I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 6 Part 3

Chapter 3: Servant’s double doggystyle.

Melia and Seria’s double paizuri ended.

「…We have to wash you again Master」

Seria said while wiping the sperm on her face with her finger.

「No, it’s okay if it’s this light」

Then I continued to look at the two

「Rather that that, I don’t intend to stop yet」

It would be just a waste of time to wash.
Saying that, I can just use magic to clean it.

Still, being sandwiched on the breasts with good volume is great.

That’s why, I’ll play with them a bit more.

「That was quite a good service. I’ll give your reward before the queens」

Melia asked.

「That’s right, Reward」

Though they can be said as appetizers before the queen but I enjoy something that can be enjoyed at any time.

Let’s start immediately.

「The two of you stand on all fours」

I pointed at the bathtub

「As Master has commanded…」

Melia and Seria put their hands on the edge of the bathtub.
Then, they exposed their groins as they’re on all fours.

「Ryuu-sama. Please do me first」
「No, please put it in to me first. Master」

Coming this far, it seems that they know what will happen.
When I say reward in this place, I guess it’ll be the only thing they’ll conclude.

Well, It’s right.

「Then I’m going in Melia first」

I was wondering who should I fuck first but I moved immediately when I made my decision.
I moved to the direction of the impatient Melia and inserted my penis.

「Fuuuun…! It’s coming in…」

Getting pleased with my reward, Melia’s vagina tightened firmly around my penis.

「Please put it inside me too. Masteer…」

Seria that’s next to us begged for my penis.

Seeing her getting inserted closely, it seems that she can’t endure it anymore.

She’s shaking her ass to tempt me.

「You can’t endure it that much, Seria?」
「Y-Yes…My head is going crazy」
「What a hopeless girl」

Saying that, I pulled my dick from Melia and vigorously stabbed Seria’s inside.

Seria had her body tremble from the pleasure of my penis that had entered her.

Her vagina tightens stronger than Melia.

She never knew men until recently.

That said, it doesn’t mean that Melia is inferior, rather the sticky feeling on my penis is intolerable.

「N…Haaahn~! Suddenly…that’s…doing it all at once…!」
「What’s wrong? Isn’t it the reward you’re wishing for? Shouldn’t you be pleased?」

Confirming that I went in the innermost part of Seria, I began to piston at high speed.

「Ahn, Aaaahn! Fast…wait…please go slowly…!」

But, I continue to nail her rhythmically from the back.

After coming this far, there’s no way I’d listen to you telling me to go slow?

Besides, this is a reward for two.

Even if they’re complaining, if they seem to be pleased then I’d do it more.

Then, I felt the glance of Melia that’s filled with greed.

「What’s wrong Melia? If you have something to say then speak without hesitation」
「More, I want Ryuu-sama to put it in too…!」
「Yeah, got it. Very well」

To answer her demand, I pulled out my dick from Seria’s honey pot and entered Melia again.

「Aaaaa! It came again…」

Feeling it swallowed deeper without permission, the penis is drawn into Melia.
That’s a succubus pussy, it’s holding it fast deep by itself.


Seria sent a glance to express her dissatisfaction for having the dick pulled out of her.

Hey, Seria, don’t look with such eyes.

I only have one body so I can’t have sex with both of you at the same time.

Still, I feel that these two has collected a lot of lust recently.

I feel that they’re really hungry for my dick today.

「Ryuu-sama…what’s wrong?」

Melia asked me.

It seems my movement has become dull because I was lost in thought.

I of all people being said such a thing.

「No, there’s no problem. I was just thinking. This is the real thing」

I have to be enthusiastic in this reward.

I thrust my dick with all my might.

「Aaaaaagn! Deeep, Ryuu-samaaa…!」

Melia’s pussy is accepting the powerful piston that it tightens the penis.

The vagina that’s full of ups and downs and love nectar is strongly stimulating me.

It’s moving exactly to extract semen.

「Very good Melia, as expected of you」

Saying that, I felt that her vagina had tightened even more as she was praised.

The penis’ pleasure has increased.

「E-even I can make Master feel good too!」

Saying that, Seria is now the one shaking her ass and showing her vagina.

The competition of the two for the penis has escalated.

I welcome it because I am enjoying this.

Answering her tempations, I pulled out my dick from Melia and put it inside Seria.

Then, I began to piston immediately.

「Hiii! Intense, It’s too intense, Master!」
「You’re giving up with just this? Then I’ll cum inside Melia」

Hearing that, Seria shook her head.

「N-Noo, I want Master’s semen!」
「Then, do your best and tighten」

Then, I made the piston even more violent.
The sound of banging echoes in the bathroom.

「Na, Haa, Ryuu-sama, you can use me anytime you know」

This time it’s Melia who invites me by spreading her vagina.
Her vagina is twitching.
If I put it in there it would feel fucking good that there’s no need to imagine.

I put my dick inside Melia as I can’t endure.

「Fuu, it really feels good」

Just as it looks, my penis embraced by the wriggling vagina would make me cum at any moment.

「Saying that makes me happy」
「But, do you think you can easily win against Seria because you’re a succubus?」

I powerfully pierced the depths of Melia.

「Hyaaauu! That’s no goooood!」

Since I’m with her longer than I’m with Seria, I know her various weak points.

It’s another one of her weakness when she’s attack on the depths.

「Your feet is trembling Melia, are Succubus like this?」
「Because, Ryuu-sama’s coooock! Hiin, don’t do me so deep again!」

Melia desperately endured though her foot is trembling.

I feel good to lead such a succubus.

I kept doing the two of them alternately.

But, doing it also takes too much time.

I can’t make the queens to wait too much.

At that time, I inserted my penis alternately and felt the change in the two’s vagina.

Both are about to reach climax soon.

That said, I can’t choose to cum inside only one of them.

Then, I’ll splash it over the two of them in the end.

「I’m about to cum」

Melia and Seria immediately reacted.

「Please let it out…! In us!」
「Please give us lots of Master’s semen!」
「Okay, I’ll let it out, line up!」

I lined them up and pressed in their sticking out buttocks.

I pulled out my penis and ejaculated on the back of the two.

「Hot…Nnuuuuu! Ahn…hyaaaaauuuuun!」
「Auuuu, Aaaaaa! Cumiiiiiiiiiiingngg!」

Melia and Seria reached climax while being painted with semen.

It feels nice to see two beautiful women being wet with my semen.

Both of them trembled for a while as they taste the pleasure but they fall down on the bathroom floor while gasping.

「Ha, Fuun…As expected, sex with Ryuu-sama is amazing…」
「Haahau…It felt good…Master, thank you for the reward…」

Both of them gave their words of gratitude.

They don’t forget to give courtesy even in this state, both are really servants.

「Then, I’m going to the queens already」

I left the two who can’t even stand and went to the next place.
Now, how will the Queens delight me?