You’re strong willed even with Miko as your partner. Even this is because it is some positions in this world」

It is decided that I cannot easily hold it and will hold you. It’ll be my happiness too

I extended my hand to Aisha’s skirt as she squirms around
I slowly raised the hem

plump, yet firm ass came into view
her skin is as white as snow, it was smooth

「Touch my bottom this time…」

Aisha raised her butt and displayed her crotch
I’ll thoroughly enjoy the Miko’s genitals.