I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 2: Servant’s double paizuri

Seria who opened the door guided me to the other side.

The queens are already in the room.

What’s inside is Eunice, Elena Ria, Shizuku, and Olivia.

It seems that the room I’m guided to is the preparation room.

I can see everyone of them feeling at home.

Noticing that I came in, all of them have their eyes shining.

「Wait bitches. I’m going to do all of you later so behave for now」

Saying that, the queens who are about to jump out withdrawn.

It might be good to entertain them before it’s too late.

If their libido goes more than this they might explode.

It’s good if it’s in this castle but they might not be able to bear attacking me while invading the sky city.

「Then, Ryuu-sama will make preparations too」

Melia says while showing the inside of the room.

「Yeah. Got it」

Though I don’t know what I need to prepare, I just answered.

If Seria said it, then there’s no problem to leave it to her.

I crossed the room and headed towards the back of the room.

Turning around, Melia seems to be following from behind too.

「I’ll open it」

I spoke to Seria when I arrived at the door.
If they have prepared something beforehand, it’ll be troublesome if the anticipation goes down.

「Please come in」

Hearing Seria’s wortds, I opened the door and entered.

Then, I looked around the room.

Somehow I feel the humidity and temperature is high.

Still, the glass door seems to be cloudy inside.

Is the other side a bathroom?

「I will also accompany you in bath. Or, would Master prefer to be alone…?」

It seems that it’s correct.

Seria asked me shyly.

Even so, this girl doesn’t remove her politeness.

This means that the gap when she’s in disorder is great.

「I don’t mind you accompanying me」
I answered while taking off my clothes.

Now that I’m not bathing alone It would be interesting
「I’m going to enter first」
「Understood. Ryuu-sama」
「I’m also going to join immediately. Master」

I entered the bathroom first and sat down on the chair.

Seria and Melia appeared next to me immediately.

I looked towards them.

That reminds me, Seria is the one that looks thinner in clothes.

Her big breast that’s hidden in her clothes are exposed in front of me.

「Please don’t look only at Seria」

I glanced to Melia when she spoke.

Melia has a big thing that won’t lose to Seria.

The wings and tail that’s specific to succubus has a nice accent.

「Then, Ryuu-sama. We will wash you」
「Please relax without reserve」

Melia and Seria said that, they kneeled near me with soap on their hands.
Then, they began to apply the soap with their own body.

「We will wash using our bodies, Ryuu-sama」
「Yeah, wash every nook and corner」

The queens are waiting but this situation is charming.

The girls may be at fault but I allowed them to enjoy this.

「Then, I’ll be doing the right arm」

First, Seria has scrubbed my body from the side.

My arm is being jostled by the soft skin.

The two bulges in Seria’s chest has it’s form felt by me.

「I’ll also be washing here」

Melia goes on the other side of Seria, the soap has made my body slimy.

From the left arm, I can feel a munyu munyu feeling.
The two of them are washing my arm using their cleavage.

「Master, we will also wash the front too」

Seria says as she had turned her naked body filled with bubbles.

「I’m going to wash the front too」

Somehow, for some reason Melia falls behind every time, is her compatibility with Seria bad?

…That doesn’t matter but.

The two of them scrubs my body with all their might.

But it’s a bit hard to wash me since I’m sitting on the chair.

「I’ll stand to make it easier to wash. Stop for a moment」

I had the two of them stop washing and I stood up.

「This is fine, resume」
「Yes. Master」

They began to move again just as I told them.

It seems that they have finished washing the upper body, the two of them moved down little by little.


「We will wash here carefully」

Seria buried the penis in her huge breast because my penis is already half erect from the service.

「Then, I’m going to do it from the other side」

Seria from the right, had formed a shape with the penis that’s sandwiched from the chest of Melia from the left.

I’m not moving on my own but the two’s breasts are wet with soap so the penis rubs naturally.

The glans of my penis sticks out from between the rich twin hills of the two, it got even bigger.

「It got bigger…Master is splendid as expected」
「Being this thick, it seems it’ll let out a lot of semen」

The two are admiring the erect cock of mine.

Those eyes are completely wet with lust.

It ended not just with bathing as expected.

「Your master has plans after this. If you want to then you should start to do it quickly」

It may be bad to keep the queens waiting.

Of course I’m enjoying the service of these two.

「…Understood, Master」
「Then, we’re going to squeeze it…」

The two pushed their breast to the penis using both of their hands and began to move up and down.

The two soft flesh wraps and rubs the dick from all directions.

Do they feel it from the strong pressure on their chest? The pressure from the sandwiched penis goes up.

But, I won’t reach ejaculation with just this.

「N, ahn…how is it? Ryuu-sama…?」
「It’s not but but I feel that it’s lacking…」

Saying that, Melia adjusted her nipples to make it hit my dick.

Seria did the same thing.

Since both are attendant of the queen, I can guess that their atmosphere is good.

「Then, this is quite good…」

Though it feels pleasant just being sandwiched, the occasional hitting of the nipple creates a stimuation.

When there is strength the pleasure increases.
The four sanding firm nipples stimulate my penis one after another.

「Hii…fuun, aaahn…! Master!」
「T-This…is our…Hyuun!」

They’re raising quite a lovely voice of climax too early

Perhaps they’re in heat all the time while washing my body.

「My nipples feel too good…I’m about to…」
「Ryuu-sama…Me too」

The two of them are getting closer to climaxing that they accelerated their paizuri.

As the four breasts rub the penis, a wet sound echoes.

Mixing it with the lovely voice of the two, it makes me excited.

Enjoying the W paizuri, I heard a desperate voice from below.

「Nnnnah, Kuun! RYuu-sama… No more…」
「AhN~ Master…! I can’t endure it anymore…Aaaahn~!」

The two seems to have reached their limits.

The two of them seems to be worked up from serving me.

I seem to be able to ejaculate immediately.

「Good, cum, both of you!」

When I said so, the to of them had their body convulsing and stiffened.


「Masteer…Cum…Cumming! Aaaaaaahn~!」
「Me too…fuaun! Cummiiiing!」

Both had an ecstatic expression as they climax.

I ejaculated right after the two climaxed.

The semen was shot between the chest and they were dyed white.

「Haa…haa…we washed it with troubles yet…」
「…We should be cleaning this again, Ryuu-sama」

The eyes of the two still hadn’t had their excitement settled down.
I will make the queens wait but let’s enjoy the bathroom a bit more.