I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 10

Chapter 10: Elf, Despair

The elves who heard the commotion had gathered in front of the hut where Ryuu and Olivia is.

They heard the lovely voice of the queen of elves inside.

The female elves were unable to conceal their unrest as they’re hearing an unheard voice of their boss.

They tried to enter the hut and help Olivia several times but they were stopped by Ryuu’s companions and they weren’t able to do it.

Thinking of what to do, the door opened slowly.


Seeing the figure of their queen, the elves came up running all at once.

But, the one who came out of the hut is…


She’s crawling on all fours, the queen’s appearance has ears and tail just like of a dog.

She’s sticking out her tongue lewdly and her saliva is dripping down.

They can’t imagine the situation due to the appearance of the queen that had a overwhelming cool charisma.

There’s a collar on her neck and a single man is ahead of her.

The elves had guessed in a moment that the man made Olivia fall.

They realized that they can never win because Olivia was no match.

「Nooooooo! Olivia-sama…!」
「Don’t cooome! Don’t come near me!」

There are some who tried to escape and there are those who fell on the spot and wet themselves.

All of them are frightened and trembled to the figure of Ryuu.

Then, they thought.
ーーThey could never win against this monster.
●  ●  ●
Foolish women.

I thought so as I watch the elves try to flee.

I praise them for thinking that they can’t defeat my after seeing Olivia’s appearance but I’m speechless as they ran away.

Do they think I won’t chase them if they ran away?

Well, I guess they can’t think properly if fear is ahead of them.

Now then, I should shut them up immediately because the shouts are annoying.

「ーーBecome my woman!」

I casted a wide range charm cheat and the female elves are charmed.

After casting it once, the scream settled down and they lined up to me obediently.

Everyone stares at me with loving eyes.

Then, should we go to their friends?

「Come, bitch…!」
「U, Uu…!」

I pulled the collar and we walked through the elf forest.

Then, Aisha appeared in front of me.

「Fufu, it seems that the queen of elves had fallen too」
「Yeah, it was easy」
「I thought it was necessary so I’ve brought this」

The treasure of the elves was at Aisha’s hand.

「Did this bow seal the ability of the other treasures. That’s a troublesome thing」
「But, don’t you think that we encountered her because of this?
「It’s really foolish

Though, there wasn’t a big change on the original plan, but it’s the result of making me angry.

She may have thought that she can restrict my behavior by sealing the treasure but it’s not that sweet.

Rather, doing so makes me fire up.

Aisha knows that.

「Hey hey, Onii-chan…what are we doing next?

Eunice talked to me


Four queens have fallen for me now.


The one left is the Celestial Maiden I guess.

「Let’s take a rest in the elf village first. It’ll affect my stamina to the extent that the warp can’t be used」1

「Then, our next target is the celestial maiden」

If I make her mind, the last one would be the goddess…

My purpose had approached it’s final stage.

「Aisha, do you know the whereabouts of the Celestial Maiden?」
「I can’t specify it immediately because that castle moves freely in the sky」
「But you can do it right?」
「Fufu, it feels good to be relied too」
「I’ll leave it to you」
「Got it. I’ll tell you when I found her whereabouts」

When I began to walk

「What, Eunice?」

It’s obvious when the witch voice acts spoiled.

「Want to have sex?」
「Because, Olivia’s voice was too lewd! I want to do it too!」
「Fuu, very well」

I think she’d be pitiful if I postpone it here.

The elves are also gathered especially too.

Should I invite them and start a huge orgy?

The women elves are all good looking that I won’t get tired even no matter how much I fuck them.

「Girls, you’ll serve me firmly as women」
Thus, I added the elves to my slave harem.


  1. ワープが使えなかった分、体力に影響が出ているだろうしな」